ENTREPRENEURIAL WORKER?.........Learn why they are in High Demand!

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1. Entrepreneurial workers are 'Cake bakers'
2. They know how to make money and manage resources 
3. They are aggressive in making sales
4. They use every thing and person around them to succeed.

Whoever wants to succeed must learn how to make money and manage resources profitably.  The money should be growing day by day and later become streams of income.  Multiple streams of income is better than the whole income of an organization coming from one source.

There are two types of entrepreneurial workers at least.  The one who is very good in marketing and business development.  He works for his organization as though he owns it and many times spend from his purse to close a deal. The other type of entrepreneurial worker is very diligent in the management of resources.  He is prudent to ensure that the company get value for every N1 spent on anything at all.

He may not be an Auditor, but he behaves like the 'old-school' Accountant and Auditor combined. He finds ways to reduce operational and other costs without loosing grounds, he is a good negotiator.  He understands that without keeping cost low, no matter how much you make as turnover, there will be no profit. So, he works to ensure the company get value always. 

An entrepreneurial worker knows what an average worker does not know about making sales, getting new contacts and keeping the contacts alive. These will be the topic of another day.  He knows that:

Remember to make Important Contacts:
You need not be in the marketing department before your contacts can bring business order to your organization. All you need to do is to put your entrepreneurial and marketing skills to work, using your contacts. Also, you must diligently add to your contact list, people that would require the services your company offers, people in your target sectors and even people who distribute and use your products. 

An entrepreneurial worker keeps a lively contact list - People that know you personally, your integrity and goodwill.  Remember that once you are determined to generate sales, your eyes will open to the opportunities there is for sales generation.

There are many entrepreneurial workers who are not marketers, but they know how to prudently use the company resources and save cost that would have been lost through improper pricing, padding (Not legislative) and third party rent seeking.
Under your watch, let no third party takes a rent on your organization. Making money and keeping money is so crucial because you must bake the cake first, before you eat and you make effort to save organization money through diligence review and approvals, you may think they will not notice, you’re missing it.  The management will surely reward you in due season.

Laws of money: 
Pro-activity:  - This is the ability to take advantage of business and money making opportunity before you.  It means you should be able to discern such accurately from empirical and situational analysis.  With time, I will discuss how to analyse the economy, budget and situational landscape to discover viable business opportunities.

This piece is primarily to motivate increased production among believers, especially those who desire to achieve more and excel. If you are one of such people, you are welcomed.

Irrespective of the type of office you are employed to work, when you discover how to make money for the company, you are on the way to the top.  This is because, every well structured organization is looking for such an employee.  They are called entrepreneurial workers.  They have love for their employer and commit themselves to creating value in whatever they do.  They must do very well, hoping to put their organization first in the industry.

Whenever they are discovered, they are retained.  irrespective of your profession, you need the skills to make money and create wealth in your work place and who knows....over the years, you might want to set up your own business and compete with your employers. But, while you work with the skills and disposition I am going to share with you now, you can be sure of rapid promotions and uncommon perks.

Though I know that in some development institutions, the best you can do is to do your work efficiently and timely.  Save the organization money, produce reports which are accurate and timely and you become a TV star.  In so many other places, you will have to do more.
The secrets are discussed like the work attitude of two type of employees, the one who is hungry for promotion, and the other, hungry to create value, generate sales volumes and create wealth.  I take the strategies of an entrepreneurial and wealth creation guy now and the other one next.  The difference is that the wealth creation guy works harder, have no time for himself and promotion trails him, while the promotion seeking guy is an office politics super star. You will notice the difference when you have the two articles.

Two category of employees seeking progress in the office:
a)    Entrepreneurship and wealth creation guy
b)    Promotion and rapid elevation guy

Your first step is to understand the business of the organization and its target market and how well the organization is serving her traditional customers and others.  Then,
Ask yourself 
1.What are the services gap in your coy yawning for attention?
2. What segment of the business does this gap exist?
3. Can it be satisfied at a profit?
4. Why has it not been filled?
5. what are the different ways and approaches to serving the same customers?
6. What are the different ways to win new customers?
7. How do you make your existing customers happy?
8. What are the different ways to get new customers and expand?
9. How can you create demand for the services of the organization?
10. Which areas of the business can your contacts bring sales order?
11. How do you meet high net-worth individuals regularly?
12. Who and who among your network will be important in your plan?
13. Who and who needs to be in your network and how do you reach them?
14. How can your organization service new markets at a profit?
Next Step: The task you have ahead of you is research based.  It is knowledge seeking and requires an organized format. Accomplishing the task will be done in the ordinary course of your duties within and outside the organization. 

Draw up your research file and gather the information as you go about your official duty.  You cannot be among those employees going to work “empty handed”, without writing materials and a pen…NO!!  You are always with a pen and a writing materials to put down information needed.  Remember you want to be successful.
You prepare simple data gathering questionnaire on the relevant areas.  When the opportunity presents itself, you ask customers, contractors, suppliers, bankers etc the questions and obtain the necessary data. This research continues till the answers begin to emerge in your heart and even on paper.
Whenever you meet customers of your organization, you ask them the best ways they would like to be served over time.  Find out the services your company is not providing to its customers, that they are getting from other service companies and at what price?
Next Step: Do a due diligence on the best company in the industry and find out  their secrets.  What is the basis of their triumph, is it better product or better service delivery or both of them.
From your research, itemize and documents:
·    Ten ways to provide your services better
·    Ten ways to create demand and grow the business
·    Identify service gaps that can be met
·    New products that the market is waiting for
·    Untapped segments of the market that can be segmented and serviced.
Start by using the result of your study to improve your own service quality and standards to internal and external customers.  Maintain a professional outlook and works ethics.
It will not be long before the organization will challenge you to bring what you have on board. A foreman used this strategy to become the Managing Director of a multi-million business.  He studied the business blue and black and then embarked on prayer. What prayers?
He prayed to God and said O’Lord give me an opportunity to prove myself in this office, promote me. One day, the opportunity came to him.  The Chairman gathered them together for a meeting.  He began to ask questions about the business, the problems the company is facing and how to address the challenges. It was to the amazement of all the workers that the foreman knew the business more than the MD.  He understood the issues very well as their solution also.  The Chairman got back to his office and appointed the foreman the MD of the organization.

Why, he researched the business with the intention of creating value for the company by serving their customers better. He reward came suddenly.
Continue next week!


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