POWER TO FULFILL YOUR DESTINY.........And live out your Dreams!

Deut 2:24; Genesis 22:17;
Mathew 10:1, Luke 10:2-20

If you are a bible student, on seeing Mathew 10 and Luke 10, you would rightly know that I am going to the "power scriptures"  I want you to understand that God's power is for all believers, not only Pastors, but you also.

I want to look at this destiny changing topic from the believer's perspective, believing you are a believer in Christ and the truth in the scriptures will bless your soul.

Without power, you can achieve little or nothing on earth and as such, I am certainly anxious in my spirit to share some truth here and now. When you see a poor believer, then know that he is powerless believer. For true wisdom and power comes from God, the source of all wealth.

It could also be that the devil is cheating him by keeping him locked up in secret sins like watching pornography - nobody may easily know, but God and the devil knows and that sin and other secret sins like un-forgiveness, anger, bitterness and even adultery becomes a legal ground for the devil to cheat and deny such a believer what ordinarily belongs to him.

Now, look at the way power of God flowswhether you are in the ministry fulltime or not. To possess the gates of glory, you must dispossessed illegal occupants, who are keeping those gates safe for you. This is why God says to you " l have given you the land, but you have to contend with the illegal occupants, win them and then posses the land that is kept for you.

Whether you are working for someone or working for yourself, you need the power of God to move forward in life. To have success and outstanding achievement as a believer, you must have used the power of God at your disposal. It is the power of God that delivers the opens closed doors, wrought miracles and produce uncommon breakthroughs. The power of God announces His divine presence and causes ALL things to fall in place for me and you.

His power causes us to:
1. Receive favour
2. Overcome every enemy that will come before and after your victory
3.  Have success every time, again and again
4. Destroy the evil scheme of the enemy
5. Stop the enemy from locking up your finances***. Your finances is the first target of the enemy, to divert it to their use, or stop money from flowing to you.

The enemy must not stop you finances. If that happen, the believer is in serious trouble as life and all effort will yield little or nothing. This is why I want to explain the need and use of power of God, before discussing others requirement for vision fulfilment.


1. Matt 10:1 - Jesus called His disciples and gave them power against unclean 
Spirit to cast them out and heal all manner of sickness. You are all disciples of Jesus the moment you give your heart to Him. So, you have been power over unclean spirit and all sickness.

2. Matt 10:5-8, Jesus Christ, when He was sending the disciples out, commissioned them again, anointed them with power a second time with a command - As you go, preach saying, the kingdom of heaven is at hand....Heal the sick, cleanse the Lepers, raise the dead, cast out the devils, freely you received, freely give.

The second anointing, which is broad was given for their use in the field...if you are a Pastor as you go preaching, if you are a businessman, you use the power to do your business. You will see a lot of devils blocking or seeking to block your business, shop, office, contract. You quote the scripture giving you the authority and command them to go. Remember that a believer is an evangelist everywhere he goes and so the power and authority of an evangelist,Pastor or Prophet is always available with him.

3. Matt10:16 - Our Lord Jesus gave us an important clue to the use of His power - You are send as a sheep in the midst of wolves, be you therefore wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Jesus Christ is saying, you must be a sheep to operate in my power. A sheep is not a goat.

A sheep  must always abide by his shepherd. You must abide with Jesus Christ and be refreshed and renewed daily by His word to be fruitful.
When you abide, you learn His word and hear His voice. His Word is Him and everlasting, His voice is for daily direction. His word is good and His word inside of you and His voice that you hear will put you in charge all the time, and as it becomes a lifestyle, you become a success.


1. Through studying the word and meditating on it daily.
2. Pray daily, pray every where and every time in spirit
3. Fast regularly - The Pharisees fated 2 days weekly and Jesus says our righteousness must exceed their own.
4. Prepare your heart for tough times - When you will go without food and drinks, when there will be no money to spend and no friend to help. Jesus becomes that friend and helper
5. Get ready for persecution from your family members, friends and other relatives
6. Ask for God's anointing always and use the anointing you receive.
7. Be persistent in praying at night.
8. Learn how to sow seed in the house of God.
9. Learn how to raise alters and activate angelic help.

10. Make sure you have addressed your foundation. If you know your foundation is faulty, it is your duty to address it with the blood of Jesus, seed sowing, exercising authority in prayer and standing on your redemption by the blood of Jesus. No matter the challenges.

11. Finally, when God reward our effort with victory and success, its not the time to go to sleep. NO, you must continue in the pattern of succeed which God has helped you to establish.


Now that you know how to acquire, retain and use the power of God, let's briefly look at what you need to do to achieve the vision you have made and then live your dreams.


As a believer, whatever you do, you will give account before the Lord, so the following human concepts will open doors that you never knew were closed against you. They may look familiar and simple, but, very important to the success you want to see as a believer. Please consider and imbibe them.

1.LOVE: - Love, walking in love and spreading love singles you out. The way to love everyone is to remember that you too need love, you need forgiveness and you need people to assist you also. So, you are prepare to forgive and forebear all evil done to you. You are available to help others and you are ready to give and share good things you have with others.

2. Self Control Essential for building and retaining good friendship.

3. PATIENCE: - A strong virtue that is fast fading away as many want everything at their ginger tip now,now. Patience will reveal how matured you are and how reasonable.

4. COURAGE: - This is the ability to continue when the timed are tough and failure stares youvin the face. When you efforts has failed to produce good result.


1. Goal Setting - Goals are steps towards the attainment of a larger purpose. Goals, when they are correctly set will determine to an extent your way of life and other basics about you. Goal setting itself is a sign that you have realised or discovered who you are or should be. So you then set the goals that comprise of activities that will take you from where you are now to the place, you should be within a specified time range.

Goal setting is done with deep sincerity of purpose. Sincerity to identify your weaknesses and strength, identify also, things that needs to change in your life for you to make progress Goal setting requires that some target of achievement be established within a period of time, so that your efforts are result-driven. The strategies to achieve the target must also be documented for both study and analyticsl review when implementation of the plan begin.
Goal setting is basically planning you life in the short and long run.

Goal setting should be realistic considering all known facts about your person, background, education, experirnces, connections in society and where you truely want to be in the years to come. Remember, that with a goal in place, progress can be measured, failures can be reviewed and studied for lessons and correction, while successes can be review and reproduced.

Goal setting will likely determine your:
A. Priorities
B. Determines decisions
C. Guide selection of companions
D. Predict sometimes the choices.
(I will explain all these points in my next writeup)

God's Power protects and Prospers

You can achieve everything you set out to do, when you know who you are and use the power God has given to us.

You should never be afraid of any person or thing. Plan  and work as though there is no limitation anywhere, and you will see none. The evil people may seek continually to stop you, so you pray and destroy their evil plans against your progress daily. If you refuse to counter their activities and destroy their works, then they may succeed in hindering you. No power will be able to hinder your progress any more in Jesus name.

Practically, your honesty, choice of words and action reveals the depths of your knowledge in Christ. Your consistent handwork, doing the right things goes a long way to determine your success. An average believer should aim to excel in wisdom, prophetic insight and hearing from God.

Learn how to pray when in Trouble
A believer must know how to pray himself, family or church out of a seemingly tough situation. No matter what may be troubling your mind, trouble that challenge by:

A. Get the relevant scriptures addressing the problem from the bible.
B. Forget food for three days
C. Lock yourself up in a room, mountain etc and pray to God for help. 
The Lord will certainly speak to you and guide on what steps to take.

This should be a normal attitude of a believer - fearless. Jesus told His disciples that when they go to win souls, they are going in His name. So, you should be bold and confident as you walk on earth in Christ's stead. When you adopt this truth, nothing will terrify you again. The only price to pay is to live holy and righteously.

Use the power of prayer
We know that believers are Christ Ambassadors, so you must hold fast your weapons of warfare and use them... Rather than complain continually.

As a believer, have thoughts of greatness in private life and ministry. You have abundant power to stop the devil from cheating you. Know that as you thinketh in your heart, so will you be. Don't continue to see yourself or walk like an orphan without parent and without help, NO.

The kingdom of God is within you and the Holy Spirit is inside of you, when you need help, call on your Master Jesus Christ and tell Him the need, then speak to the problem to go, speak to those in charge of what you want to release it to you. That's how to operate in the kingdom.

Let look at way bible talk about the grace of God, for it is by His grace that we have whatever we have today.  I is by His grace that we are who we are in Christ, so if the presence and grace of God go with anyone, surely victory and success is sure.


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