FOUNDATIONAL PROBLEM.....How I Married 18 Husbands In 6yrs – & Way out!



The foundation of a man or woman is the spiritual platform upon which they will ride through their lives, except they alter it through prayer and by divine intervention.

A faulty foundation is a harbinger of evil stories and reports, while people with good foundation experience ease in life, that is not the experience of people with evil and faulty foundation. The answer remains personal deliverance prayers until all foundational errors are nullified by the blood of Jesus.

People with similar problems should never shy away from deliverance because on mount Zion there shall be deliverance.  Remember that holiness after deliverance is the only to keep demons chased out out of the person permanently.  If the person would return to his old ways...the demons would also return to his life, and God forbid, that person's spiritual conditions thereafter will be terrible.

The Importance of your Foundation

The importance of foundation to a person's life is very fundamental.  The foundation remains the initial structure of any structure upon which the building or a person stands.  Every christian must appreciate his foundation, review and understand its dimension and take time to address any area of it that need attention.

Your foundation is talking about who gave birth to you, the circumstances surrounding your conception and birth, the relationship ypour father and mother has with the Lord and the part of life they walked in - The path of good, walked in righteousness and holiness. or they walk according to their own wisdom, or serve Satan.  Which ever position that they took will affect your life in the positive or negative ways.  This is why the bible asked the righteous Christian this question in Psalms 11:3: If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

The righteous should pray, and pray with understanding. When you know the path you parents walked in life, you know what prayers to pray concerning your foundation and life, so that the evil works of your parents will not catch-up with you.  Anyone who addresses his or her foundation with prayer is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built.

The implication of a faulty foundation is that:
A weak and faulty foundation cannot two,three or six storey, using the foundation of a building for illustration.  So if you are dreaming of doing exploits for the Lord, or you dreaming of leading the World, being the CEO of a successful National company or even global corporation, it will never work, if your foundation is weak and faulty.  The same weak structure will rise against you in the future and pull the person down.

You know your father was a fetish priest, who served the devil, killer many people for rituals and operated with the power of Satan.  You got born again, quite alright, but you did not pray,  you did not confess the sins of your fathers and ask for mercy.  You did not apply the blood of Jesus to exempt yourself from the evil deeds of your father, you decided to start a ministry, preaching the Word of God, know that you will not preach for the right standing.  The blood of the people your father  sacrificed will cry against you.  The demon that gave him power, where he dedicated all his children will also cry against you. This is the whole essence of the talk of addressing the foundation.

No christian with understanding heart can ignore his or her foundation. If you come from a polygamous family, one prayer you must pray very well and ask for God's mercy is the "Spirit of polygamy.  Its already in your blood line and that cannot be denied.  If you don't counter it through prayer, one day that spirit will rise against you and your marriage, and before you know what is happening, you have married a second wife, or second husband. The spirit of polygamy will make sure your wife will not please you in anything. She will nag you to death and speak uncomplimentary words, just to destroy the love between both of you and kill the marriage.


The foundation of a girl, whose mother and grand mother were prostitutes can not be the same as the one of a girl whose parents are Preachers of the gospel of Christ. So, when a 25-year-old woman from Benue, Mrs. Martha Korchioga, confessed to marrying 18 men in the space of 6 years, you can be sure there is an issue in her foundation. 

Related image gathered that Mrs Korchioga who hails from Ukum local government area of the state confessed this during a prayer session at St. Luke’s African Church, Solution Center. 

Reports say she shocked everyone during the service when she revealed how men will profess love to her, ask her hands in marriage, get married to her only for them to hate her, after a while to the point of beating her to coma.

Once a man sees me, he will ask for my hand in marriage and sometimes two or three months into the marriage the love will vanish and the husband will send me packing”

“Within six years, I got married to 18 husbands and none was able to accommodate me up to four months. In fact, some of them hated me to the level of beating me to comma and some attempted to kill me,” Martha revealed in tears.

The pastor in charge of the church, Prophet Memnen Ukum, before delivering the woman, revealed to her that the red powder she stole from her aunt in Lagos was responsible for the problem. Prophet Memnen told her that for her problem to be solved, she must return it to the owner or to him (prophet) for destruction. 

The prophet’s revelation astonished the entire congregation, as the woman, who wanted to deny later confessed to stealing a powder from the said aunt of hers albeit ignorantly.

“When I returned home with the powder, my aunt followed me to my village to collect it but I denied and she had to go back, but unfortunately, she had an accident on her way and died, “she said.

One of the first things to do after salvation is to under go deliverance from foundational bondage as well as other bondage the person may have ignorantly entered into during his or her life.

This Lady is only 25 years old!  

God is merciful to forgive your sins, no matter how terrible, when you repent.  Ask the Holy Spirit to direct you to the right place where the solution to your problem will be found.


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