CAR WASH BUSINESS..................How to establish and manage one!

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This researched work is presented to inform and educate interested entrepreneurs about the business of Car Washing.  

Enterprise is aimed to provide Believers and others business information to motivate those interested into viable business, so that as your soul is nourished, your financial well-being is not suffering.

The truth is that, success requires hard work, diligence and commitment.  Success requires that you take steps in acquiring additional knowledge and skills about the business and you persevere in the said business to sufficiently establish yourself.  There is no short cut to real success.
Go ahead and acquire more knowledge about the business, if possible, get attacked to similar business and learn-the-rope, acquire relevant skills and know the secrets of the business.  Then you can begin to see and think success.  This is why we bring to our readers, field work/business experience from practitioners in the business.

Characteristics of Car Wash:

Car washing business is the service of washing cars for a fee.  It is a business that thrives on quality and timely service delivery. It is a business that can generate huge income if courteous and efficient service is combined with other extra services to retain customer loyalty.

It is a business that has more patronage during the weekend for car washing shops within the neighbourhood, while those in the office area flourish normally during the week. Car washing business that operate in the city centers are popular for being located close to mechanic workshops and busy petrol stations.

Working class people and the average to rich people love their car looking clean and sparkling always.  Majority of this group of car owners wash their car at home and in the office. They don’t like driving a dirty or dented car.

Car washing business is a profitable business considering the frequency at which car owners wash their cars.  As a business, It’s a good business for a young graduate with passion and zeal to make money for his survival.  It is also ideal for people with reasonable resources who feel inclined to provide the car wash services at a premium level.  

This is why the car wash business is categorized broadly into two:
1.    The  Road side cash wash
2.    The Modern and quality car wash services.

These two categories exist everywhere you go, they charge different rate for their work.  While the roadside Car wash charge N500.00 for full wash, the executive Car wash charge N800 - N1000 for full wash

The opportunities in the business are great.  It is a season-less business, though there are some seasonal high points.  One thing is clear; those individuals who value the aesthetic beauty of their cars will always visit the car wash for a thorough wash weekly.  Others whose car underwent repairs for some days in the auto workshop would drive into the car wash with quality clean service delivery without seeking anyone’s advice.

The Nigerian environment is characterized by the rainy and dry seasons. Both seasons are good for business, depending on who is driving the car and whether he has taste for clean car. The road-side car wash does not care about much space where the customers will wait etc.

The executive car wash are established as a business undertaking with attendants and administrative staff and different quality car care services are provided and there is waiting lounge, neatly provided with chairs and others things to engage the customer like cable TV etc.


Registration of Business name: You need to register a business name for the car wash business if you wish to pursue the business professionally.  Business name gives the business recognition and legal existence. But where you are doing it to pass time, you may not need to register a business name, since it is the quality of service you render that matter.

Location: Car wash business needed a very good location. Situate your car wash business in a high traffic area, preferably near a busy intersection or shopping centre.  This is a very important decision that will help the business to be established and to grow.
A busy intersection can lead to a steady flow of customers because of visibility and accessibility.  Securing a location for your car wash at the intersection of a busy street will allow you to take advantage of the traffic on a daily basis. The professionalism of your staff, their commitment and attention to the car can easily be seen by prospective customers of yours.

Prepare the Site:
Concretize the floor, and create arena for customer relaxation while waiting for the services and ensure the water flowing from the cars go down the drain at once. Where the site is open air, consider a canopy or car pot coverage for the area where your customers will relax while their cars are being washed.  Provide a table and chair for the attendant, other than the car Washers.

Packing Store: -You also need a small store within a close proximity to the cash wash where your cash wash equipment, materials and accessories will the safely kept overnight.  This is a necessary expense when the site is far from your house.  This cost is also avoided if the Entrepreneur has a car that can carry the equipment to the site daily.

You will definitely need equipment and tools to start car wash business. This depends on how much money you have and how automated to you want your business to be, generally you will need the following:

1. Car Wash Machine: Gasoline Pressure Car Washer will help you when washing the car easily.

2. Water (Borehole or Well): This is the major ingredient for the business and is needed all the time. Make sure you get a well or borehole in place to be able to achieve this. Also a pumping machine will be needed to pump the water out for use.

2. Storage Tanks: This will be used to store water from the public water system, borehole or well until it is needed.

3. Generator:  A functional generator:-  will be needed to be power the pumping machine that will pump water out of the borehole or well as the case may be.  This cost is related to car wash business using water from borehole and well.
4. Other Tools: These include buckets, bowls, towels, brushes, soaps and detergents. Also depending on how automated you intend to run the business, you may need some more equipment. Decide if you will run a fully automated or partially automated car wash. The typical conveyor system from start to finish is fully automated, while a partially automated car wash will have employees helping out for part of the process.
Other Profitable Extra Services:- There are different kinds of services such as:

·    Additional waxing or self vacuuming you can offer.
·    Auto electrical check-up services, wiper repairs, under-the-car works etc.
·    Different car wash soap and lubricants can be profitably sold there.
·    Auto service parts like plugs, Engine oil, Fuel and Oil filters.

Service Delivery:
When it comes to the business of the washing the car, it is your personal attention to wash and clean every part of the car on time and perfectly that stand you out.  The customers relaxing around will easily see the commitment and professionalism in your attitude even on the first day.  If you cannot wash the car quickly and effectively, you will lose customers.
Decide if you will run a fully automated or partially automated car wash. The typical conveyor system from start to finish is fully automated, while a partially automated car wash will have employees helping out for part of the process.  Whether you are automated or manually driven or both, note that you are required to, not only provide a great wash, but you are also going to have to do it quicker than ever before to succeed.
However, If it takes you longer time to wash someone’s car, chances are that you may not see him again.  Also, for a customer that value thoroughness and clean service, your speed in washing the car should not reduce the quality of output, else you also lose him.
You can grow this business through fair prices and promotional offers, especially during festive periods to retain existing customers and win new ones. You can achieve this by introducing a ‘frequent washer’ with irresistible incentives.
The cost will depend on the location, how automated you intend to operate and other factors.  You can conveniently start this business with N150,000 - N300,000.  You can also start with fewer amounts when certain things are available.  By far the most critical decision is to obtain a good location, in a busy street, close to a busy plaza or at the intersection of that street.
It is important to under-study the service in a busy car wash center for at least a month or more, working full time with them to wash different types of cars.  Learning the rope will open you up to more facts about the business, hidden cost etc.

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Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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