BEWARE OF 'DESTINY HUNTERS'..........Come Alive in the Spirit, Avoid them!


We understand from the bible that the spiritual existed first before the physical and so the spiritual dominates the physical. 

Once you understand this principle, many things become clear. Everything in the physical world was first birthed in the spirit world. This is so because spiritual things are of a higher order than physical things.

A simple example is that God and the devil dwell in the spiritual world. Our inner man  (Our Spirit) is expected to dwell in the spiritual, instead of in the physical.  This is why God encourages us to develop ourselves spiritually and then set our minds on things above, in the realm of the spirit.

The Spirit world is real
Believers who live and walk in the spirit are usually very gentle, law-abiding and generally looked at to be weak, but in the things of the spirit, they are like the lion, unmovable and difficult to bend.  No word of men will make them do what they know is wrong, they are very strict on the truth, they study the Word and pray without season and as such, they receive revelation from heaven daily and as when they need to hear from God.

We need to understand that things like bondage, freedom, power, anointing, etc. are spiritual items and if they are not sorted out in the spiritual realm, you are wasting your time in the physical. Real power is not in the physical world but in the spiritual world. The children of darkness understand this fact very well.

Like freedom and power that are sorted out in the realm of the spirit, children of darkness love to put ignorant people in bondage through an evil exchange. Children in darkness love to trade with people's destiny and do what we call evil exchange.  Have you heard a wife paying her husband some amount of money every month because he is not working...If a man accepts such a  demonic proposal, he would probably not secure any job forever, why? evil exchange!

There are spiritual chains and cages
Many times, people are locked up in their houses, office or anywhere.  When this happens, progress will be hard to come to such a person.  This is why people should be sensitive to their lives and how it is moving.

If hardship and difficulty persist in life, the person should seek deliverance prayers.  Most spiritual problems are enforced by demons who also monitor their victim.  These demons make sure you would not go the right person and places where the solution will be found.  Victims have diverted away from places of solution.  So, if you want to experience deliverance, you must be determined to pray fervently and if need be, receive help from men of God and servants of God with higher grace.

The spirit realm or world is all around us, though some people may not see or know about it, you interact with their members every day.  In the place you live, they are there but they will carefully hide their identity from you.  A Christian brother offended her female colleague in the office without knowing who she was.

Spiritual Attacks are real
After a day, he slept in the night and all of a sudden saw himself before three ladies and they were giving him command after command. When he observed the ladies closely he discovered they were his colleagues in the office, single ladies, smartly dressed and so-called spinsters. They tried to inject him, but the drug did not penetrate his body, they tried other things and none worked. 
One of them then said their attack has failed because the guy does not womanize.  Your life is not for sale!

It is an irony that many believers find it difficult to fast, but children of darkness fast regularly, especially those among them that want to wield more power.  

I went to Lagos and saw one horrible looking beggar and decided I will give him arms when next I pass through that bus stop. Then that faithful day came and I saw him at the same location begging and thought how much to give...and then, the Lord spoke clearly, Son that beggar must not touch your money.  I was shocked but so grateful to God for His mercies.  That beggar is still begging at that point to date.  Beggar in the day, an agent of darkness at night -using begging as a cover to exchange peoples' destiny.

Agents of darkness everywhere
They are there everywhere. I went to buy fruits in another place and as I approached many of the fruit sellers to buy, the Lord said "Don't buy from that lady - Meanwhile she was so neatly dressed - Destiny hunters.  I wonder how many people she would have exchanged their destinies after they patronized her.

Maybe you always see yourself in the last office where you worked every other time. Sometimes, it is your village or a particular house that you always see in the dream.  It is the Lord telling you there is a connection to that place or house that should be dealt with in prayer.

When you see a dream over and over again, you should be sensitive to what the Lord is telling you in the dream.  If it is evil,  begin to pray to cancel it.  Don't ignore it or say it is common. Be sensitive with your dream life.

Be strong in the Word
In today's world, there is no peace for a believer who does not know the Word and apply it as a standard. If you do not know that in Africa, for instance, many people belong to darkness without letting you know, then such a person will suffer.

Many are slaves to their brothers and sisters, husband and wife without knowing. household wickedness - and these people can even determine when and what to do to them.  These are the people you love with your heart, but they are in darkness and you are not.  They have information about your life and even future plans and without opposing you, they can single-handedly stop your 'Wheel' of progress.

Brethren, please come alive in the spirit!
You go to Restaurants and eat, but how many of such places are free from darkness or demonic influence.

The foundation of spiritual failure that the modern man is experiencing is spiritual blindness. A person has been sold but he does not know. A person has been thrown into jail but he does not know. A person is wearing a three-piece suit and is studying for PhD in the university but already he has been sold. Evil birds have eaten up the good seed planted in many lives. 

For instance, do you know the real life you are supposed to be living? Many people do not know. Have your enemies converted you to a hewer of wood and drawer of water? Look at yourself. Is your correct life dead or alive?

Questions to be answered

Have your dreams and visions, been extinguished? Are you a living dead? Is there anything that makes you to accept an inferior or disabled life as your life? Is there anything that keeps you permanently depressed and unhappy? Are you deceiving yourself by having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof? Are you the type of person who will x-ray a man or woman in the laboratory of your heart?

Perhaps you are not who you should be now. The real life of many people exists only in the dream. They count money in the dream but they live in penury in real life. They own companies only in their dream but are jobless here. They preach to thousands of people in the dream but are powerless here. They live in houses in the dream but here they have three quit notice letters.

Sometimes ago, a woman gave birth and somebody visited her at the maternity. She gave her baby to the visitor while she went to the toilet. Shortly after, another visitor came in. As she came out of the toilet, she overheard her two visitors arguing and wondered what was happening to them. Immediately she got into the room, they became quiet. She said, “If two of you do not tell me what you were discussing, somebody will die here Now.” 

Agents of darkness waiting for weak times

Then one of them said, “When I got here, my friend had already removed four stars from the baby and she wanted to remove the other three. So, all I was saying is that she should leave the other three for me.” They were referring to the stars on the head of the newly born baby. This is the wickedness going on in the world.  Two women conspire to steal the 'star', which is the God-given talent and grace of the baby.

Ignorance is costly

What will the life of a person look like, when the stars are removed even before the child grows up. You have Household wickedness - spiritual and other problems emanating your home to battle with and so you cannot afford to be ignorant or complacent. 

There are many examples of this in the Bible. Jesus told us in Matthew 10:36 that the enemies of a man shall be members of his own household. Eve was used by the devil against Adam. Cain was used against Abel, Lot against Abraham and Jacob against Esau. Joseph’s brethren dealt with him. Miriam, Moses’ sister who took Moses out of the river was against him. Absalom overthrew his father. Judas Iscariot one of Jesus’ 12 disciples was household wickedness to Jesus.

Continuous prayers

We need to pray, not the type of prayer the enemy will hear and rejoice. The first thing we need to do is to repent before the Lord of anything that has given the enemy the ground to sell our souls or tamper with our lives. 

We need to ask God to forgive us so that we can start moving forward. After asking for forgiveness, we will move on and then call God into our situation. The Bible says, “The Son of man goeth as it is written.” Are you going as God has written of you, or you are going as your enemy has written? Or are you going according to the verdict of witchcraft? You have the opportunity to ask God to forgive you and change your story.

And you go and make the Word of God a standard for your life.  You will choose to Love the Lord with all your heart, soul and Spirit and obey His Word and voice for your profiting to appear.

1. O Lord, let my prayer arrow bring results, in Jesus’ name.
2. Oh Lord, reveal hidden things to me that will move me forward, in the name of Jesus.
3. Every power that has refused to allow my star to operate, die, in Jesus’ name.
4. I recover my stolen stars by fire, in the name of Jesus.
5. I recover my stolen stars by thunder, in the name of Jesus.


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