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The fashion of today is centred on sexuality, in a way the world have not known before now. The focus seems to be the promotion of nakedness as a way of life.  Fashion designs that expose human parts and those not covering the entire body are more popular.

The human body created to house our spirit and soul is thus being reduced to a mere object, where all kinds of Tattoo marks can be drawn for any purpose.  Children of God should be careful not to follow the multitude in this matter, as that will mean glorifying what God hates.  Children of God do not put marks on their body. Our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost 1 Cor 6:19-20.

The reason why I often comment on the appearance of sisters in the church and outside the church is that a piece of good advice does not hurt.  It could help a young believer, who is confused about what to wear to church.

I also reflect on the matter to alert our sisters that fashion that exposes their body or leave some parts uncovered is not godly, as some people try to make us believe.  It is to caution young believers to be careful, so they are not seduced to follow the world in dressing scantily.  There is a Satanic agenda in all these, which is to lead more people to hell. See references in Romans 12:1, 1 Timothy 2:9-10, 1 Peter 3:3-4.

It's clear that the devil is seeking people he would advertise their body in the open for the world to see. Men are attracted by what they see, so the sight of a naked woman, only a few men can look away. The devil wants to use the display of nakedness to unleash the end-time spirit of seduction unto the world.

The strategy is to have many people walk naked to make it look as if walking naked is normal for humans.  Those who have been caught in this shameful act tell you there is no big deal in walking or appearing naked.  Meanwhile, it is the highest level of degradation of the human body.

Demonic Humiliation
Have you wondered why most celebrities momentarily forget themselves and go naked?  It is a covenant they have with the devil! Once they do that, they are possessed by the Marine spirit and enter into secret covenant with the Queen of the Coast to dishonour her body continually. 

Those celebrities that Satan is promoting their music or talent must go naked, in order to create the impression that nakedness is trendy and good.  These are usually celebrities with large follower-ship and some upcoming ones desperate to get to the top quick.

Therefore, Sisters who think they can compete with worldly ladies in fashion should have a re-think.  Dressing like the world would spell trouble for a god-fearing believer and such a woman will hardly be able to dignify herself in her dressing.  The scriptures warned believers to beware of friendship with the world.  Anyone who visits Walmart Stores in the US will understand what I am talking about. Few people started it some years back, but today...it has become normal for people to go to Walmart scanty, half-naked and most recently fully naked to buy things.  The devil is behind this!

Scriptural Perspective of Dressing

As people who have been enlightened by the Word of God, we can briefly look at some perspectives of Christian dressing and factors that inform some of the dressing we see our lady wear to church.  The youth are the worse group in the church for weird dressing, because of peer pressure.  They are expressing their youth and exciting themselves with the latest fashion they see among their groups. 

The matured single ladies - will dress according to their maturity level in the faith and the level of worldly exposure they have had.  There are many issues in which some young believers think that a woman will always be a woman.  One of such is the dresses they wear to church.  Every woman loves attention and the church is a public place where people of all classes gather, so most women would ordinarily want to look their best.

It is now a question of how spirit-filled a woman is, as well as the pressure under which she is operating.  A matured lady who is still single will naturally attract more attention with her dresses than another lady married with kids.  The married woman is pleased with her husband's appreciation of her modest dressing to church, while the single lady probably under pressure to impress her admirers.

A spirit-filled single knows that the reason she is not married is not because of her dressing.  She knows that dressing has nothing to do with her getting married and thus trying to impress people will also achieve nothing.  It is her inner-man that she should nourish with the word of God and the Christian virtues of a woman.

Should anything and everything go - NO!

The Bible states it clear from the Old Testament that God is not delighted in His children exposing their nakedness. From Genesis, God made the first clothing for humanity after they fell into sin and were sent out of the Garden of Eden. The LORD God made the clothing with the animal skin for a purpose - to cover their nakedness. So from here the primary purpose of clothing, of dressing, is to cover our nakedness. 

All senses will agree with this, spiritually, physically, philosophically and mentally; that we wear clothes primarily to cover our nakedness. So when a person wears clothes and the nakedness is not properly covered, the person is not just being fashionable but working against God’s natural purpose; that is ungodly.

When a Christian who has the knowledge of the Almighty God claims that she is dressing not to cover her body but for fashion, that Christian is a spiritual baby. The Bible admonishes us in Romans 12:1, to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. What does that mean? 

God is interested in how you present your body as well as your heart. God will not accept the half-naked presented body. How you present your body is more important to God than the sacrifice you present. He told Moses that the children of Israel should be careful so that their nakedness is not exposed because that might attracts God’s wrath. Exodus 20:26

Biblical Perspectives
So what are the Biblical standards for dressing for godly women? The answer is that a godly, regenerated woman can wear anything as long as it goes along with biblical perspectives:

1. Moderation
The standard of the Bible is not anything goes permissive styles, it is MODERATION! One of the attributes of Christianity is moderation. Moderation in everything: how you live, what you say, what you eat, what you drink, how you dress, what you wear, the car you ride, the house you live in, what you use and so on. When you are in Christ, you don’t show off your self, because you are dead to the flesh. You don’t show your body, your riches, your pride; you show Christ and Him alone. 

2. Well covered: When you give your life to Jesus and living a new life in Him, you are not controlled by the world fashion's sense, you are not dressing to belong or please yourself, you dress primarily to cover your body as a living sacrifice to God. Because you realize your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Anything you wear must cover you well. How? Your skirts must reach below your knees; your shirts must well cover your breasts; any tops, gowns, etc. 

3. Not Transparent:   Any clothing you wear as a godly woman must not be transparent or evaporated that your underwear will be seen. Since the purpose of wearing clothes is the cover your nakedness, wearing transparent or evaporated clothes has defeated that God’s purpose in such a woman's life. Wearing transparent, evaporated clothes is an indirect nakedness and disobedience to God; it is as bad as half-naked. 

4. No Tights:  If you are wearing skirts, gowns, shirts, native dress, self-made, uniforms, whatever, where ever, it must not be tight. Wearing tight clothes that show the shape and anatomy of your body to the world is also an indirect nakedness. You wear clothes to cover your body not to show your body shape. When the motive is to show the shape of your body then something is wrong, it is called inordinate motive. A godly woman does not dress to show the shape of her body, so body hugs and all tight clothing are ungodly and can lead to damnation and condemnation of one’s soul at the end.

5. Not Too Expensive - Modest to your ability:  Either a woman or a man, as a child of God, Bible directly warns us not to buy, wear expensive clothing, not because you can’t afford it but because you are a Christian, modest. Christianity is all about modesty and staying within your means.  When you have more than enough, then you must desist from showing-off your riches and becoming self-centred.  You should rather share willingly what you have with others, especially those that need help.

Be a Godly Woman

A godly woman exemplifies certain characters according to scriptures  Many times, people confuse godly woman with a virtuous woman, but the Bible described them separately.  The virtuous woman is a Proverb 31 woman, while the godly woman is described as the ones that build up other women, especially younger women and children.

A godly woman is in many ways likened to the widow, who is devoted to the Lord, and to the works of God.  Women who are chaste and law-abiding.  Women who are role models in the church for younger women in behaviour and good conduct, in the purity of thought and actions.  Briefly, the following characters are expected of godly women.  They have a positive influence in the church across people who know her works.

Faithful to her Husband
A godly woman would naturally be a faithful wife or widow, for the older women whose husbands have died.  She will be the “wife of one husband” and faithful to their husbands and has built up her home to the admiration of her husband and children.

Reputation for good works 
A good woman in the eyes of the Lord is one that has laboured in the vineyard of God and found to be worthy.  She is a woman that has a good report of old and young in the church for hard work and commitment.  She has a good report from her home front and with people that know her closely.  A woman that loves the Lord and is quick to support the work of God.

To raise godly children 
A godly woman can be trusted to caution children when she sees them going astray, either in thought or in action the same goes for men.   n.  She has laboured to raise her children with the Word of God and exemplary Christian conduct, so her heart of care and love extends to other children in the church and around her. Raising children can be daunting and frustrating for women.  It can keep you from doing a lot of other good things, for at least three months, and unless a woman understands the importance of taking good care of her child and raising her according to the Word of God, it could lead to frustration.

Serving in the church. 
There is no godly woman who is not known in the church.  They are known in the church and at home.  In their conversation and behaviour.

To care for the afflicted. 
The afflicted here is referring to anyone who is in a tough spot. This is someone who is in trouble, or who is vulnerable and in need. And godly renders help to all that are in need around them.  The heart to care is large for many godly women because they do not worry, but trust in the Lord, and whatever help they can afford, they give it to needy people

Devoted to good works. 
Godly women have an unshakeable commitment to serving the Lord and doing good.  Apostle Paul described this commitment as a devotion to every good work.  There are godly women that are devoted to the things of God and supporting the work of God as their own work.

Let me make it clear that no woman can be godly without the Holy Spirit living in her.  It is only the influence of the Holy Spirit that can make a human being to love and care for other people, the way he cares for himself.

A godly woman avoids certain sins of:
1. Firstly, avoid the sin of idleness.
2. Gossip and busybody.


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