What is Sanctification?

Sanctification is to be set apart for God’s use.  It is for someone to come out of the world of sin, wickedness and iniquity and be dedicated unto God. In the past, Anyone chosen by God to serve Him in the office of Priest was to be sanctified and God Himself gave orders on how to sanctify such a person.

The reason is, that God is holy and all that will approach Him must regard Him as holy and glorify Him before all people. Lev 10:3.  Today, believers are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood and a holy nation, separated unto God.  We are Priests and Jesus Christ is our high priest.

The call for sanctification and separation from the world and the things of this world is not negotiable.  You cannot serve God faithfully while still the friends of this world.  The friendship of this world will never allow you to love the Father, neither will it allow you to walk by the spirit.
Your friendship with the world will weaken your spiritual life, focus you on the things of the flesh, self will and depend on your strength and intellect instead of God.  When you feed your heart with worldly news, music, movies and film, the flesh will dominate your life and you will find it difficult to glorify God in your body and in the words you speak.
A sanctified life is a life wholly dedicated to God and the person becomes the property of the Almighty God, just like baby Samuel was dedicated unto God by his mother.  In the case of sanctification, a man makes up his mind to submit himself unto God, to love Him and serve Him in spirit and truth as His word demands in Leviticus and 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.
The call for sanctification is to show us how to serve the Almighty God, in Spirit and truth, separated from the world and all its motions.  That we are saved by grace and live by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
To be sanctified is to separate yourself from the world unto God’s kingdom and serve Him well to the end, having not your own righteousness, but the righteousness of Christ.
In sanctification, we know the God we are dedicated to, is a Holy God that cannot behold iniquity, so we cannot serve Him according to our natural way.  

He is God and not man, He is Spirit and not flesh. In sanctification, the word "come out from among them" gives you the grace to turn away from iniquity and all filthiness (hidden sin) unto the Highest God.
To be sanctified is not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.  This is a terrible thing that is happening everywhere. A believer and a child of God dressing in a worldly way to the extent that you will never believe she has given her heart to Jesus.
To be sanctified is, to be honest to yourself and clean up your secret sins and dirty, which only you know about.  You know the wrong places you go to.  You know the bad thoughts you think and the wrong and secret things you do.
To be sanctified is to see yourself and your body as the temple of the Living God and then keep it pure and clean so that the Spirit of God, Holy Spirit will come and dwell in them.
To be sanctified is to be spiritually separated from the things of this world.  It is to examine your life and find out where your heart lies,  in the things of this world or in the things of God and to allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse you thoroughly from all evil. 2 Cor 6:14-18.
WHY IS sanctification Important?
1.    It is the condition for God to dwell in us. - 2 cor 6:14-18
2.    It is a command - Lev.20:26
3.    Sanctification leads to holiness - Leviticus 20:7-9.
Sanctification is a four steps process requires four steps:
1.    Separate yourself from among them
2.    Cleanse yourself from every filthiness of the flesh and spirit
3.    Be united with Christ in the spirit
4.    Obey His voice and Word - perfect holiness with fear of God

Separate yourself:
In Lev 20:7-9, God spoke to the children of Israel and say “sanctify yourself therefore and be holy, for I am the Lord your God”.  This is because, a born-again child of God, has no business with idols, and should not do the same foolish things that unbelievers do. 

We are “called out” people, we should not be conformed to this world....because this world would corrupt us if we continue to wine and dine with them.  They are contaminated and so can easily pollute you.  If you continue, you will lose your spiritual strength and vigour and subsequently backslide into sin and error.
If you walk with liars, one day you will start lying. If you keep doing what they do and keep pursuing the same goals with them, it is possible for the light of God in you to be put out. 

Another reason why God commanded that we come out from among them is that the friendship of this world is enmity with God...If you remain a friend of this world, you are an enemy of God. 2 cor 6:14-18, Rom 12:2, ..1 Peter 2:9 - we’re a royal priesthood.
Cleanse Yourself of filthiness:
In 2 Cor 7:1, the bible says that purity perfects holiness and you are encouraged to cleanse yourself from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit. The reward is having the Almighty God dwelling within you, being your Father and you, His child.
It is your duty to cleanse yourself of all filthiness because you know where the filthiness is hiding in your life, whether it is your tongue that cannot be controlled, whether it is your lusting for the opposite sex, envy and jealousy, hatred or uncontrollable appetite for sex.
Cleansing must be inward and outward - Inwardly, those sins that cannot be seen by the public like anger, evil thought, pride, bitterness, lusts, adulteries, fornication, covetousness etc in the heart  - Mark 7:21-22. 

Outwardly, sins that are visible like quarrelling, fighting, lying, cheating people, gossiping etc.  All outward sins like exposing sensitive parts of your body to the opposite sex must be cleansed for our holiness to manifest.
In Genesis 35:1-9, God spoke to  Jacob to relocate to Bethel and dwell there; Jacob saw it as a time for blessing and a new beginning with God, so he told his household to “put away the strange gods among them, purify themselves and change their garments”.  If a man is honest, he would know where his faults lie.
Holiness is to present your sin to God in prayer, confessing your weakness and asking God to deliver you from those besetting sins.  When you are truthful in it, God will intervene in your matter.  Take the sins to God one after the other until you have peace of mind concerning all of them.
Be united with Christ in the spirit:
This is a life dependent on Jesus Christ When we unite with Christ in Spirit,  His Spirit, His holy life will flow into us.  Abiding by faith in Christ is the secret of a sanctified and holy life.  As we lean wholly on Him, the measure of sanctification and holiness will be full.  Doing otherwise will be depending on yourself and your work, which will profit you nothing.
In your flesh dwells no good thing.  Your flesh, though crucified with Christ is not dead, but continually seeks to rise and lead you to do evil.  Though you are a believer, you are yet to overcome yourself and the world (Rom 7:18). 

You are still living in this dark world and sometimes you dress like them.  You are born again, yet you desire worldly pleasure and at times want to do things like the unbelievers.

Obey His voice and word:
His voice is a sweet drop I feel in my ears daily. Hearing His voice is a priviledge and my heart desire, even more than food.  It brings timely solutions to a difficult puzzle and with His voice coming to you, living holy and righteous life becomes easy. 

The voice of God is present and timely. He tells you things that may not be in the bible. For instance, during prophecy and deliverance, God would give the name of a wicked person, where he lives and what he did against the deliverance candidate.
Do you know the voice of God divides the fire, it calms the storms raging in your life? It's a rare privilege to hear the voice of God and therefore a tragedy to refuse to obey His voice. It could make the difference between life and death, between accident and safety.
As a prophet of God, I’m trained not to eat everywhere. Several times I have bought food items and the Lord will say to me  “make sure none of that enters your mouth”. It’s a privilege to hear the voice of the Lord, it saves lives and resolves mysteries like nothing else!.


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