GOOD WIFE......... ..She Does you Good all your Life, A Blessing from God



A good wife is a God fearing, humble and hard working woman, who understands the marriage covenant and willing to abide by the word of God concerning marriage.  It is not an easy task for women to humble themselves under their husband, who the Lord has made leaders over them, but as many women as will obey the Lord in the area of marriage will find happiness and joy.

The role of a wife in marriage is a key one that once an error is made in the area of marriage, the future of such a man, his faith life, business or career and even his longevity may be affected.  The bible have wonderful words to describe a godly woman, who is a by virtue of her attitude and conducts a true blessing to her husband, while the woman who finds it difficult to submit herself under the husband is seen as a problem.  

The value of a good wife can never be quantified. She is a helper of destiny, the closest friend to her husband and when she continues in her good ways, she will take the place of the husband's mother. No one else can take the place of a wife in the home, the husband's mother cannot, sister cannot, Aunt cannot and no house help can. This is why a precious wife must be one that fears God and loves her husband, and values God and her husband more than all worldly riches and goods.

Christianity is more spiritual than physical.  
The key to serving God lies in understanding of spiritual things among others. A good spiritual foundation is what guarantees success in the life of a believer.  

The bible talks about a good wife as a blessing to her husband and the entire family because she will eventually put her home in order, guide her children aright.  Her strength comes from her fellowship with the Lord.  She loves the Lord and the things of the kingdom and she fears the Lord and honours Him in her daily living.  

This is why the bible says of her  “Many women have done wonderful things, but she’ve outclassed them all”  Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades, but a godly woman, who can find?
The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God.  The bible talks about a good wife as one that does the husband good all the days of his life. Beauty is good, but certainly not the most important consideration when searching for a wife.

The bible also talks about a good wife as a precious jewel, hard to find,  and worth far more than diamonds.  Her husband trusts her without reserve, and never has reason to regret it. She is never spiteful, she treats him generously all her life long.

There are different types of bondage - Inherited bondage, personal bondage, spiritual, physical bondage etc.  Spiritual bondage is the most powerful and debilitating.  Marrying a bad wife or a wrong woman is akin to entering into a life long bondage, but Jesus will deliver you today.  The reason it seem like life-long is because you are not permitted to divorce her, rather you have to p for her transformation and if she refuses to change, you know the battle will continue.

Any child of God can marry a wrong woman, whether you are a Pastor of Prophet.  But the truth must be told, that whosoever marries the daughter of Satan must be ready for afflictions,  The devil will attack the person.  A Preacher/Pastor can be preaching the Word accurately and yet be in bondage of a bad woman at home.  Some angry women have scattered their husband's church without reason.

Brief description of a good wife - From the bible!

I. The godly wife is a blessing to her home
A. She instructs her children by her teaching and by her godly example.
1. She displays a love for her husband and for her children. Tit. 2:4.
2. She is considerate, pure, and is submissive to her own husband.
Tit. 2:5.

B. The Godly wife teaches her children to love God and to serve Him faithfully.

C. She is industrious and concerned about her family comfort. Prov. 31:10-12.
1. Her personal habits are full or energy. Prov. 31:13-22.
2. Self-denial is the godly wife'l main characteristic.
3. She works willingly with her hands.
4. She is ever careful of the interests of her husband. v. 23.
5. She looks after her household with untiring energy. v. 24-27.

D. She  fears the Lord, and she is a crown to her husband - Prov. 12:4; 31:28.

E. The Godly mother will be BLESSED. 
1. Having lived in the fear of God and having honored her God with the fruits of her labors, she shall rejoice in time to come.
2. Her children will reverence her.
3. Her husband will praise her.
4. The Lord will reward her.

Though we are in a modern world, the enemy we are discussing here today has no business with modern world or not, their agenda remains to steal, kill and destroy.   If anything, they have also modernized their ways and expanded their network to include young boys and girls ladies in the banks, oil companies and in every known office.   

In Africa, the face of witchcraft is no longer the old women with black and brown teeth, No! They have modernized. With all the glamour the characterized bank work in Nigeria those years, I never knew many of those “sweet looking” ladies were in the dark society and very dangerous.

When a man is facing endless battles in life, he should examine his life, his parents and family. He must also examine his wife, usually the closest person to the man.  Some hardship we face in life is of the 'wilderness experience' type.  The wilderness experience type of hardship is meant to teach you somethings you need in life to excel in the future.  It's never a pleasant experience.

The problem now is that many people in the 'wilderness school' of life are finding it difficult to graduate.  The desert is full of enemies, the Amelekites, the Perezites, the Jebusites, and the giants, who have disguised as friends. 

One of such enemies is marrying a wrong wife,  a lady the enemy planted on their path to destroy them.  The ability to discern and avoid these beautiful, intelligent and yet dangerous ladies brings joy and relief to the heart of the Almighty God.

Battles: - The point of marriage is a known milestone point in life and the devil usually wait there for ministers and pastors with oil on their head to assign an agent to them as wife.  Once the plan succeeds, the minister is captured already. 

To miss this fact means that the man of God, or a man created with divine assignment may never be able to fulfill such assignment. A wrong woman automatically enrolls a man into a life of adversity, a life of struggle and endless battles.

This has become the tragedy of modern day men who prefer beauty and outward beauty to inner qualities of a virtuous woman.  They love intelligent and smart ladies and they are happy to marry such women who they call educated and intelligent without checking their spiritual background or asking the opinion of God. 

The young girls may appear simple and look innocent, yet full of trouble for the unfortunate man that will marry them.  They are everywhere in the churches today, seeking prospective men of destiny to  quietly devour. 

A wrong women can convert a man of destiny (Eagles) into a vulture, a  Prophets to Parrots with great consequences for their assignment in life.

Way Forward:

Beauty is good, but not the most important thing in marriage. The virtues of goodness, hard work, fidelity, trustworthiness, charity and respect etc are worthy of first consideration. 

Solution: -  When the mistake has been committed, the man must be patient and ready to pray her out of darkness.  God hates divorce and God can do all things.  

This is a battle that requires wisdom and fire of God to fight.  It gets tough when she is on assignment to bring the man down and stop his destiny fulfillment. What happens then is that she will fight every step the man takes to regain his freedom. 

It is a terrible battle because the wife is really not the enemy, the devil is. The prayer of  “fall and die” may not be helpful in this case, unless you have understanding because the woman is part of you, the mother of your children.

It is a problem that requires wisdom to overcome. Pastors and other workers of grace who make this mistake suffer long in the wilderness of life.  This error MUST BE AVOIDED by youths of today, who are single.


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