BLESSINGS OF THE PROPHETIC GRACE........And how to Activate it in your life

1. Every one can prophesy, though not everyone is a Prophet

2. Prophetic grace draws a lot of souls to God
3. Apostle Paul says we should desire to prophesy
4. Moses says he wishes all the children of God could prophesy!


Prophesy is a unique gift that edifies and lifts up the body of Christ. This was why Moses wished that every child of God could prophesy. Prophesy is receiving the Word of knowledge or wisdom direct from God through vision or by His whispers into our spirit unto the church or specific individuals it is meant for.

Every child of God delights in hearing His voice because through His voice hidden secrets are revealed, and troubles are averted, yokes are broken and uncommon deliverance is brought to bear.

God made a promise to His children who will live in the last days, that He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and His servant(Men) and handmaidens(women) shall prophesy  Acts 2:17-18. Today, we’re living in the very last days and one can see the need for the prophetic ministry and prophesy. The increase in demonic activities targeting the children of God and the entire human race is alarming.

By that scripture, it is clear that spiritual vision and prophecy will be critical to the survival and success of churches in this end time. It’s no longer business as usual for the church of Christ. Apostle Paul said his preachings were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the spirit and of power (1 Cor 2:4-5). 

Need for the Prophetic:

The era of theology and oratory in the church is over for good. This is because we’re in the biblical era of Prophet Elijah and the prophets of Baal and the battle is becoming fierce within and outside the church.

In Joel 2, God promised to pour out His Spirit in the last days upon all flesh. That means that God is ready to release His Spirit on all His children for both edifications and to raise end-time generals who would walk intimately with Him to rescue and deliver millions of people held captive in the camp of Satan.

Whether we like it or not, there is already a great hunger for the prophetic because of the activities of powers of darkness. The devil and his agents are on the rampage, targeting men, women and children to initiate or kill. They’re doing everything possible to undermine the word of God and the truth. See what they have turned the internet into, preaching false doctrines and teaching children abominations to destroy their future. But the truth of God will surely prevail through me and you and through the demonstration of the power of God.

People in the church and outside the church are going to seek prophetic instruction and guidance in the face of serious demonic attack at home, office and business places. These attacks coming from unknown sources, enemies and unfriendly friends has made the love of many people to wax cold.  People are finding it increasingly difficult to trust others, many marriages have remained childless for years,  some businessmen are unable to sell a single item in weeks due to the effect of demonic curses, spell and enchantments placed on them by powers of darkness.  

These are the reasons why many in the house of God get desperate for a solution and many of them end-up with herbalists and fetish priests.  Imagine going for a solution in the house of the devil, such a Christian will suffer long. At times like this, the Lord will release His Spirit on the church to expose the lies of Satan and bring revival. This is why it is apt for Pastors and Prophets to continually seek the face of God for fresh revelations that will terminate the failure people are suffering.

Wonders of the Prophetic:
The prophetic brings down the presence and power of God. With His presence comes to prophesy, miracles, signs and wonders. From the bible, several men who walked with God and those that God used to fulfil His counsel in the past all prophesied. From ENOCH, Joseph to David, they all prophesied, though many of them were not prophets by Calling.  

The prophetic grace is always available to men that desire it, especially the desperate ones.  It is such an end-time gift that Evangelists and churches that hope to defeat the enemy and overturn their numerous evil schemes need to engage the Lord daily for a fresh revelation that will help the people.

The coming of prophetic grace usually heralds the man or woman of God into a new spiritual platform.  It brings with it a new mindset, it opens the man to deep spiritual things and he cannot be a casual Pastor or Evangelist any longer.  It makes you to be sin-conscious as well as love conscious.  These two issues are indispensable for any servant of God who wishes to operate in the prophetic. Once activated, the man of God is able to be a blessing to million that the Lord will direct to him.  Many Pastors and churches has lost their members due to their inability to address the spiritual problems of the people.
The coming of prophetic grace also makes soul-winning easier and ministry more fruitful because it pulls the suffering, the oppressed and sick people to the church hoping that Jesus, our Messiah will heal and deliver them.  It also brings a transformation to the man and his family as spiritual revelation and insight becomes a regular thing.  

Nothing happens around your life, family, the ministry that the Lord will not reveal to you before time or shortly after.  The Pastor enjoys the benefit of holy living as revelation and open vision reduce your labour in praying for people.  The Lord also gives you a word of knowledge and prophesy as you continue to walk with Him.  He watches over you to ensure that the enemy will not make you cry.  

The prophetic gift and grace is a special gift that God do not release to people in a hurry. God has His own criterion, but the man seeking grace should be one who can show love to all irrespective of barriers.  The anointing starts from you, loosens you from every bondage that had held you down. You cannot set people free when you’re in bondage. 

Also, the Lord opens your spiritual eye to see and know a lot of secrets about members of your family, all of them, your friends, colleagues and business partners. You cannot be seeing vision for people without seeing or knowing what is going on around you. 

We are living witnesses to the upsurge of demonic activities in every area of life. Doctrines of Satan are being taught in public schools and the very word of God is ignored. Today, people commit abomination without remorse.  These are indeed perilous times and one can see the need for the prophetic ministry and prophesy. The increase in demonic activities targeting children of God and the entire human race is alarming.

The prophetic anointing makes the need of the church and its members to come alive in your heart, so that from that time, your prayer changes in every aspect so much so that the transformation will be such that Ten prayer warriors and Ten intercessor cannot match your prayer grace. Your prayer becomes purposeful and effective.  

Different Levels of Prophetic Grace:

There is the general calling referred to in Joel 2 and Acts 2:17 where the promise of God to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh is announced. 

There are people with prophetic gift mentioned in 1 Cor 12:10, 14:1 - This is like any other gift like faith or teaching. This gift allow such people to see vision and minister in the prophetic easily. Apostle Paul asked us to desire it, but certainly not everyone can have it.

Prophetic Office - Some people are called by God to be Prophets. In the old testament, majority of the major prophets were called and ordained by God, prophet to the nation(s). 

Gifts are to be developed by Usage:

When gifts are identified, we have a role to play in their development and activation.  Development of spiritual gifts is a process. It takes consistency of faith and actions.  After activation, you continue to nourish the gift to overflowing. The gifts of healing, faith, prophesy are activated.

There is a place for impartation in the activation of spiritual gifts. We see examples in the bible with Timothy and Apostle Paul.  There is also a place for mentoring, which is a form of training.  Transfer of grace is possible when the grace is there and the other person is willing to use grace to serve God and not his belly.  Brethren seeking prophetic grace must be lovers of God and obedient servants working in love, otherwise, it will not work. 


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