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Trust God

BEAUTY AND STYLE:.....Youthful minds Trained to Follow Christ!


God created man with spirit, soul and body.  A person is a spirit with a soul living in a body.  Our soul is the intermediary between the body and the spirit.  Our soul is the mind and sometimes taken as our heart.  

Since there are three components of a man, whenever two comes into agreement, the third component will have to yield and the action will take place.
When a person gives his life to Jesus, you are born again, your spirit is regenerated, while the soul and body remain what they used to be, waiting to be renewed and cleansed by the word of God.
Everything begins with the mind where all information are processed, adopted or discarded. Information are sent from the gateways - the eyes, ear into the heart, where they are processed and acted upon or discarded.

Part of the reason for this training is to bring the mind to the level of the new man inside of you, so they can be on the same page in many issues.

In Math 5:28, Jesus said “whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.  The eyes see the beauty of the woman, alerts the soul and the soul agree with it....and you sin.  This analogy is to show the importance of the soul in the spiritual and physical conduct of a man.
To fulfill our calling here on earth and see the Lord in heaven, we must train the mind on how to follow Jesus.  We must also train the gateways to the follow Jesus Christ. This will subdue the flesh inside of us and release our mind for faithful service to God.

God expects us to do so, and we cannot fail Him.  We must train our mind/heart to be disciplined, to know the word of God, to think and meditate on the word, to be honest, to love righteousness and hate iniquity.

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Abiding with Christ: 

The icing truth is that we must learn to abide in Jesus Christ and the simple approach I am sharing here has been proven to be effectual. It’s simple.  Whatever you do, do it in the name of Jesus, with Jesus and by His name. In the morning, as you wake up from bed...
Thank You Jesus, to brush your teeth, Lord Jesus, I want to brush my teeth, I want to go to Ikeja, at Ikeja, Lord Jesus I am here at Ikeja, about to enter the shop/office, Lord Jesus help me achieve my purpose here today.  When you finish, Lord Jesus I have finished, I am ready to go home, lead me home safely. That way, you are abiding in Jesus.

This is a simple approach that show how much you need God in your daily routine.
Then, the next important step is to study and meditate on His Word daily, so that His Word would dwell in you strongly.  The advice is to memorize one scripture every day and you will be surprised at the end of the year, how many scriptures you have in your heart.
We must train our mind to be in tune with our regenerated spirit, to be strong in the Lord and know how to choose between good and evil, to do what is right always and to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.  This is not a gift, but something we must all develop.  Lack of strong will and disciplined mind have sent many Pastors, Ministers of Christ, brothers and sisters down.
Despite the anointing some of these people carry, many preachers have found themselves in hell fire because they could not control their body and keep it under check, others could not discipline their mind to turn away from greed, covetousness and fleshly lusts.
In Psalm 15:4b, the bible listed the requirements of those that will dwell in God’s holy hill, His tabernacle to include “He who swears to his own hurt and does not change”.  This is a disciplined heart ready to bear the consequences of his decision without murmuring.  He stands by his decision, no matter the cost.
Anointing or no anointing, a man without a strong character may not be able to follow Jesus and live a holy and blameless life in this wicked generation.

1.    The mind must know about the doctrine of suffering - serving the Lord involves suffering, persecution, self denial and sometimes hunger. 2 Cor 6:3-11, 2 Tim 2:3

2.    Unconditional surrender to the Lordship of our Lord Jesus  Phil 2:14-16, Phil 3:6-11.

3.    The mind must be trained to hate sin and love righteousness, to be separated from the world unto God,  1 Thes 4:3-7, 1 Cor 6:9-10, 15-20, 2 Cor6:14-28, 2 Cor 7:1

4.    The mind should be trained to love God with the whole man and to fear Him and walk in His ways Deut 10:12-13.

5.    The mind should be trained to accept the doctrine of self denial - Luke 14:26/  Jesus Himself relinquished is position in heaven to come to die on earth.

6.    The mind must be trained to understand that making spiritual progress starts with crucifying the flesh and dying daily to self Phil 3:12-14, Col 3:5-9, Gal 5:19-21.

7.    Kill your members/enemies on earth - fornication, anger, lies, guile etc.

8.    The mind must be aware of imminent judgement of God on the earth - Col 3:1-2, Eph 4:23-32, Col 3:10, 12-17.  To put on the new man.

9.    The mind must also know that perilous times are here - false prophets, profane people will increase, wickedness on the rise  Rom 1:28-32, 2 Peter 2:1-4,14.

10.    The mind must be trained in walk in the spirit, be ready to fight spiritual battles - Rom8:5-9, 2 Cor 10:3-6 - pulling down strongholds etc.

The multitude followed Jesus Christ, but only a few became disciples, only a few could hold on to Him and only a few could withstand the heat of following Him.  The Jews wanted to have Jesus and Moses at the same time, but Christ had nothing to do with that.
You cannot serve two masters, He said. Math 6:24, you cannot keep your tradition and rituals, while claiming to be followers of Christ, you cannot serve God and Mammon.  Divided mind is a major reason why many cannot serve God faithfully.
They end up professing Christ, but in conduct deny Him.  They will end up serving God with their lips, while their heart is far from God.- Math 15:8-9
There are conditions for following Jesus Christ: - Luke 14:25-33

1.    You must deny whatever you are and what you have.  Everything else must come second.

2.    Count the cost of following him before you venture into it - As Ruth did before following Naomi - not everyone can complete the raceit does not rebel

3.    You must carry your cross every day and follow Him.  Whether poor or rich, your holy and righteous obligations must be carried out.  Whether you are happy or sad, you must continue in good works, whether beaten or cheated, no excuse for falling back to evil...forward ever till the end

4.    A call to follow Jesus is a call to battle.  Believers are in the battle field and the enemy is busy looking for who to destroy, how to enter into peoples’ lives.  Before you gave your life to Christ, you were paying allegiance, so no troubles.  But the moment you declare your interest for Christ to serve God, the devil will let all hell loose against you.  Yes!

5.    You become his enemy and target of attacks.  He is ready to throw anything at you from loss of job to sickness, frustration to denial of rights.  You must be ready to fight back at the devil if you want to enter into eternal inheritance in Jesus.  If you are not ready for spiritual battles, to spend hours and days in prayer, then you better forget it.
6. The mind must know how to cooperate with the Spirit and body to fulfill the purpose of God.  This is important, so it does not rebel when it should be cooperating with you.  

Look at the example of Jesus Christ who came to give His life a ransom for many - Math 20:28, John 15:13.  The time came for Him to die, and suddenly the soul began to struggle over his death. The soul became sorrowful even unto death, resisting that he should not die - Math 26:38.  

The soul saw the death as a cup that could be removed from Him after all, with God all things are possible.  The soul thought that Jesus could talk it over with the Father....
Remember Jesus had to take his disciples to Gethsemane for prayer....serious prayers that the sweat from his body was like blood.  The soul was at war with the spirit and our Lord had to pray asking “ O My Father, if it was possible, let this cup pass away from me, nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will Math 26:39.
Because the matter was already settled before he left heaven to come to the earth, the Father did not answer Him. In Math 27:46, Jesus cried out with a loud voice....Eli, Eli Sabatani - meaning My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?  This is what the soul can do!

1.    Study, memorize the scriptures and saturate yourself with God’s truth -Psalm 119:11
2.    Meditate on the Word of God  daily - Psalm 1:1-3 Don’t meditate on the state of the nation, work or family problems, it could cause hypertension.  Meditate on the word, when faced with trouble, meditate on the promises of God - He will never forsake you  -Heb13:5 etc

3.    Do the Word - Math &:24-25.  Blessed are you when you do the word.  It is not enough to study, memorize and meditate, you must be a doer of the word.
4.    Engage yourself in consistent prayer life.  Talk to God daily and always, pray for yourself and others, your nation, the world, the work of God etc.

Praise God!

      YOUTHS...Watch your Greed, Satan seeks to pervert you!

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  • This wicked plan has been on the table for sometime now.
  • This is the power behind many naked and skimpy dress his agents dress with
  • Those the spirit has possessed openly and freely expose their nakedness
  • Those possessed people are very happy when they are naked in the public 
  • Wait for this...They are not ashamed to make love in the public, just like animals do!


For youths, everything is sensual and kinky. Everything must be sexy as they seek to impress their peers and thereby belong to the class of people in vogue.  

This is one reason why in the campuses and even outside the campus, you see alot of youth with skimpy dresses their friends deceived them is the latest fad in town.  

This youthful exuberance is already being used by the devil to destroy alot of youths and lure them into prostitution and consequently, nakedness jumps out at us from everywhere and it is becoming more and more difficult for young men and women to keep themselves in a state of moral purity.

Hard truth messages easily attract accusation of being unloving, judgmental, and in condemnation. Frankly speaking, we've lost our way in this regard and  Correction, rebuke and reproof in this area is clearly missing as most people who need the counsel do not see anything wrong with their behaviours.

Crooked and False Peace Times:

Beloved, in the days to come, your faith will be tested in every known way.  Times will prove whether you are a Christian (Believer) or not.

We live in uniquely difficult days and dark­ness is increasing. Depravity, corruption, moral rottenness, and perversions are esca­lating. Particularly in the area of sexual sins we see a growing lewdness and casting off of restraints. Inflamed, unbridled passions lead to exaggerated and perverted sexual behaviors. 

John reminds us that the whole world lies under the sway and control of the wicked one (1 John 5:19). The Bible calls Satan “the ruler of this world,” “the god of this world [age],” and “the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the children of disobedience.” 

From the events happening in different places on earth, we can see that the devil has become very aggressive; he will do everything he can to disrupt our faith in God.  Permit me to warn all and sundry that this not the time to play with sin and all unrighteousness. It does not matter what position you hold in the church and outside the church, there is an agent of the devil to test your faithfulness and fidelity.  

The devil has prepared strange girls and women seeking whom to de-robe from the faith.  Many years, I was shocked when I saw a working class lady buying several 'blue films' at the same time.  It took me time to recover from that shock, wondering what a single would be doing watching 'blue firm', but today such materials are free on the internet in a well nourished plan of the devil to destroy man with immorality.


These demonic sex agents, been supplied body cream, lotion, powder and perfume from the water to make them irresistible to any man that looks into their eyes.  I stumbled on one recently in a supermarket in the city of Abuja.  She was very jovial and sociable, laughing and smiling, soon I noticed her different eye makeup and was wondering which style is this?...and boom, she was around me. I bought my items and met a friend and off, we went.

At home and in my library, I kept thinking of this lady until I rebuked the spirit and it left.

Their eye lid is somehow unique and slightly different from a ordinary girl in the street to the end that the difference in her eye makeup is what will attract your attention and if you are not on 'fire', you are hooked to her.

They are very sociable, friendly to strangers.  There is one for the rich and poor guy, there is for the village man as well as the city guy.  Their target -  children of God, goal is to make you sin  - adultery or fornication and the demon of Lust in its full force is transferred into the life of that person.

Once that happens, you become an agent of Satan also and a slave to spirit of lust...and the person's thought will centre on sex and all kinds of sexual perversion, leading to uncontrollable urge for sex.

Hard Truths:

This is a unique time in human history, when we cannot continue to live a double standard lifestyle and deceive ourselves.  Any Christian that has the spirit of Lust, Vanity, worldliness, anger and greed among others will have hard time in the days to come.

If you notice you cannot stand the look of a beautiful woman or handsome man, please cry to God to deliver you from the spirit of lust without wasting time.  If you notice you are still telling lies, please repent now and cry to God...the same for worldliness, anger and unforgiveness - for our God is no respecter of persons.

God’s people live in the world, but are not of it. Since we live in enemy territory, we do well to live carefully, diligently avoiding the snares and strategies of the adversary.  Satan hates the believer and is doing everything to pull him down from Christ, but with faith and holiness, our victory is sure.  

Beloved, lets go and learn what righteousness and holiness is.  Without holiness, no eyes shall see the Lord, blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.  You are a believer, a child of God if you give your heart to Christ and obey the word of God and live a holy and righteous life before Him.  No story attached!


1. There is nothing like a committed child of God, who is telling lies, you are not a child of God yet.
2. There is nothing like a generous giver who is committing immorality, you are still in darkness.
3. There is nothing like a believer and yet you are cheating people in business, you borrow money and refuse to pay back...you are still with the camp of the devil.
4. There is nothing like a christian and you are still greedy for money or other things, you are not yet born again.

5. There is nothing like a believer that is lusting after the opposite sex, another man's wife, a lady that that is not your wife, you better seek deliverance because flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.

6. There is nothing like a christian that pursues after vanity with all his strength as though his life depend on the things of worldly comfort.

7. There is nothing like a believer, a choir member who satisfies herself with sex toys at home.  The solution is not to suppress the body, but deal with the root cause of the problem...Allow the demon to be caste out from you.

8. There is nothing like having boy and girlfriends and even living with a woman or man not married to you...and you are still answering a child of God.

9. There is nothing like a christian witch...you are deceiving yourself, for such a person is an abomination unto God. Imagine an enemy of God, enemy of righteousness being called a child of God.

10. There is nothing like a child of God, married with husband at home and being called office wife of another man, whether real or joke.  It is an insult for a true woman of faith to be so associated with a colleague that she is called the man's office wife.


Beloved, the devil is coming to test your faith with the spirit of lust he has deposited into thousands of men and women to devour humanity and turn those he can arrest into sex animals.  

That explains the intense nakedness going on in diverse places, you see a naked women on the street, at the beaches and parks, Bus stops and even at the airport, to pollute the environment preparatory for the great evil days.

Some of them are well dressed when they left their houses and then, at the beach, bus stop, parks and other public places, they undress and start walking about naked for no reason on earth.  They are expressing their freedom at the expense of the society.

Let us Christians indeed, for perilous times are here with us.

Nothing could be as painful as denying yourself and carrying your cross to follow the Saviour Jesus Christ, only for lust or anger to hinder such a person from entering heaven.  Please let us examine our ways and ask for mercy and help of the Holy Spirit

Let no one think he is untouchable, rather let us remain committed to Christ and get more committed in the things of God.

      BEAUTY QUEENS .....God raises the righteous for His Purpose!

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Righteousness is a visit to the Father!

Righteousness is one of the nature of God and a study on righteousness is a visit to the Father, who alone is righteous, to learn of Him. 

Our God is righteous, Jesus Christ is righteous, the Holy Spirit is righteous, the Holy angels and the entire heaven is an abode of righteousness, and that was why in Luke 1:73-75, God took an oath before our father of faith – Abraham to deliver us from our enemies that we might serve Him without fear, in holiness and righteousness all the days of our lives.

He commanded us to be righteous as He our God is righteous and the bible said in Isaiah 51:1 that those that follow God and those that seek Him are righteous. 

The righteous are incredibly obedient to God's word and highly disciplined people.  Though simple and looking physically weak in some cases, they are hard men and women when it comes to the instructions in the word of God.

God is righteous that no evil or unrighteousness is found around Him.  Not only is He righteous, but He is the only righteous God and His judgement are righteous, and He will judge the world in righteousness.

What then is Righteousness?

Righteousness can be described as a state of holiness, uprightness, pure and blameless. A person that is righteous is expected to be pure in heart, full of love for God and man, blameless in his relationship with his neighbours and full of good works – works and help rendered to people without expecting anything from them in return, but hoping and beliving in God, the Rewarder.

A person that is righteous is expected live and walk without fear, who is not seeking after vanity – things that does not satisfy, and who will not turn God’s grace and glory to shame.  A man or woman that hates pride and sin, he abhors iniquity, evil works and flee from every appearance of sin.

Righteousness is a gift from God, meaning you cannot be righteous by your own efforts alone and you cannot make yourself righteous, only the grace of God can make you live a blameless and pleasing life. 

Righteousness is a gift of God given to every believer upon redemption, upon giving your heart to Jesus and welcoming Him into your life as Lord and savior.

When the Spirit of God enters you, that ‘new man’, made after the image of God, the Holy Spirit and also called the spirit of Christ, righteousness also entered you.  What is left for you and me is the grace to work-out-our salvation.  

You should ask for the grace to love righteousness and hate evil, the grace to hate iniquity and all secret sins, the grace to do good and not wickedness.  The grace to love God, fear God and speak what is in our heart without deceit or hypocrisy.

Seeking Kingdom righteousness?

A righteous man or woman is one that deliberately  and "diligently keeps the commandments of the LORD His God, and His testimonies and His statutes which He has commanded"

A righteous man/woman diligently seek to do things that pleases God.  He makes deliberate efforts to keep the commands of the Lord and obey His voice.  He loves the Lord, and purposes in his heart to please Him.  A righteous man is a lover of righteousness and he hates evil

A righteous is a man or woman that has the grace of God to abide in the tabernacle of the Lord always, who walks uprightly and speak the truth in his heart.  He/she does not take up reproach against his neighbor or do them any harm and in whose eyes a vile person is not honoured or celebrated, rather he celebrates people that fear the Lord.

A righteous person does not gossip or backbite with his/tongue, neither does he conspire or lie against the innocent.  A righteous man keeps his word and maintain his integrity at all times.

A righteous man or woman is a friend of God who have the grace to live holy with a pure heart, who do not lift up his heart unto vanity to seek things that do not edify and he does not deceive anyone.  He present things honestly and truly to people.

A righteous man or woman fear God and seek Him continually and trust in Him. These are some of the reason why he is as bold as a lion.  The righteous studies and delights himself in the word of God and does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way off sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful – mockers are not his friends.

The righteous is that man that falls severally, but will always get up and keep matching on.  He knows that victory belong to those that keep looking at the goal, those that persevere and despite the hardship, they are moved, they keep believing and trusting in God.  And putting behind their challenges, they hold on to the promise of eternal life in Christ, they will get up and keep running.

A righteous man or woman is one that received grace to be free from sin or dead to sin.  The motions of sin does not move him anymore.  They have crucified their flesh and their spirit is constantly alive.  They are prayerful, kind and patient.  They are merciful and easily forgive offences.

Finally, a righteous man/woman confesses Christ in word and action.  They are rich in goodness – helping the needy, poor, visiting the poor and those in Prison and praying for them.

Beloved, we can all operate in the above listed grace, what we need is to take a decision to walk with God and obey His word and voice and then we ask for grace to live right God.  We should ask for grace because no one can righteous without Christ in him.

For those who desire to be righteous, but have not given their heart to Jesus , their first step is that of surrendering their heart and all their cares unto Jesus and receive Him as Lord and Saviour.  The gift of righteousness enters them at the same time.  Then they will ask for grace to serve God and live in obedience to the word of God.

God Raises the Righteous

We see in Isaiah 45 that it is God that raises the righteous for special assignment in the fulfillment of His will on earth, and everyone righteous is preserved and reserved for God’s use. God raises people who are humble in heart and spirit, sheep and not goats to do His bidding.

The Lord speaking in Isaiah 44:28 described Cyrus as a shepherd, who shall perform all His pleasure. He continued to say that He raised him up in righteousness and He will direct his ways; he shall build my city, and he shall let go my captives, not for price or reward, says the Lord Isaiah 45:13

When it comes to fulfilling his assignment, God again promised to hold his hands and subdue nations before him; and to loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates, and the gates shall not be shut and so many other promises to ensure that he fulfills God’s will successfully.

Note the following about righteousness:

The Lord demands righteousness and asked us to seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness

The righteous follows after righteousness and they will judge the earth

God blesses the righteous and put him in everlasting remembrance

His security and provision abound with the righteous

He make the righteous have power with Him and they are the ‘Touch Not’

Reasons why the righteous must not backslide from his righteousness

Reasons why the prayer of the righteous is always answered is because the eyes of the Lord is constantly overlooking the righteousness and all his needs are met by God.

HOW TO BECOME 'VIRTUOUS'...In a Difficult and Selfish proud World!

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Family and Godly Success Series!

Ref: Proverbs 31:10.31

A virtuous Christian woman is an un-quantifiable blessing to all the people around her, not just to the husband and the children, but the community as a whole.  She is a model for other women, and the bible says "she will do her husband good and not evil all the days of her life".

So, it is indeed a blessing for a man to be blessed with a virtuous woman, who is a reference point for wisdom and sound morale behaviour and certainly a blessing to her family and the nation. 

Picture of a Virtuous Woman

Virtuous women are not born special from heaven, rather they are women who love the Lord, fear Him and are determined to abide by biblical standards for marriage in reverence to the Word of God. So, they work in love with their husband to establish the family firmly on godly principles and continue to act accordingly.

These women see their role in the home as very critical to the success of the marriage.  They endeavour to lead by example within the home and outside the home and so effortlessly transfer the virtues of hard work, humility and respect to their children.

They do not only do their husbands good, but they protect him from intruders - men and women, small girls, and other small demon possessed women.  Many marriages from heaven have virtuous women, who love the Lord, their husband and children in 'charge' of the home. 

The striking beauty of her spirit will naturaly win the soul of her unbelieving husband. Her adherence to God’s design in marriage can proclaim the glory of the gospel. Her faith in and knowledge of God’s word can spill over into her spheres of ministry and make her a motivator for many with great influence on millions of other people far and near.

However, if a woman does not know her God and His word, and if she is not clinging to the precious promises in the Word, she begins to resemble Eve, the mother of her flesh. Her heart can easily be deceived by the enemy’s craftiness, and her affection led astray.  

The underlisted points are humble attributes of a christian woman

1. She loves the Lord, obeys is Word and Voice

2. A Christian woman fears the Lord and submits to her husband

3. A Christian woman is Word guided in all things and hard working.

4. For a christian woman, what you wear matter, where you work and what you do matters

5. A Christian woman would not become a stumbling block to people either in the way she dress, eat or talk.

 A Christian woman, is always advised to guide her heart wittingly, so that the enticing words of Satan will mean nothing to her. This is also important so that does not take the grace of God upon her life for granted and begin to play with sin.

A christian woman is so important to a healthy and Godly family that she is not expected to become wanton as to begin to behave like unbelieving women with vein desires, seeking vanity and going to wrong places to the end that she is deceived out of faith and out of serving the Lord.

The Proverbs 31:10-31 woman is a model of a woman who lives a godly life. It is practical advice given by a mother to her single son about what to look for in a future wife. Therefore, it is advice for single women as well as married women.

Most of all, this idyllic icon is a woman who decides to learn and grow in all the areas of her life. She protects her heart from becoming hardened and bitter. The world and its circumstances can easily leave the heart embittered. God can keep the heart soft and full of joy when a woman follows Him.

A virtuous wife is a treasure. Her husband can trust her. He will have all he needs. She makes him look good all the days of her life. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She works. She seeks to have a home filled with a variety of foods. She often gets up when it is still dark to begin her day. Food abounds to her household. 

She is business-minded and invests in things that profit her home. She keeps herself healthy and strong for her everyday tasks. She perceives that her life and home are good. She is content. She speaks with kind and helpful words and seeks to help all the people around her, not just her family. Her household can weather the vicissitudes of the journeys ahead. 

She dresses with care and even flair. She makes herself attractive for her husband. She helps him be the kind of man that others look up to and respect. She keeps herself busy and clothes herself with dignity. She conducts herself as a child and disciple of God. She rejoices for the future because she does the work of today. She speaks with wisdom and kindness. She guards her household and protects them with prayer. 

Her children bless her and her husband praises her. They think she is the best of all women. She knows that charm can be deceitful. She is aware that outer beauty slips away along with the years but inner beauty grows with every wrinkle. A lifetime of fruit will be evident when she stands in front of her great God.

If you look at the qualities again, you will realize that these qualities come to fruition gradually over a lifetime. They are not a daily to-do list and they don’t happen overnight. She is actively involved in the home and marriage building and so growing in family matters. 

With prayer and the Holy Spirit’s help, you can see can also develop some or all of these qualities and become a woman Zion, loved and respected by your husband and children. The qualities will surely grow as you seek God continually.

Here are some tips and ways you can be that virtuous woman:

Your Husband

You should make your husband proud during your entire life. Even before marriage, you should act in ways that would bring respect to a future mate. Anything you do as a single can affect a marriage later on. When you are with your husband, you will discuss the past. Everyone, married or single, has a husband in Jesus and your life should respect Him, as well.

Your Day

Your day begins early. If you are a morning person, this is advice you accept eagerly. If you are a night person, your day still begins at some point. So whenever that time is, begin it by consecrating it to the Lord. Seek to fulfill what you should do that day. Seek to help people you meet, even if that is just a friendly greeting. Let God get your attention throughout the day. He just might delight you in some magical way. Delight can come when you are able to encourage or help someone. It can also come with a realization of just how thankful you are for the life that God gave you.

Your Looks

Dress with care and make extra efforts to look nice. Exercise and eat in ways that strengthen your body. You can make efforts to look nice without spending hours getting ready. A little make-up with a smile goes further than a lot of make-up with a feeling of I’m-still-not-good-enough.

Your Neighbours

You should go throughout your day doing good for others. That may mean cooking and cleaning for your household or picking up toys for the hundredth time and putting them away. Alternatively, it could mean following a boss’ orders in the workplace or even helping a neighbor. On the other hand, it could be just smiling at someone who looks like they’ve had it. However, doing good is an action. It means being proactive and working willingly throughout your day, as well as being eager and wanting to do good. Sometimes motivation to share love to others is the bigger battle.

Your Home

You seek to make your house a home whether your house is an apartment, an extra room, or a house. You seek to add variety to your daily living—new decorations, new food, etc. Pleasant surprises are more melodic than the-same-old-same-old. Even when you are single, you should take pleasure in homemaking. After all, your home is where you rest and regroup so you are ready to face the world.

Your Knowledge

Spending time in God’s Word is essential. It is just as important though to share what you learn with others. Speak out the wisdom that God hides in your heart. Read about God’s kindness and then act it out for other people. Make sure that what you learn has an outlet—don’t keep it for yourself. Knowledge alone does nothing but build up one’s ego. Encourage anyone that is around you—your family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers. Everyone needs encouragement and not many take the time to offer it.

Your Interruptions

Be willing to have your day interrupted. Someone could need help when you are in the middle of doing something else. You can either ignore them or find out what they may need—it’s a choice. God can and does bring people across you path during the times that you can’t be bothered. If you answer his call, he may show you an unexpected delight.

Your Resources
Use resources wisely. For money, spend less than you take in. For time, use every bit of it. Don’t procrastinate and waste it. For love, share more than you think you have—it's renewable. Be trustworthy in your deeds and actions. Let your word mean something. If you say yes, do it but say no if you really can’t.

Always hope for a bright future. God can always bring something different around the corner. Hold on and never give up. Charm puts on an act. Outer beauty fades over time. Fearing and loving the Lord brings praise, honor, and blessing. You will receive good when you do good but remember that good isn’t always what you’re expecting. It’s usually better.

A believer and christian woman is ever Christ and heaven focused that the things of this world will concern her a little.  She is not one that loves the world and its things more than the Word of the Lord.

She Hopes in God - 1 Peter 3:5

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the heart of a woman filled with a deep, abiding hope in her God. This is the foundation of everything God has called her to be. Sarah hoped in God, and she “considered him faithful who had promised” (Hebrews 11:11). Women should never give up the pursuit of God through his word.   A woman who hopes in God is well acquainted with the character of the Promiser and the specifics of his promises. She spends time with him in his word and in prayer, and she believes in his gospel and finds shelter in his name.
She Rests in God -  1 Peter 3:4

A woman who knows her God will put her hope in God and find her rest in God. She calms and quiets her soul, and she does not flail and strive against the God who is her refuge and who determines her circumstances.

Rather than fret, a meek and quiet woman trusts in the Lord. She delights in the Lord, committing her way to him and trusting in him. She delights herself in abundant peace. Trusting God to be who he says that he is, she is still before him and waits patiently for him. She does not seek to justify herself.
She Submits to Her Husband -  1 Peter 3:5–6

An overflow of a wife’s hope and rest in God is submission to her husband. Sarah submitted to Abraham because she trusted in and obeyed God. Her submission to her husband was not due to her reliance upon Abraham. Rather, her eyes were fixed on a trustworthy God who was worthy of her submission. 

When a woman refuses to obey God’s command to submit to her husband, she follows in the footsteps of Eve, the mother of her flesh. But a woman who rests in God and submits to the headship of the Lord Jesus will mimic the example of Sarah who called her husband “lord” 

She Is Fearless  -  1 Peter 3:6

A woman who hopes in God is not afraid, because she knows her God. She is not afraid of the path that her God has called her to walk. She is not afraid of sickness. She is not afraid of the future. She is not afraid of death and dark valleys. She entrusts to God her children, her marriage, and her ministry. She advances the kingdom through fearless submission to God’s design for womanhood, marriage, motherhood, and ministry, because she hopes in God.

You can become beautiful inside by taking steps to surrender your heart to Jesus Christ and inviting Him into your life as Lord and Saviour. Then you begin to study the word and apply it in your daily living.  

Pray always asking for God's help and mercy, ask for grace to obey the Word and voice of God you encounter and hear, so that through hard working, submission, showing of love and care to people, your beauty will radiate for all to see and give glory to God.


Like the Proverbs 31 woman, you can be a virtuous woman, full of grace and a role model for other women round about you.  May this be your portion today in Jesus Christ name. 

THE Lord bless His word in your life in Jesus Christ name.

His grace be with you all in Jesus Christ name.  

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