PERSONAL REVIVAL PRAYERS:........Key to overcoming Stubborn Problems

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Personal deliverance is one of the ways we minister to ourselves as children of God or Ministers of the gospel.  It is the ability to pray yourself and others out of difficult problems of life. etc.  

For men of God, it is a normal thing to see a Pastor joining deliverance prayer to pray for himself, or sometimes such a Pastor would be praying for himself, while he is conducting deliverance for others.  

You are here for a purpose, and every man of purpose will have battles to fight, so you need to know how to pray your way out of a problem. Your conception and situations around it do not matter. Whether you were born out of wedlock or an adopted child.  You can take your destiny in your own hands, and fight the good fight of faith to make heaven and to be a success in life.

Created for a Purpose
If you are here for a purpose, and there is glory in your destiny, then there will be battles to fight.  However, you should make sure you fight only the battles that relate to you.  You should not fight every battle that shows up before.  You need wisdom and spirit of discernment to know which battle to fight and the one to ignore.

You were not meant to go aimlessly in life trying to figure out what you were called to do. The enemy doesn’t want you to operate in your purpose or destiny so when you were a little girl, he set up distractions or traps that would deter you. You can’t forget the molestation, or the bullying, or the name-calling – stupid, dummy, you will never be anything. Then in your adult life, you have fed on this negativity so long that you are walking around the same mountain over and over again.

There is good news today! You are going to hear some keys to discovering your purpose and how to pray yourself out of every trap and battle of the enemy.  Personal deliverance prayers are one of the keys to personal holiness when you confront demons trespassing into your personal territories and life to monitor you or try to manipulate you to do evil. Prayer is also key to the power of God and so, when you notice certain evil thoughts coming up in your heart frequently, or if you also notice evil desires, thoughts of lust, greedy and covetous thoughts, then you know the devil is very close to you.

When do you need Deliverance Prayers?
When you notice lust, greed, unforgiveness and bitterness rising up within you; when you begin to admire another woman or desire the company of the opposite sex that is not your wife.  Whenever you begin to desire to hear peoples story that did not concern you, whenever you cannot respond in love to attacks, bitterness, to the need of the poor you can help etc, then you know that its time for personal deliverance prayers.

Personal deliverance/revival prayers is very effective for stubborn problems of life. When a satanic strongman challenges a believer, you don't need to be afraid, what you need to do is to declare 3 or 7 days fasting and prayer for yourself to report the matter to God for intervention. Within this period, you ignore food and all entertainment and focus on God Almighty for His help and intervention.

According to your ability, you may declare 3 or 7 days fasting with water or no water and food (NOTHING). When you have so declared, you move to s closed place where you can pray without distraction and interference in your house or in a mountain or even a decent hotel. If your church has a lodge, it will be a good place to pray without distraction.


1. Declare a Fast for 3 or 7 Days to fast and cry to God for His intervention

2. Lock yourself up in a Room to avoid distractions.

3. Pray to God, study the bible, meditate and pray till your answer comes.

4. Praise and worship God and thank Him.

5. Bring quality repentance for you sins, even the unknown ones.

6. Spend quality time on each prayer point.

7. Pray in the spirit for at least 10 minutes after you finish.

8. This should take you about an hour.

Pray till the end of the period you declared, either 3 or 7 days.
Believe God for answered prayers and then go-ahead to do what you would do if your prayers are answered.

After your Prayer
When you have prayed for the number of days declared, believe that God has answered your prayers and give Him thanks and put the matter behind you. This simple spiritual activity is what is required each time you face challenging problems about anything - you, your family, children, church etc.

This remedy is hereby recommended to all believers who desire to overcome challenges and even the strongmen and women assigned against our destiny, to hinder or destroy it.

As a child of God, when problems challenge you, be resolute to terminate the problem through the power of the Almighty.  Forget food and fruit juice for some time, go into spiritual warfare (Prayer) asking for God's intervention.  Lock up yourself in a room and pray intensively.

What to Avoid
No matter the problem, do not prison yourself with anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, wicked thoughts.  When the person has asked for forgiveness and even if they have not asked for forgiveness.  You must not hold a grudge in your heart.  Do not hold offence and do not pray without the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Personal deliverance is recommended for all believers going forward this year. Your prayers must be backed up with the Word of God promising what you are asking for.

Don't pray against anyone, rather ask God to intervene in your case, for Vengeance is the Lords. In so far as you are alive, there is hope of victory for you.  It is recommended that all children of God embrace self-deliverance prayer when they have the grace to pray themselves out.  When this grace is not there, please go for deliverance.

Personal deliverance should be a way of life for believers.
When you are skilful in prayer, and also live right before the Lord, living in obedience to the Word of God, and that is what we are going to be doing from now - Live holy and righteous before by studying the word of God and meditating on it daily.  We are going to be applying the word to our everyday life situations/.  We will reverence the Lord and be meek, harmless as a dove and pray to God daily, and also pray in faith.

When we live right, fear the Lord and obey His word to do all He has written in His word for us to observe, then His light will shine in our lives and destiny and we will become:

1. Unshakeable in the pursuit of destiny

2. We will recover all the enemy has stolen from us or denied us.  There are some things that were stolen from you even in the pursuit of your destiny.

3. Friend of God and Heaven will monitor and restore us.
ed the injustice. You will be restored.

4. Whatever has been stopping you, God is going to command it to stop and everything stolen from you, shall be returned in Jesus name.

5. Exodus 3 – Favor, when you go, you will not go empty-handed.  Nobody can stop you from getting to your destiny and purpose. You are unshakeable.  The enemy will try to stop you but he can’t.  You must be radical in your pursuit of destiny and purpose.  Remember the woman with the issue of blood in Matt 9:20, She pursued in touching the hem of Jesus garment for her healing! She didn’t worry about anyone else but her healing because she knew the healer was in the house!

6. We will build our lives on solid ground – rock Jesus Christ, by believing and trusting the Lord in all things.  We must depend on the Lord to help us in the journey of life.  Remember that "The earth is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of men like you.  The earth, someone is waiting for you.


This set of prayer points are for personal revival and fire of God for service to fall upon you and the works of your hands.  Majority of the prayers is derived or lifted from Psalms 74 and 85 respectively.  

I will recommend that you raise prayer points according to your challenge and wait on the Lord as you pray them and believe that, your testimony will be the next one. Here are the Prayers

1. We have to be the lover of the work of God and souls.
2. Lord Jesus cause my heart to pursue after you
3. Draw me by your right hand of righteousness in the name of Jesus.
4. Father remove me from all distractions in the name of Jesus
5. Father give me hunger and desperation in our hearts.
6. Open the book of remembrance for us.
7. Teach us to come in humility, poverty of spirit and brokenness.
8. Draw us as a people as a nation into your presence
9. Your kingdom come oh Lord and let your will be done in my life.
10. Our hearts are cold, Lord Jesus touch and melt our hearts
11. Father awake our slumbering spirits from the comforts and enchantments that have held us down in the name of Jesus.
12. Save and deliver us from our weaknesses and sins in Jesus name.
13. Anoint us with humility and brokenness
14. Raise us from our reasons and excuses.
15. Mold us after our loving image
16. Give us your wisdom and guidance that we might do your will.
17. Place your heart within our hearts. Set me apart oh Lord.
18. Cause your word through me to be more effective than ever
19. Equip my life to accomplish things far beyond my imagination, things I see as impossible for me today
20. My father give me a dream that will change my life.
21. Serpents and scorpions in my blood die in Jesus name
22. Anything that inside of me resisting God come out and die in Jesus name
23. Anything quenching the fire of God in my come out now and go one way to the pit in Jesus name
23. Give my children dreams that will change their destinies and set them on fire for you
24. Prov 1:23-28 If God speaks and we did not obey, He will not answer our prayers 25. That we will be revived with God’s principles and values of righteousness, love and justice
26. Power from on high fall upon my life.
27. Father increase my spiritual capacity in the name of Jesus, capacity to pray, to fast, to read the word, to be obedient.
28. Pray for God to work in our hearts.
29. Pray for God to give us His heart for the city
30. Pray for God to give the community His heart


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