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Trust God

HOLINESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS....Precious qualities you can obtain Easily!

1. Yes, You can be holy
2. Be ye holy in all manner of conversation
3. Righteousness is a visit to the Father
4. Simple Steps to Living for God Daily



Brethren, let us welcome the Holy Spirit into our heart and give thanks to God for His mercy towards us.  

From the scriptures, anything holy is dedicated to the service of God's kingdom, and this is why the High Priest and the Prophets of old were people separated from worldliness (Not the world) and dedicated to serving and doing the will of the Almighty God. So, holiness is worked-out daily till it becomes a lifestyle.

The caption "Love not the world" becomes a command to help you focus on God and do His will.  This is true because, the world has its own ways of thinking and doing thing which is always contrary to the ways of God.  The world is canal, while God a Spirit and His worshipers should worship Him in spirit and truth. 

In holy living, you see yourself as a vessel of honour unto the Lord, to serve and worship Him on His own terms and not the way you like.  There is a great danger of worshiping God in our own way - Remember what happened to the two sons of Moses who offered strange sacrifice unto the Lord, they died on the spot.

Though we were conceived in iniquity, we can nevertheless walk in holiness by His grace.  Every attempt to live right and holy must take its root from Jesus Christ. We must also continue to abide in Him for our righteous and holy living to endure and become a lifestyle.  No one can live holy by his power.

Believers are expected to examine their lives in the light of God's word, renewing their minds and cleansing themselves of every filthiness of the flesh and spirit. Holiness is from inside-out - From purity of heart and body, godly communication and appearance, love for God and His business etc. 

How much of His word are you obeying and how much has your desires and prayers changed to reflect the life of Christ?  Holiness is an important key for all Christians as it is the path to power with God, prosperity and destiny fulfillment.  heaven is a holy place and eternity is meant for only the holy and righteous ones.


All unrighteousness is sin. Whatever is not right is wrong. Sin brings reproach. Erodes honour and bring low. Sin is at the root of affliction, disease and death. (Ezek.18:20)

Sin has three dimensions:

a) It is deceptive (Heb 3:13)

b) It offers temporal pleasure (Heb. 11:25)

c) It is destructive (Prov. 11:3)

Sin is not anybody's friend; it is an enemy that brings shame and destruction. When Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, he was stripped naked (Gen. 3:20)

Crookedness could bring temporal gains, it is a barrier to honour, let it go from your life. Unfaithfulness, cheating and taking advantage of people is corruption you should depart from, else you will see corruption. Prov. 11:3

Depart from Egypt (worldliness), meddle not with sin so that you do not become entangled with it and end up in shame. Despise not the Word of God, depart from iniquity - repeatedly going back to a particular sin, else you provoke God to anger and you are destroyed.

Jesus lived in holiness - He separated himself from the things of this world unto God in prayer and supplication, presented His body blameless to the father;  He spoke and did only what he heard from the Father and by so doing he pleased God and fulfilled his destiny on earth - doing the will of the Father and completing it. 

All believers are expected to walk in holiness and by so doing, have power and favour with God.  No wonder many children of God have never tasted the goodness and power of God.  “You shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto you... is strange to them”, yet everything that heaven has assigned us to do can only be successfully accomplished in a state of holiness.

Holiness makes us crave for life in the Spirit and to walk in Spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh.  That we give our life to the Holy Ghost and be filled by Him.  When we walk in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit brings every thought of vanity and lust which the enemy will post to your heart to captivity.

Holiness requires that we keep the right company, and speak edifying words.    If you move around with wrong people, one day, you will start doing those things they do - for evil communication corrupt good manners. If your friends lie and steal, very soon you will see yourself doing exactly the same things you condemned.

Holiness is a command of our Lord - Mark 12:30  “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This is the first commandment.”

Holiness is a difficult thing for lazy Christians because it requires dedication one one's life to doing the will of God and pleasing Him.

Why Holiness:

Holiness is a commandment, not an advice.  For without holiness, no eyes shall see the Lord.  Eternity in heaven is the goal of salvation.  Holiness starts from the heart and flow outwards to affect our body, appearance and communication and actions. 

Holiness, when it flows downward to the body, make you to value yourself as you should, and give you the wisdom to carry your body in sanctification - In holiness, you learn to glorify God with your body. 

Holiness in your body means that the body will also be holy and free from all fornication and every form of sexual defilement, so you will have a pure heart before God

It requires daily self-examination to make sure there is no guile, envy, malice, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger etc that will open the door for the devil to oppress.

In Obadiah 17, the bible says but upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness and the house of Jacob shall possess their possession. The bible went ahead to say that the house of Jacob shall be fire, the house of Joseph shall be a flame…

Holiness is required to maintain your deliverance and possess your possessions. Receiving deliverance without holiness is an effort in futility, because the person will soon return to the same sin that put him in that bondage. Without holiness, the benefits of deliverance will be lost.


Holiness is the life of God.  Holiness is living the life of Christ - life of obedience to the Word of God and doing THE Will of His Father.  God is holy and demand holiness from His children because it is in a state of holy living that God is glorified. 

It is in a holy state that a man’s life will shines before men and bring glory to God; it is in a holy state that His will can be done.  Holiness requires that we train our mind, eyes and ears to yield to Jesus Christ and follow after Him, just as our body should.

Holiness requires that we die completely to self.  Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.” (Matthew 16:24).

Holiness is worked out daily.  It is like sanctification, you sanctify yourself daily by examining yourself and your ways.  You brush your teeth everyday till you die.  If you brush it today, you will still brush it tomorrow and any day you fail to brush your teeth, you mouth begins to smell. 

Holiness is lived out daily in the things we do, the choices we make in relationship, business etc. The beauty and enjoyment of a holy life is that it can always be improved upon. We can live in all the light that shines upon us from the word of God today, but tomorrow we find them shining a little brighter and fuller light, so that we shall have to live a little more holy than we are living today.

Holiness is living the life that brings glory to the kingdom of God and doing what Christ did while He was on the earth.

Holiness requires that Christ dwells in us by the Word and the person of the Holy Spirit. The in dwelling of Christ in us is soon tested when we are smitten upon the right cheek, when we are evil spoken of, misrepresented, misunderstood, neglected, despised, and forsaken.

The in-dwelling of Christ in our heart is also seen from the way we feel the pains of other people, including our enemies. How the need of our brothers and sisters affect us, when we see our brother in need; those sick around us, the thirsty and hungry, families we know are struggling to eat once a day.  Brethren, we must not fail in showing love and sharing the burden of our neighbours.


Beloved, a close look at these practical steps will show clearly that no man can live holy by his or her power, but by His grace alone, trusting and resting on God's help.  Jesus said "with man it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible".

You should desire and take steps to live right daily before God and man, but it is God that will help you succeed in right living.

You must also, understand that the devil is annoyed by holy living because of the power it confers on the believer and the fire of protection, the hedge it provides around us.

It is my prayer that all believers are holiness conscious and work-out their salvation daily with good works.  This is easy when we surrender all cares unto Jesus Christ and wait on Him for guidance in our daily business.

The Lord give you the grace to live holy in Jesus name.


                           Be ye Holy in all manner of Conversations!

References:  James 1:26, James 3:2,Luke 21:15, Math 12:34-37.
                      Math 21:23-27. Math5:37, 1 Cor 15:33

Brethren, let us again welcome the Holy Ghost into our heart to lead us into all truths today.

The scripture says that darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee  - Isaiah 60:2.  I believe this prophesy of Isaiah is coming to pass before the coming of Christ.

Darkness is covering the earth gradually, and the people gross darkness characterized by people doing their own thing, regardless of the Word of God.  Even in the church today, many are just in the church for their social and business interest, not to seek the Lord and His righteousness.  

The spirit of the world has crept into the church and many of the believers are living like unbelievers.  They are telling lies, worshiping other gods, and bowing to idols.  We have people occupying leadership positions in churches that are not born again. Some of them are leading groups in the church of God, yet they are agents of Satan.  

The good news is that the light of the Lord shall shine upon you and the true church of Christ will shine more and more in the midst of the dark world like never before.

Being Holy in Conversation

Being holy in all our conversation is one of the advices that help believers realize who they are in Christ. I believe it should be followed by the warning ....of Apostle Paul to the Corinthians that "evil communication corrupt good manners" 1 Cor 15:33.   You are not just any one...NO. You are a servant of God, an Ambassador of Christ, called and separated unto God for His praise , so your conversation, jokes and lifestyle should glorify Him.

The word we speak in conversations can bring blessing or curses upon our lives, can encourage other people or discourage them, can build people or destroy them.  In conversation, our strength and weaknesses are revealed; our character also and lack of character is revealed.

One of the way to show forth the light of Christ is in our conversations is to recognize the gift of gifts and ability - God in our conversation and not justify our success to hard work only. Who gave you the wisdom, strength and good people that supported you? What we say in our conversations, business discussions and even the jokes we crack will give an indication of the state of our heart and what we believe - Self, friends or God.  It should be God first, then others in that order.

Be ye holy in all manner of conversations requires delicate separation from the evil patterns of this world unto God.  It requires that you speak the truth and only the truth to your neighbour and your enemies.  It requires that you are the same person on the pulpit and at home and office.  It requires our conversations will be filled with words of grace, words that edify the person we are talking with. 

Truth spoken in love, not only edify, it also heals wounds and help people amend their weaknesses without being emotionally depressed.  This is very important as many people reject any form of judgmental opinion.  Holiness in our conversation with people means we recognize the importance of conversation in our walk with the Lord.  Human activity is full of conversation as all interaction is a conversation with someone, be they familiar of not.

It is to recognize that the purity of our heart, the sanctification of our body finds expression in our comments and opinion.  The proof of our faith is in the confessions we make and other faith actions we take.  Interaction is critical because it is in conversation that we make known our stance on issues.

A conversation need not be in the church or open for it to be holy.  It may be formal or informal, structured and unstructured, planned and impromptu.  All conversations that a child of God find himself engaging in is an opportunity to exhibit his godly characters and convictions that glorify his Father in heaven. It could be text messages,  meetings, the phone calls, the chatting with family members, friends and relations, business associates, your boss and colleagues in the office or on any of the social media, make sure it is edifying. 

God commanded us to be holy...for I am holy, says the Lord.  Every child of God in the race to heaven must a man of his word, honest and truthful person.  A man or child of God must speak the truth in his heart always and be careful not to tell lies or speak half truth.  He must know that the Lord is watching and that every idle word will be judged. 

Being holy in all manner of conversation, which is the will of God, even your sanctification, is helping believers to be mindful of the word they speaks, is with grace and the truth. 

The race to heaven is a noble one that requires everyone running to be discrete and passionate to the end.  The standards of God are not likely to change for any individual or group, so everyone in the race will be judged the same, whether you are a Preacher or a follower, the same standard will be used to judge them.  

Being holy in conversation is critical to your daily purity.  If you dwell in filthy or dirty conversation, you are not only dishonouring yourself, you are also opening multiple doors to the enemy to enter into your heart later and tempt you with those dirty jokes.  I have heard a lady speak and every one there shouted in disbelief...that this gentle looking lady could speak such dirty words. That's the result of filthy conversation over times.

If truely you are holy, have a pure heart, love God and your neighbour, your comments and words will reveal it. 

3. Righteousness is a visit to the Father!

Righteousness is one of the nature of God and a study on righteousness is a visit to the Father, who alone is righteous, to learn of Him. 

Our God is righteous, Jesus Christ is righteous, the Holy Spirit is righteous, the Holy angels and the entire heaven is an abode of righteousness, and that was why in Luke 1:73-75, God took an oath before our father of faith – Abraham to deliver us from our enemies that we might serve Him without fear, in holiness and righteousness all the days of our lives.

He commanded us to be righteous as He our God is righteous and the bible said in Isaiah 51:1 that those that follow God and those that seek Him are righteous. 

The righteous are incredibly obedient to God's word and highly disciplined people.  Though simple and looking physically weak in some cases, they are hard men and women when it comes to the instructions in the word of God.

God is righteous that no evil or unrighteousness is found around Him.  Not only is He righteous, but He is the only righteous God and His judgement are righteous, and He will judge the world in righteousness.

What then is Righteousness?

Righteousness can be described as a state of holiness, uprightness, pure and blameless. A person that is righteous is expected to be pure in heart, full of love for God and man, blameless in his relationship with his neighbours and full of good works – works and help rendered to people without expecting anything from them in return, but hoping and beliving in God, the Rewarder.

A person that is righteous is expected live and walk without fear, who is not seeking after vanity – things that does not satisfy, and who will not turn God’s grace and glory to shame.  A man or woman that hates pride and sin, he abhors iniquity, evil works and flee from every appearance of sin.

Righteousness is a gift from God, meaning you cannot be righteous by your own efforts alone and you cannot make yourself righteous, only the grace of God can make you live a blameless and pleasing life. 

Righteousness is a gift of God given to every believer upon redemption, upon giving your heart to Jesus and welcoming Him into your life as Lord and savior.

When the Spirit of God enters you, that ‘new man’, made after the image of God, the Holy Spirit and also called the spirit of Christ, righteousness also entered you.  What is left for you and me is the grace to work-out-our salvation.  

You should ask for the grace to love righteousness and hate evil, the grace to hate iniquity and all secret sins, the grace to do good and not wickedness.  The grace to love God, fear God and speak what is in our heart without deceit or hypocrisy.

Seeking Kingdom righteousness?

A righteous man or woman is one that deliberately  and "diligently keeps the commandments of the LORD His God, and His testimonies and His statutes which He has commanded"

A righteous man/woman diligently seek to do things that pleases God.  He makes deliberate efforts to keep the commands of the Lord and obey His voice.  He loves the Lord, and purposes in his heart to please Him.  A righteous man is a lover of righteousness and he hates evil

A righteous is a man or woman that has the grace of God to abide in the tabernacle of the Lord always, who walks uprightly and speak the truth in his heart.  He/she does not take up reproach against his neighbor or do them any harm and in whose eyes a vile person is not honoured or celebrated, rather he celebrates people that fear the Lord.

A righteous person does not gossip or backbite with his/tongue, neither does he conspire or lie against the innocent.  A righteous man keeps his word and maintain his integrity at all times.

A righteous man or woman is a friend of God who have the grace to live holy with a pure heart, who do not lift up his heart unto vanity to seek things that do not edify and he does not deceive anyone.  He present things honestly and truly to people.

A righteous man or woman fear God and seek Him continually and trust in Him. These are some of the reason why he is as bold as a lion.  The righteous studies and delights himself in the word of God and does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way off sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful – mockers are not his friends.

The righteous is that man that falls severally, but will always get up and keep matching on.  He knows that victory belong to those that keep looking at the goal, those that persevere and despite the hardship, they are moved, they keep believing and trusting in God.  And putting behind their challenges, they hold on to the promise of eternal life in Christ, they will get up and keep running.

A righteous man or woman is one that received grace to be free from sin or dead to sin.  The motions of sin does not move him anymore.  They have crucified their flesh and their spirit is constantly alive.  They are prayerful, kind and patient.  They are merciful and easily forgive offences.

Finally, a righteous man/woman confesses Christ in word and action.  They are rich in goodness – helping the needy, poor, visiting the poor and those in Prison and praying for them.

Beloved, we can all operate in the above listed grace, what we need is to take a decision to walk with God and obey His word and voice and then we ask for grace to live right God.  We should ask for grace because no one can righteous without Christ in him.

For those who desire to be righteous, but have not given their heart to Jesus , their first step is that of surrendering their heart and all their cares unto Jesus and receive Him as Lord and Saviour.  The gift of righteousness enters them at the same time.  Then they will ask for grace to serve God and live in obedience to the word of God.

God Raises the Righteous

We see in Isaiah 45 that it is God that raises the righteous for special assignment in the fulfillment of His will on earth, and everyone righteous is preserved and reserved for God’s use. God raises people who are humble in heart and spirit, sheep and not goats to do His bidding.

The Lord speaking in Isaiah 44:28 described Cyrus as a shepherd, who shall perform all His pleasure. He continued to say that He raised him up in righteousness and He will direct his ways; he shall build my city, and he shall let go my captives, not for price or reward, says the Lord Isaiah 45:13

When it comes to fulfilling his assignment, God again promised to hold his hands and subdue nations before him; and to loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates, and the gates shall not be shut and so many other promises to ensure that he fulfills God’s will successfully.

Note the following about righteousness:

The Lord demands righteousness and asked us to seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness

The righteous follows after righteousness and they will judge the earth

God blesses the righteous and put him in everlasting remembrance

His security and provision abound with the righteous

He make the righteous have power with Him and they are the ‘Touch Not’

Reasons why the prayer of the righteous is always answered is because the eyes of the Lord is constantly overlooking the righteousness and all his needs are met by God.

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FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT - LOVE.....Understand and Practice it.

  • Love is at the centre of all godly relationships!
  • God is absent from any gathering where there is no love


Love is a commonly used word. However its meaning is deeper than many think and can handle.  Theologically, we have four types of love - Eros, Storge, Philos, and Agape. I want to discuss the fourth - the gift of love called - Agape.

Please understand that it is not easy to love or forgive someone who offends you. Many people find it difficult to forgive till now because of the pain they went through, so to actively practice love and forgiveness, the person need to pray for the gift of Love to be deposited in his Spirit-man.

When you desire to love others like Jesus, you MUST go to God in prayer asking for this gift of love, which is the highest kind of love.  It is different from the normal love, which is mostly sensual and gratifying, but the gift of Love is different.

I am looking at  God's kind of love - the Agape love.  This is the love that come from the Holy Spirit.  Agape love is described as the highest, purest, and noblest form of love. It is the unconditional love, the love that will do anything for another regardless of cost. This is the form of love produced by the Holy Spirit.

When this gift arrives into a person's life, he or she loves liberally, without asking too many questions, without discrimination, without expecting anything in return.  Some people are liberal souls and they can love and forgive people freely, but others are not so. If you are not a liberal soul, you must ask in prayer for the gift of Love and it is all yours to operate in. 

This love is unique according to Galatians 5:22, “The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love.” So, it is clear that the Holy Spirit is the one who produces genuine love in the heart. 

In our christian walk, Agape Love is key to fulfilling destiny because faith works through love, and God is love.  We are to love the Lord our God first with all our heart, spirit, soul and strength.  We are also to love our neighbour as ourselves, our enemies, and bless them that curse us, do good to them that hate us, and pray for them which despitefully use us, and persecute us.

So, you see that love is a higher calling of our faith in Christ.  God knows there will be people who will despitefully use you, curse and persecute you, but He says, love them as well.  This is why love is the acid test of our salvation.  

The question therefore is "Have you matured in the faith enough to forgive people willingly, without waiting to hear - I'm sorry ma, sir? Have you known the Lord so much to forebear peoples offense - I mean, when someone deliberately hurts you"?.  

Have you matured enough to accommodate a difficult neighbour, causing you to weep secretly? Do you love God enough to give Him first place in your life, to go out there and talk to people about Jesus? Love is a test of our faith, and shows - whether we know the Lord or not. Love is a proof of spiritual maturity and strength.

What is divine love?
Divine love can be defined as a sincere feeling of affection and care towards a person that is not motivated by what you hope to get in return.  It is loving people as they are, it is loving people unconditionally - Not when they greet you, or when they obey your instructions or carryout your orders.

This is the love God commended to all believers, that will make them perfect as their Father in heaven. This is the love full of charity - good doing and kindness towards others. This is the love that fulfills the Law and proves we are sons/daughters of the Most High God. This is the love you are commanded to exhibit in John 13:34 and finally, this is the love you cannot exhibit by your own strength, but by the Holy Spirit.

Responses of Love:
We knew love from God.  We understand that giving is a major part of response to love because, God loved us and gave His son Jesus to die for our sins. Jesus loved us so much as to endure persecution and suffering till death on the cross to redeem us.  God's love is always till the end of times, He does not stop on the way, no matter the challenges.

The love that will respond to God and people positively and extended to neighbours and our enemies, to the extend of praying and blessing them can curse us, can only come from God as a fruit.  Being a fruit of the Spirit, we will practice this kindness and giving without murmuring or complaining, neither  will we stop being kind on the way due to challenges.

This is the love that comes from the Holy Spirit that is not motivated by reward, it makes it possible for you to love your friends, brothers, relatives and the Needy without expecting anything in return. That is the love that will make a rich man invest in the lives of poor people, elderly, sick people who have nothing to give in return.

Christ Teachings:
When Jesus was teaching the multitude on the Mount, he knew that many of them were showing one form of love or another to people around them, but mostly to their friends and relatives.  Identified enemies were never in the picture - That is a man for you - Man is weak at love because we love hoping to receive love back from the people we love, that okay, but it does not make us any better, compared with unbelievers.

Another point to be noted in Christ teaching is that God knows that believers will have enemy and persecutors and others that will despitefully use us, yet for us to show we are connected with God as sons and daughters, we should deliberately show love, mercy and kindness to our enemies and those that hate us and many times when we do this, the enemies are shocked and sometimes become at peace with us.

Christ was simply telling us that there is a better love than the love in the world, that better love from from the Holy Spirit - It gives librarily to all and continually.  It overlooks peoples errors and weaknesses, conquering selfishness and fear in the process.  

The body of Christ need this kind of love at this time, more than ever before.  It is this love as a seed of the Holy Ghost that makes a sister or brother to put on bowels of mercy, kindness, and meekness.  It makes the very rich in the house of God to distribute to the needy brethren in love and yet be humble to serve under a poor man in a group in the church of God.

The world need this seed of love inside of them to rescue many who need to forgive others to stay alive. Love is needed to rescue many from their revenge and suicide missions planned against their enemies - those who cheated and deceived them.  This will reduce the countless cases of suicide and mass killing the world is experiencing - all because of lack of love.

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Our relationship with friends, relatives, spouses and neighbours determine happiness and misery people go through in life. Without the love from above, such relationships will could end in sorrow instead of joy. What you will see is greed, selfishness and impatience.  This is the cause of loneliness and many divorce cases today.  

Though people may hate us, despice us and treat us badly, God expects us to respond in love, knowing that our hope of reward in all things is unto Him. Without love in the church of God, the church is divided and prayers are hindered.  Without love at home, deception will rule supreme - You will see the husband deceiving the wife and the wife deceiving the husband, children deceiving their parents and the whole house is full of lies.  When these lies are exposed later in life, then anger, bitterness and mistrust will trouble the home.

Practical ways to show love to people:
1. Love without Dissimulation - Detest evil and do good.  Do good from your heart
2. Love with brotherly affection - Be quick to honour others. Never cheat, lie or defraud people in business or relationship.
3. Practice hospitality - Be willing and happy to entertain strangers and friends alike.  Give whenever you have, share more with people, while remaining humble, giving all praise to the Almighty God
4. Love without hypocrisy, deceiving yourself, love with pure heart fervently.
5. Love not in word, but in deeds - Be Patient with people, kind,courteous,humble and generous. Do not judge others, love in sincerity, never boastful - always abiding in truth and having the fear of God.
6. Love without fear - 1 John 4:18

Beloved, there are three things that will last in this earth - faith, hope and love, but the greatest of them is LOVE.  So, love your neighbour as yourself, children and parents.  It is a proof that you love the Lord and live in obedience to His word. 

Love is a command you can obey, it is the only thing you owe me  and your community.  It is your only profession!


Living for God is actually living right with God and man.  

It requires a mindset that is free from fear, ready to please God through obedience to His word. 
A life of fellowship with God through His word daily
A heart that love God and neighbours, a liberal and humble heart 

The scriptures says that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. If we say we have fellowship with Him and walk in darkness, we lie and do not the truth.  But if we walk in the light, as He is with the light, we have fellowship one with another.

On earth, we are all children before God, you are not a man or woman, so as a child, your duty is to be obedient to the instruction of your parents and your life will be easy.  As long as you are obeying your parents, they will be available for you and take good care of you.  As it is with earthly parents and their children, so it is with our heavenly Father.

If we walk in His ways and do His will, we become His Son indeed and well pleasing child, as such our needs will be met easily as heaven would know our name and we are able to bring Christ into the scene without stress. When we make the Word of the Lord our standard, we prove our Sonship and the eyes of our Lord will be upon us for good, for protection and all heavenly blessing.

Here are simple ways and actions that will keep us focused on Christ in our journey here on earth.

    Belief: -  You must believe the gospel and the Word of God at all times and situations.  You were created by the Word and the word in your heart and mouth is power in your hand.  So you must study the word daily, obey it and walk in the light you receive from the Word  ( 1 John 1:7 ) – the scripture says  that if we walk in the light of the word of God, as \he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ His son cleanses us from all sin.

    Faithfulness – a believer must be faithful to every word and commitment you make to anyone, whether you brethren or others.  Know that we are the light of the world, we are covenant children of God who must live above board. Unfaithfulness in your relationship with fellow man will sell you off for the devil to afflict you.

   Covenant: - Remember and pay attention to covenants and never enter into covenants you do not understand.  In the house of your God, you are a covnant child of God who will bound to live by the covenants that God has ordained between Him and His children and in your relationship with brethren and other people, let not your word fall to the ground,  THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK AND BE COMMITTED TO WHAT YOU HAVE AGREED TO, OTHERWISE YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER PEOPLE. 

    Be a man of integrity who keeps his word and mean what he says. There is the reality of life and we should walk in that reality blameless.  Speak the truth always and every time and remain on the side of truth as a child of God and the light of the world – these are some of the realities of a life that pleases God.

   Walk by Faith in Newness of life and not by sight. Faith is believing and seeing what you have believed.  Faith is speaking  what does not exist as though it is existing and seeing it being established by the Almighty God. It is faith that established your dominion on earth and the only ingredient that pleases God.  This so because, God Himself is God of faith who created heaven and earth by faith.  He spoke the Word of faith and the things were established, so without faith, you cannot please Him and your dominion will be far.

    When you live by faith, your feeling and what is happening in the present will not matter much, rather you are saying what you want to see and not what you are seeing. You cannot be moved by the mischief of satan and his agents because you know that things will surely happen for you.  You will be celebrating even when they things you are suffering, but you know more than they do know that your God can never put you to shame and so, you are not moved by their antics. But the absence of faith means fear, anxiety and struggle, fight and all manner of self defense etc.

   Do everything within your power to have faith in God and His powerful works….believe in His Word and promises and apply the word in your daily living.

   Study the Bible and pray daily – I cannot over emphasize the studying the Word daily and meditating on it to receive instructions from God. When you are study the word, you are studying God Himself and He will take care of you. He will transform your life, desire and taste etc from worldly to heavenly. You must know that once your desires change to heavenly, you will become a stranger to your friends and relatives and if care is not taken, persecution may start from the very house of your birth.

   You may not know, some of them may be in darkness and your being in light and walking in that light is contrary to them and the dictates of their master - the devil.  Be ready and well prepared for righteousness persecution which will surely happen if and when you rise up to be identified with Jesus Christ.  You cannot escape it or avoid if you really want to live holy, in light and please God.
    Pray Daily – Prayer is communicating with your Heavenly Father daily to greet and praise Him and tell Him about your life and challenges you are facing and then to receive His answers and solutions.  If you are His own, prayer and the name of Jesus cannot depart from your mouth every day. Through prayer, you cast  all your burden and care unto Him and  then relax, for He is able to do all things, to turn your sorrow to joy.  You must leave the problems at His feat and await His answers and solution. You must also believe his Word and promises and claim them as they apply to you from time to time. 1 John 16:23-26, 1 Peter 5:7.

1   Keep your mind stayed on God – Isaiah 26:3 and grow in grace and all godly virtues of grace and God. 1 Peter 2:4-10.  You have the power to stop the devil from attacking you or your family Luke 10:19 – Behold I giver unto you power.  You can stop the devil from tormenting you or afflicting your body or even afflicting you with poverty.  You must grow in the spirit and exercise the power of God in you. With your mind stayed in God, you have power and you are empowered to rule in their midst  - Psalm 106.

   Recognize your weaknesses and pray to God to help you – for He is all powerful and the only helper of mankind. Work on those weaknesses to change them to strength, remember that God has given the power of choice and that we control our body, appetite and taste and not that those things control us. You are in charge in Jesus name!.

  Confess the Lord Jesus Christ daily as your Lord and personal savior. |Enthrone Him I your life and make Him all and all in your life.

   Remember to confess your errors and sin, when you fall into sin and cry to God for forgiveness and restoration. This means that you must be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy on you to reveal some wrong doings or errors you might have commited unknowingly.  Remember to repent of your sins daily and always, confess every error and wrong doing to God, your heavenly Father daily as they occur and be determined to sin no more.

    Avoid Temptation and shun evil companions.  Make friends with children of God and strive to be a blessing to all men you encounter.

   Seek God continually, seek His opinion on everything you plan to do in life.  Let the Lord Jesus Christ guide you through life, so that your stress and struggle will reduce.  Fellowship with children of God in your local assembly always and at all times and go to church with expectation to meet with your God and be blessed.  Don’t miss services, for you don’t know the day of your blessing.

    Brethren, I believe the Lord has spoken to you through this write up….and so I pray that the Lord will bless you mightily and be with you in Jesus Christ name.


Beloved, lets not take the grace of God for granted and continue to sin willfully, for the bible said in Hebrew 10:28-29 says that those who despised Moses’ law died without mercy  under two or three witnesses, of how much people that despise the suffering and sacrifice of the blood of Jesus shed for their redemption and the Spirit of grace and continued in their sinful ways…..Think about it!

Brethren, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Loving God, let everyone “doing his own thing” repent today, for the end draweth nearer and nearer by the day.  Let us repent and give their heart to Jesus and serve Him in spirit and truth.

Finally, May the God of peace, be with you.


Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell"? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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