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The deliverance from foundational bondage is very critical to the success of many believers in Christ Jesus. Foundational deliverance deals with issues of the family line, the deeds of your forefathers, in-laws, wife and husband as well as terminating evil patterns in the family. 

A man’s foundation is very important to who the person becomes in life.  This is because you cannot build on a faulty foundation and have anything. A faulty foundation is a spiritual burden that hinders progress in life.  When a person is dedicated to an idol by the father or fore-fathers, the idol will be claiming the person to be his, and every attempt to serve God and live holy, the idol will try to frustrate.

An example of a faulty foundation is when a man decides to worship idols and make those idols his god. That is what witches and wizards, and occultist do. The devil demand that everyone serving him, must dedicate their children to him as well.  When these agents of darkness dedicate their children, such children can only be free when they receive Christ, and prayerfully reject the dedication by the blood of Jesus.

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Faulty Foundation

Recently, I listen to a man that lost his father to suicide, his uncle, his junior brother and finally, his own daughter committed suicide. That is an evil family pattern. No Christian should take evil family patterns for granted.  Pray and exempt yourself and your children from it.  Command the spirit to go from the family. Say this simple prayer:

1. Spirit of suicide sitting on the glory of the family, I cancel your legal ground by the blood of Jesus, go away in the name of Jesus Christ.
2. I exempt myself and the entire family by the blood of Jesus Christ.

These two prayer points prayed in faith, is all that is required to expel the spirit and set the family free.  Remember the Bible asked a question in Psalms 11:3, saying: "if the foundation is destroyed, what shall the righteous do"?  The righteous should pray!

The implication is that there are people, children of God whose foundation are destroyed and they are not aware of it. It is our duty to know the kind of foundation that our parents built.  To assume that our foundation is strong, without confirming from your parents and grandparents is very unfortunate.
Dangers of Faulty Foundation
There are many Christians standing on a faulty foundation, without knowing. These are people whose parents and forefathers had served other gods, and entered into agreements with those strange gods.  As a result, the devil prospered their business and they became wealthy and successful in the eyes of men, but before God, they are regarded as wicked.  

Children from such parents will suffer for the evil deeds of their parents in the future, and the demons will seek to control their lives as a result of covenant entered by these parents.  Meanwhile, those agreements entered into with the idols are binding until they are broken through prayer.

Examples in the bible
Saul: In the bible, we have the story of Saul who killed the Gibeonites for the sake of pleasing the children of Israel and Judah, despite the covenant which the Gibeonites entered with Joshua.  After killing the Gibeonites, Saul died and in the days of King David, there was a severe famine for three straight years and when King David enquired from God, He said it is because of the action of Saul that killed the Gibeonites who had a covenant with the people of Israel under Joshua (2 Sam 21:1-9). 

God, Himself was the one enforcing the covenant the Gibeonites entered with Israel under Joshua, even when the remnants of the Gibeonites had no voice to challenge Saul or demand restitution. Why was this? God is a covenant-keeping God and also a God of vengeance. He said, “Vengeance is mine”.

So, when David inquired from the remnant of the Gibeonites, what should be done to appease them and they demanded the head of seven sons of Saul and it was given to them.  Seven sons of Saul were handed over to them and they were hanged the same day, whether they were saints or not, did not matter. 
They had to pay for the sins of their father, which they knew nothing about. This is why a child of God must prayerfully exempt himself from every sin of their fore-fathers before the consequences fall on them.  This is a terrible thing to imagine, but that's how life is structured.

There is also the story of Samuel whose mother Hannah vowed to God that if God will bless her with a son, the boy will be given to God as a Nazareth for ever to God.  God answered the woman’s prayer and Samuel was born to her and she promptly returned him to God in Shiloh, where he trained under the Priest Eli to become a prophet in Israel.  

Samuel was dedicated before his conception unto God without his knowledge or permission and that vow must be fulfilled with the Lord.  Thank God it was a good vow that Hannah vowed.  If it was a bad vow like that of Jephthah, it would also have to be fulfilled. 
There are faulty, broken and sometimes destroyed foundations speaking against many born again Christians and they are ignorant of it, claiming that as a born again, all things have become new in their lives.  They forget that except a covenant or curse is specifically broken, it remains binding on the people. The few believers that know about the dangers of faulty foundation seem to be ignorant of what to do. 

Foundation Speaks
There is a foundation speaking either for or against you.  The question now is “What is your foundation speaking - favour or failure?   If the foundation is good before the Lord, it will speak peace, progress, prosperity and goodness, if otherwise, it will also speak in the opposite direction.  For instance, you will experience rising and falling, near success syndrome, poverty, sickness, untimely death, lack of favour.  These are the signs that suggest there may be something wrong with your foundation. They are the signs you notice when a demon is in charge of a person’s life.  Such a person will not be able to enjoy life or experience a real breakthrough.  You cannot enjoy the benefits of salvation when demons are in charge of your life.

Investigate your foundation

This is why it is very necessary for a born-again child of God to deal with his foundation so that you will not be a Christian who will continue to suffer after giving your heart to Christ.  It is your duty to investigate and know the background that produced you, the secrets of the family and then to cry to God for help.  The consequences of ignorance in this matter is that God may be silent when covenanted evil is about to happen to his child or even the righteous one, who is an offspring of a wicked man.  

There are instances in the bible where children have died for the actions and vows of their father.  In Judges 11:30-31, Jephthah, a man of valour was about to go to war against the children of Ammon, he called the nearby tribe of Israel for support and there was no response, so he made a vow unto the Lord to sacrifice anyone that comes out of his house to welcome if God gives him victory in battle.  God answered him and it was his only child and daughter that came to welcome him and she was used as a burnt sacrifice unto the Lord.  Jephthah's only daughter, a virgin was offered up as a burnt sacrifice because of the vow her father made before the Lord before going into war.

Your foundation and your Success

A Christian who wants to succeed with God must understand that God is a God of justice, who brings every word He pronounces to pass at its time.  In the kingdom of God, there are dos and don't s, life and death; and you are asked to choose the option you want.  God cannot change and will never change and His Word are settled in heaven.  

His is a God of mercy who forgives the sin of his children and their forefather when a cry is made to Him for mercy.  You must investigate your family background, the family background of your inlaws or would-be inlaws to know the kind of cry to make to God.  This is very important because, God will forgive the actors that repent, but the consequences of their evil they will still bear.  So, you must know your family history and secrets, those of your inlaws to know the god they served on the other side of Jordan. 

Ignorant Christians do not go far with God, many of them fall victims due to lack of knowledge and so, the knowledge you refuse to obtain today for your deliverance will eventually make you a victim of circumstance.  Some people’s foundation are destroyed by the evil of their parents, iniquity of their forefathers.  Idols and alters are speaking against them due to the evil deeds of their fathers, the blood of innocent people are crying after them in the spirit and calling for vengeance, yet they don’t know.  All they know is that things have continued from bad to worse, and despite good degrees, professional qualifications and their beauty, they are still jobless. Interview after interview, the response they get is “We will get back to you” and that’s the end of it.

Signs of Faulty Foundation

Whenever a child of God is facing a prolonged problem or suffering one affliction after another, you need to examine your foundation and know what is speaking against you and from where.  You need to investigate your background and know who your father and forefathers were.  If they are dead, find out how they died, what killed them, what has been killing people in your family, is there a pattern in the family that people are experiencing, good or bad…investigate these patterns. 

A man was a gangster in his university days and they raped girls at will.  He became wealthy and was blessed with children.  One day his daughter was raped by boys in his neighbourhood and those that know how wicked the man is predicted he would kill those boys.  But when he was told what happened to his daughter, instead of calling the police, or “arranging” bigger boys to beat up the boys that raped his daughter, he broke down with tears and cried bitterly.  Why?  He said the daughter have just suffered the consequences of his action He said while he was in the university, he was in the gang that raped girls at random and the incident was nemesis catching up with him. Alas on his daughter. 

If the daughter, was a born-again child of God with knowledge of his father's history and antecedents, she would have prayed to God for mercy and forgiveness.  She would have been exempted from the consequences of her father’s action.  

It does not mean the father will not see such evil, but the evil would not fall on the child of God, but someone else.  That’s the importance of knowing and the secret of your family and interceding for the mercy of God.
Leave a good foundation for your children
The importance of a good foundation can be seen from the mercy God showed to Solomon.  God blessed him beyond his asking and gave him 40 years of peace in Israel.

When King Solomon departed from the Lord, due to strange women and God wanted to take the kingdom away from him, He remembered the good deeds of David his father, and God showed him mercy. God allowed him to complete his reign, and at his death, He divided the nation of Israel into two, leaving Judah in the hand of Solomon's son, for the sake of David and Jerusalem.  

God remembered the covenant He made with David and promise to protect King Solomon all his days on the throne, saying He will make Solomon a prince all the days of his life.  God is a covenant-keeping God.  So, despite the fact that King Solomon departed deeply from following God, he remained the King of Israel till his death (See 1 King).  This is what a good foundation can do.  


Foundation is the reason why two people pass through danger, one survive, another dies.  Two people are selected for an interview, one is taken another is rejected.  What kind of foundation do you have speaking for you?  It’s either a good or a bad foundation.  

On what foundation are you standing?  What memorial did your fore fathers have with the Lord?  What memorial of good deed do you yourself have with God?  The good news is that no matter how bad, faulty foundations can be washed clean by the precious blood of Jesus. 
The sacrifice of the blood of JESUS CHRIST is available to wash your foundation and rebuild it today.  What shall we do then?  We need to dedicate our lives to God, pray deliverance prayers and live a holy and righteous life, serving the Lord with all our heart and doing His will.

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