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1. Why were you Born
2. How to develop your creative thinking Abilities
3. How to Overcome spirit of Lust

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WHY WERE YOU BORN - Discovering Purpose


The deepest craving of the human spirit is to find a sense of significance and relevance and the search for relevance is a life long search. Sometimes people feel they have found relevance and acceptance, only for them to discover that with time, their relevance fades away.

When that happens, you see the person trying to reinvent himself, or do some crazy new thing, or yet still do some bizarre thing, just to create a scene or cause social commotion that will fuel their relevance again.

The question "Why you are born" is simply trying to awaken the search for the discovery of your destiny as a child of God. A believer in Christ Jesus has his life transformed from darkness to light on the day of their new birth. Your life was restored to its former position of dominion and power under the kingship of your Lord Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, you may have been struggling to become one person or another all your life. Your degree may have been influenced by your desire to become a Doctor, Scientist, Accountant, one role model or another, to fulfill one life ambition or another, ignorant of what God created you to be and your destiny assignment on earth..

May be I could share my experience in this regard... I started working early in life after secondary education. I was an Accounting department staff and I grew to love accounting profession and started a professional program right then.  When it was time to go to the university, I chose Economics and graduated with a degree in Economics. Over time, I completed the professional accounting program and qualified as a chartered accountant, followed by a professional banking certification - chartered banker. After qualifying as a Chartered Banker, I decided to become a stockbroker, getting to the final level of the Institute qualifying exams before I slowed down to find out what God really created me to do and His assignments.

All these effort were done without asking God what He created me to be on earth and His assignment for me. It was personal ambition and the desire to succeed that motivated me. God was in the picture but the agenda was mine. What you will get at the end of the day is dis- satisfaction, because after achieving your goals, you will still be unhappy.   

I had become a graduate of economics, a chartered accountant, chartered Banker, systems analyst and auditor, partly qualified stockbroker. I then established a financial advisory services company and still unsatisfied. As you would expect, my efforts did not result in the kind of breakthrough I expected. There were  unexpected disappointments and things did not fall in place, the way I expected them. This is what happens when we focus on our ambition without aligning it the the plan and purpose of God for our lives.

Brethren, nothing could be more tragic than a life without a purpose, because purpose helps you to prioritize your life pursuit. Without discovering your purpose in life from God, you will be driven by:
1. Your Gifts in life
2. Your Talents in life
3. Wishes of your parents
4. Your own desire and ambition
5. What your friends and peers are doing
6. Desire to study the profession of the role model you love.
7. Advice and counsel of your teachers and Pastors

Meanwhile, there is something God created you to be on earth. The specific pursuit God created you for could be discovered through diligent search or easily from God, asking Him in prayer to show you who you are. 

Beloved, if purpose is not known, the right  priorities cannot be established and nothing significant or worthwhile can be accomplished. To be specific, only worldly or personal priorities can be set, which will not lead to the fulfillment of your destiny.  You may achieve huge success outside God's will for your life and become successful before men, but before God, you actually went astray and the many destinies attached to you remains spiritually malnourished. This is why many will be marked low on the last day; and they will say they used their wealth for charity and other good works.

This topic is so real and so important to every living soul who is interested in seeing our Lord at the end of their lived. As long as you are alive, it is not too late to identify what God created you to achieve and focus on them, per adventure you can still nourish some souls attached you by God. Recently, a brother was reminded that he is a promised child, who was expected to serve God throughout his life like Samuel. His parents had challenges with child bearing and ended up asking God for a "Samuel" whom they will dedicate back to God.......And God answered them. 

This brother confirmed his parents told him, that he was a promised child dedicated to God to serve Him. Yet at about 50 years old, he has made no effort to serve God in accordance with the promises made by his parents. There is still hope for people having such problems, there are a lot they can do to yet fulfill their destiny before God. None of us will be a friend to the world and enemy of God in Jesus name.

So diligence and determination must be exhibited by all to ensure they are doing everything their hand finds to do in accordance with the will of God for their lives, anything short of this, will be failure in the end. If it did not fulfill God's plan, its a failure.

This is expected to be an introduction into discovery of Destiny in Christ. This discovery starts on the day you give your heart to Jesus Christ in a "new birth" prayer. Immediately after your confession, you must realize that you are a new baby in the Lord. You should cry and hunger for the sincere milk from God - The Word of God.

You must realize the powers of God transferred unto you to succeed, which removes every fear of man and devil and enthrone Jesus above all things. You must also realize that all thongs has become your and learn how to posses what has been packaged for in the kingdom of God. This is the knowledge that will make the difference in your life in the days ahead.

After acquainting yourself with your new status - the following:

1. You are a child of God redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
2.  All things are now yours, as God owns and created all things
3. You have a Father in heaven and a Master and king over your life - Jesus Christ.
4. You are in a new family of Christ with different rules and certainly the highest standards of living.
5. In your new family, you have your Father in heaven, your Master Jesus Christ who redeemed you and seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for you before the Father and the Holy Spirit of God, your helper and guide on earth. You also have the host of angels with you to protect you etc.
6. In your new family, you have The WORD OF GOD - which explains who God is, who Jesus Christ is and who the Holy Spirit is. You are advised to study the Word every day, meditate on it, obey the word of instructions there and live by the word of God.

After knowing all these, you are then courageous to face your goals in life with God by your side. You ask Him in prayer to reveal who you were created to be. You ask Him to reveal the profession or business you were created to do. He will answer and reveal these three great secrets of life and Destiny to you. Then, you can plan your life and direct your efforts towards your destined profession or business and I can assure you, that the best is yet to come for you. There is no promise or assurance that the journey would be easy, but with God on your side, patience and perseverance, victory is sure.


God is happy with your success and He will help you to achieve every good thing as His own child. So, the most important thing is to be His child and remain God's son/daughter till the end of life.

You can be whatever you want to become in Christ Jesus, provided you:

1. You love Jesus Christ and serve God with all you spirit,soul and body.
2. Fear and reverenced Him in all things
3. Have faith in God, believe Him, His Word and promises that cannot fail
4. Live a life of holiness - be consecrated unto God and His service.
5. Live a righteous life - Show God's love and kindness to others. Stand for the truth always. Be a good Samaritan always, honour your father and mother, lie not, deceive not; forgive all wrong done to you. Be willing to share what matters to you and love your neighbours as yourself.
6. Forbear always, show mercy and love mercy. Cleanse your heart of every filthiness, pray always to God in the name of Jesus Christ.  Say No to fornication, no adultery, no masturbation, no to watching of naked pictures and videos, don't take naked pictures of yourself and share with others, no watching of pornography or indulging it lustful thinking and activities.
7. Win souls daily by telling people about Jesus Christ and by your lifestyle and conducts.


You can be a Doctor, Accountant, Lawyer, Scientist, Nurse etc, but first be a born again child of God and commit your ways and earthly pursuit to Him.

You can be a politician for Christ, if you know Him before getting into power. Whenever you are in Christ before becoming anything you want to be, you have a good chance if being a light in your profession and a shinning star to show others the way to God.

You can be a President, Governor, King and represent God in that place and position of authority, and then fulfill the counsel of God for humanity, even the entire world.

You can be a multi billionaire in Christ, if you know Him before the billions. There are many today who knew Christ first before becoming rich and wealthy and as such, use their money, talent and skills to serve God and His purpose on earth. We have born again Kings, Governors in Nigeria. One day, we will have born again President in Nigeria and the world in Jesus name.


Giving your heart to Jesus Christ and serving Him should not be a limitation to your success, it is actually a plus to it as it opens you to the whole world of possibilities. Live your life guided by the word of God, adopt the teachings in the bible and make them your lifestyle and then go ahead to become whatever you desire to be.

Remember to pray always and as far as you can pray with fasting. Live a life of love to God and man, obey the word of God, listen to His voice and obey His instructions. Let peoples problem touch you and do something as God has blessed you. Show mercy and compassion to others, don't revenge, let God fight your battles.

Give thanks to God in every circumstance, give thanks always, dance to Him ....as you adopt these actions into a lifestyle, you will see the Lord, and your sorrows will turn to joy!

1. Ask God:  O'Lord, reveal who You created me to be in Jesus name.
2. Ask God to reveal your destiny yo you
3. Ask God to reveal the business or profession you are born to practice to you
4. Ask God to reveal and direct you to the destiny helpers He has packaged for your success.
5. Ask God to help you to succeed on earth
6. Ask God for grace to be humble. Honest and holy throughout your life
7. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you afresh daily

Thank Him for answered prayers.

How to develop your Creative Thinking Abilities  -  New Ideas Rule the World

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In life, people are endowned differently.  God made some people big, others small, some are tall, others are short.  But  when it comes to beauty, you will see beauty in all sizes.  

There are people short and handsome or beautiful people.  Also, you will find tall and handsome men  and women, the difference however, is that the tall and handsome or beautiful people has elegance!.

Some people are, by nature, more creative. However, there are a variety of ways you can bolster your creative side. Establish rituals, like journaling, that bolster creativity. Work on changing your mindset, opening yourself up to new ways of thinking. You can also seek support from others. Networking with like minded people can help you be more creative yourself.

In our society today, the need for creative thinking is higher than any other time in modern history.  The need to spot opportunity and design a creative solution has become a central factor is business success.  In a competitive and past-paced world of today, where technology and the internet has transformed almost everything, only the knowledgeable that thinks ahead will win the business battle to succeed.

So, in both private and corporate organizations, creativity is required from staff and employees, Whether it comes with superbly packaged products, enticing marketing campaigns, innovation breakthroughs or as trivial as solving daily challenges in the workplace, creative thinking will continue to be in demand.  It is this trait that has distinguished some employees as Entrepreneurs and set them apart from others. 

People who work in every sphere need to get down to the basics of creative thinking and its routine and processes.  This is why I am writing this articles.  To help people embrace creative thinking as a way of life and also enjoy the benefits.  The truth is that everyone can engage in creative thinking, starting from what you are doing.  You can undertakes to improve the tools you work with. 

You can write a software that works better than the one you are using when the software is giving too much trouble.  The tools to create a better software are available, but you have to be determine to change a troublesome software and to do things better and easier, then you will discover how easy is to create the change you want.

Everyone can think-out new ways of doing the same thing and when this kind of meditation is put into practice and it becomes a way of life, such a person is practicing creative thinking.  See my first write-up on Understanding Creative thinking.

Going forward, I will like to state that creative thinking requires open-mindedness and flexibility and there are different approaches to creative thinking.  The only motivation needed for creative thinking to begin is a problem and a desire to solve that problem. Everyone can be creative, not for the sake of it though.  Everyone can actually seek different approaches to solving a problem.  

Approaches to Creative Thinking:

There are basically two approaches to creative thinking.  
1. Creative thinking approach to solving an existing problem.
2. There is another approach to creating a new product or service.

Creating Thinking Approaches to Solving an existing problem
A. A person can approach creative thinking and desire to solve a problem from his professional training and learning. In this type, you are looking for a better way to solve a professional problem, or a different way to solve a professional problem.  Here, you are moving from the known to better unknown

B. A person can decide to seek solution to a problem that has troubled him, though it is not in the area of his profession or training. You start by understanding the problem as it usually occur, dissecting every strand of that problem to understand it thoroughly, its roots and effect before embarking on solution approaches.

C. Then, you have the artists who depict the society as they see it or paint the picture of the society they want to see in the future.  Indeed, every one can undertake creative thinking.  This is why many think that creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt. It empowers people by adding strength to their natural abilities which improves teamwork, productivity and where appropriate profits

Creative Thinking Approach to Creating a new product or service:

Again is involved here. A  person may spot a problem in a community or group of people which becomes an opportunity to create a new product or the improvement of existing product to meet the need spotted.

The person embarking on creative thinking will usually have to gain a thorough understanding of the problem and what people will accept as a solution to the problem.  The person will also have to know the features of the closes product in that field and it's shortcoming in addressing the present need before embarking on creative thinking processes that will eventually produce the solution.

The next level is that your meditation and research and information gathering must lead you to develop a mental product  that address the need.  If you cannot see the picture of the new products with all the desired features working in the life of people and solving their problem, you have not reach the point to embark on Prototype development.

Once you can see the mental picture of the product, then you can embark on prototype development. Remember that some prototype have solved specific problems of an organization or people, but fall short of commercial viability. If your solution solves your organization's problem, but short of commercialization, don't worry.  It only requires further research and study.

The beauty of doing more or less is that,  the more you do of what you’re doing, the more you’ll get of what you’ve got.  Creative thinking requires that you continually dig deep into yourself and generate more, newer, better, faster, cheaper, different ideas that you can use to improve the important parts of your life.

Qualities of Creative Thinkers:

There are seven qualities of creative thinkers.  When you practice one or more of these qualities, you begin to prove to yourself that you are truly a genius, and you simultaneously disprove the negative hypothesis.

Ask Questions
The first quality is that creative thinkers are intensely curious.  They are always asking questions.  They ask questions like “Why?” very much like children do all the time. Then they ask, “Why not?”  “Why can’t we do it?”  “Even if it hasn’t been done before, can it be done now?”

Practice Zero Based Thinking
The second quality of creative thinkers is that they practice “Zero-Based Thinking” all the time.  They continually ask themselves, “If I were not now doing what I am doing, knowing what I now know, would I start?”

And if the answer is no, they cut their losses, discontinue what they are doing and start doing something else.  It is absolutely amazing how many people persist in something that they wouldn’t even get into if they had to do it over again.  And they wonder why they are making so little progress.

Change Your  Mind
The third quality of creative thinkers is that they have a willingness to change. They recognize that in a world such as ours, the unwillingness or inability to change is fatal.  They prefer to be in charge of their lives rather than being caught up in the flash flood of change that is inevitable and unavoidable. The words of the truly flexible person, the person who is willing to change are simply, “I changed my mind.” According to researchers, fully 70% of the decisions you make turn out to be wrong in the long run.  This means that you must be willing to change your mind and try something else most of the time.  Mental flexibility is the most important quality that you will need for success in the 21st century.

Admit When You Are Wrong
The fourth quality of highly creative thinkers is their willingness to admit when they are wrong.  Fully 80% of people burn up most of their mental and emotional energy defending against admitting that they made a wrong decision.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Truly intelligent, highly creative people are open minded, fluid, flexible and willing to both change their mind and admit that they are wrong when their earlier decisions turn out to be incorrect.

Continue To Learn
The fifth quality is that highly creative people can say, “I don’t know.”  They recognize that it is impossible for anyone to know anything about everything, and it is very likely that almost everyone is wrong to some extent, no matter what they are doing.  So when someone asks them a particular question that they don’t know the answer to they admit it early and often.  They simply say, “I don’t know.”  And if necessary they go about finding the answer. Here’s an important point.  No matter what problems you have, there is someone somewhere who has had the same problem and who has already solved the problem and is using the solution today.  

One of the smartest and most creative things you can do is to find someone else, somewhere, who is already implementing the solution successfully and then copy him or her. The smartest person is not necessarily the person who comes up with the idea.  It may be just a lucky flash of insight.  The smartest person is the one who copies the idea first.  And it is often the person to recognize the value of a new idea that makes a fortune from the idea while the originator makes little or nothing.

Creative Thinkers Are Goal Oriented
The sixth quality of creative people is that they are intensely goal focused.  They know exactly what they want.  They have it written down very clearly.  They visualize it on a regular basis.  They imagine what their goal would look like if it were a reality today.  And the more they visualize and imagine their goal as a reality, the more creative they become and the faster they move toward achieving it.

Eliminate Your Ego
The seventh quality of highly creative thinkers is that they have less ego involvement in being right.  They are more concerned with what’s right rather than who’s right.  They are willing to accept ideas from any source to achieve a goal, overcome an obstacle, or solve a problem.

Creative Thinking Generates New Ideas
The most important part of  creative thinking is your ability to generate ideas.  And the greater the quantity of ideas that you generate, the greater the quality your ideas will be.  The more ideas you have, the more likely you are to have the right idea at the right time. But generating ideas is only 1% of the equation. As Thomas Edison once wrote, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.”  

Your ability to come up with an idea, to test it and validate it, and then to implement it through creative thinking and execute it in your life to achieve results is the true mark of genius. Every single time you originate a new idea, write it down, make a plan for its implementation through creative thinking and then take action, you are behaving like a genius.  And the more you manage your creativity in this way, the smarter you will become.  And the smarter you will become, the more you will achieve in every area of your life.  Your future will become unlimited.

Ways to Improve Creative Thinking
1 – You need inspirational rituals
One of the best ways to inspire yourself and create new things everyday is to develop rituals that you begin to use regularly and routinely. This will condition your brain for better creativity. For instance, your ritual might be reading in the morning, listening to music, meditating for a few minutes or taking several deep breaths.

Build inspirational rituals
Explore media outside your comfort zone. Creative minds are open to change. If you only consume a certain kind of media or entertainment, you're limiting yourself. You will not be exposed to new things and ideas, which can result in a lack of original, creative thought.[1]

Read books, articles, and blogs outside of your own industry. If you work in film, for example, read some science blogs. If you work as an engineer by day, read some poetry every night before bed.
Most people have a certain type of entertainment they're drawn towards. Make an effort to push yourself to new types of entertainment. If you usually go for light hearted sitcoms, try watching a drama series. If you love documentaries and true crime shows, watch some fiction.

2 – Try to create something every day
Create something every day, even if it’s only for 5 or 10 minutes. I try to write articles, I draw mind maps in meetings, develop business models, logos and I also collect and develop hundreds of ideas. I always have 3 projects in the pipeline, lots of them are not developed but they inspire me. My core business is consulting and training but I work on projects that are not related to my expertise. Here are some examples:

How to create something every day
Create something small every day. Creativity is like any other skill. You get better with practice. If you want to increase your capacity for creative thoughts, work on creating something small every day.

You do not necessarily have to create with an end in mind. In fact, this may inhibit creative thought. Instead of focusing on an overarching project, simply schedule some time every day to let your creativity flow freely.

You can doodle, sketch, do some light painting, free write, or write down some spur of the moment poetry.

Make time to be creative. Just as you make time to brush your teeth each night, strive to schedule time for creative pursuits each day. For example, you can plan to do a 20 minute free write every day before bed.

3 – Instead of discipline, think devotion
Luciano Pavarotti, one’s said: “People think I’m disciplined. It’s not discipline, its devotion, and there’s a great difference.”

Way to establish a devotion.
Walk. Studies indicate that walking actually improves creative thought. Many people feel they get their best thinking done when they're going for walks. Try to schedule a 20 to 30 minute walk each day. This can lead to greater creativity

It does not matter where you walk. Studies indicate you can walk inside or outside and still get the same peak in creative thought patterns. If it's a rainy day, you can walk through the hallways at work to encourage creative thoughts.

Walking can also help lessen anxiety. If your mind is less muddled by anxious thoughts, you may have more room to be creative.

4 – Take breaks
When you feel stuck with an idea and you have nowhere to go. You need a breather. Forcing yourself to find a solution will only lead to exhaustion. Try standing up from your desk, walk outside or to the vending machine, grab a coffee, talk to people and look at the scenery outside your workplace. Some inspirations will strike you at the most unexpected places, and you’d be surprised when you get them when you’re actually not working. I find most of my inspiration when I’m cycling in the woods or talking with friends.

Taking a break and finding creative inspirations.
Seek out inspiration. Surround yourself with inspiring material. If you want to be more creative, you should expose yourself to work that inspires you. Read a book of poetry recommended by a friend. Watch a critically acclaimed series. Go see a show at your local theater. All of these things will encourage you to think more creatively.

5 – Make a list and select your ideas
Sometimes the opposite of creative block happens – you just have too many ideas! While it’s good, it can also make you confused. You can sort thoughts up by keeping a list. List down each idea that comes to mind and determine which one you think is the best. You can also bring a pen and small notebook wherever you go so you don’t forget the ideas that come to you when you’re riding a bus, having a lunch, reading a book or watching videos in the internet.

Make a list and select your ideas.
Keep a journal. Regular journaling can be a great way to increase creative thoughts. Writing down your thoughts on a daily basis can help you become more introspective and observant, both of which can bolster creative thought.

Many people find dream journals are great creative tools. As the mind is uninhibited in dreams, you can find a lot of great ideas in your sleep. Try keeping a journal by your nightstand and jotting down your dreams as soon as you get up in the morning.

You can also carry a journal with you. This can allow you to write down thoughts as they come and may encourage you to be more observant. You'll end up seeking inspiration everywhere if you always have a notebook on-hand to record your most interesting thoughts and insights as they come.

6 – Ask the right questions
When you need to start a creative session, always start with why, how, what, when question and try to answer it. 

Abandon judgment. Judgement can inhibit creative thinking. When problem solving, allow your brain to think of new, somewhat crazy ideas. Avoid judging this ideas too "out there" or "absurd." Allowing yourself to think outside the box, without external judgment, is important to creative thinking.
Understand, in any given situation, you'll have to filter through many bad thoughts before landing on a good one. You may write 3 mediocre drafts of a poem before you hit your stride. You may think of several bad solutions to an issue at your office before finding a good solution. Accept it's okay to filter through bad ideas before you find a good one.

Be open to alternative ideas. Do not be judgmental of ideas that are outside the realm of conventional. Even if you don't follow all non-conventional ideas exactly, simply exposing yourself to the unusual can help aid creative thought.

Be open to new things. Creative thoughts can come from a variety of places. If you open yourself up to changes in your routine, you're more likely to stumble upon inspiration. Instead of feeling anxious about exploring new ideas or experiences, see them as exciting opportunities to bolster your creativity

7 – Have fun with your colleagues or friends
Having fun with your colleagues or friends is a proven and popular way to generate ideas. It’s a great moment to open up to ideas of others, so you can make your ideas more consolidated. The best way to do it is to listen to ideas without judgment. Passing judgment even without hearing the full concept will breed humility and hostility within the group. Furthermore, the goal of that kind of team building is to generate as many ideas as possible, so make every body’s contribution count. Here is an article showing how some companies have created this fun and creative corporate culture. 

An other way to have fun with your colleagues is to go out for a beer a generate ideas. Talk to someone new. Hearing about someone else's story or experiences can increase your creative thinking. You'll be introduced to a new, exciting perspective. Make a point of chatting up a stranger at a bar or volunteering to talk to a new client at work.

If an opportunity to try something new presents itself, take it. If your friend asks if you want to try salsa dance lessons, tell her you'll give it a shot. Even if it's not something you'd traditionally be interested in, any new experience can open your mind and improve your capacity for creative thoughts.

8 – Take advantage of peak hours
Some people are more creative and productive in certain hours of the day, while others are more creative at the height of their emotions. Work your heart out at these specific times and let your creative juices flow freely. Creativity can also be improved if you put yourself in a certain place in the room or if you surround yourself with certain music. This release of creativity works from person-to-person. There’s hard and fast rule what time of day, emotion or surrounding you should be to become creative. Just do what works for you.

Figure out your peak hours. Many people feel more energetic or creative at certain hours of the day. For example, you may feel compelled to write poetry when you first get up in the morning. Or, you may suddenly feel the urge to paint at 10 o'clock at night. Pay attention to your thought patterns and energy levels throughout the day to figure out your peak hours.

Pay attention to both thoughts and emotions. Many people feel more creative when they feel connected with their emotions. If you tend to get sentimental towards the evening hours, you may have a higher capacity for creativity at this time.
It may not be reasonable to work during your peak hours. For example, if you have a 9 to 5 job, you can't stay up until 2 AM writing each night. However, there may be ways to stimulate the environment of your peak hours. If you're a night owl by nature, changing into your pajamas and dimming the lights may help, for example.

9 – Build a network
Get creative and inspiring people into your social circle and interact with them in a regular basis. Listening to fresh perspectives and seeing your issues in different angles may help you reconstruct your ideas. The re-focus will help you substantiate the problem and narrow down solutions. Here is a list of 10 profiles you should work or talk with and an other article with an explanation on How to Build an Innovation Group in your community?

Building a network.
Reach out to like-minded people. Try to network with other creative people. Surrounding yourself with creative people can make you more creative yourself. Try to reach out to like-minded people to bolster creative thought

Reach out to people whose interests are similar to your own. If you're a poet, for example, join a poetry club. If you're interested in painting, see if you can take a painting class at a local community center.

You should also get involved outside your personal creative circle as well. As stated, looking for media outside your comfort zone can increase creativity. If you're interested in writing fiction, try to talk to writers who work in other genres. You can learn a lot from people with different interests.

Go to conferences. 
There are many conferences you can attend that help you branch out with others in a creative field. These can provide you with invaluable experiences to network and learn from those around you.

Socialize regularly.
Being around a variety of different people can bolster creative thought. By exposing yourself to people of many different viewpoints and backgrounds, you'll find yourself thinking more creatively. Creative thinkers generally have a large, open minded perspective.

Regular socialization can also decrease stress levels. If you want to think creatively, you need to take breaks and de-stress. Having a social circle you meet with regularly can help here.

10 – Take Risks
A risk may be a double-ended sword, but the more you avoid it, the more you are leaving ideas unturned. Risks allow you to think out-of-the-box, look for the unconventional and embrace the difference. Creative thinking doesn’t necessitate you to conform all the time; in fact, most of the ingenious concepts are born from deviating.

Take risks. Risk-taking is vital to developing creative thinking. If you're processing new, somewhat scary experiences on a regular basis, you will have to do some creative thinking to find unconventional solutions to new problems and setbacks. Taking risks regularly can make you more resourceful and creative overall.

Each day, try to take a chance. Apply for a fellowship even if you feel under-qualified. Ask your boss for a raise even if you feel there's a good chance she'll say no. Take on a new project at work, even if you feel it's somewhat daunting.

Risk-takers tend to have higher levels of creative thinking. A risk presents you with a new situation entirely, forcing you to calibrate your thinking to adjust. Risk-taking also encourages you not to conform. Creative thinkers act independently, following their own intuition over what others are doing.

11 – Forget talent
We tend to think we either have it or we don’t. Talent is an overloaded word, don’t focus on what you can do, just do it. Learn by doing. Show up, work hard and support yourself. It’s how you’ll make thing happen every day.

Do not think in terms of talent. 
Talent forces people into a black and white thinking pattern. You may find yourself thinking you're either talented or you're not. However, while innate talent can help with creativity, it all comes down to practice. Just make time to be creative every day and your capacity for creative thinking will improve.

12 - Ask for feedback.
Many famous creative thinkers had mentors who looked over their work. If you're stuck on a project, ask another creative person to help. This can be a friend, a peer, or a co-worker. Having someone else provide feedback can help you see your work from an outside perspective, giving you the opportunity to improve.


In concluding this piece, I  encourage veryone to seek improvement in what we do on a daily basis.  If everyone think creatively and improve the ways things are done around him, life will be easier. Remember, you will be the first to reap the benefit of your improved system...and then it will become available to others.



                     HOW TO OVERCOME SPIRIT OF LUST

  •  ....If you are a child of God, watching pornography will lead to financial failure!

  • Guys, Take your eyes off the opposite sex, otherwise, get married

  • But Marriage may not stop the spirit of Lust, deliverance will.

  • Take your eyes off your neighbour's wife!


The spirit of lust is the major force behind some of the end-time fashions we see today - scanty dresses, ripped jeans, increase sexual crimes like rape.  It is the spirit of lust that is behind all the immoral behaviours people exhibit.

Watching pornography opens a person up for masturbation with the complex problem of spirit wife and husband.  Once those demons enter a life, soon they will start demanding that you defile your body at odd times and places like in the office.  


This is today the number 1 addiction in the USA and indeed the world. This pandemic tears people and relationships apart.  Many have died watching porn, others have crashed their cars while watching porno while driving. With sophistication in communication and with internet on the phones, it is now readily available for free, accessible and still anonymous. People in high and low places assess the illicit sexual materials in the confined of their cars, houses, and during night hours without being discovered, but with great consequences of being addicted to watching pornography and loosing their salvation and heaven.

Many people are today suffering the emotional shame of being a child of God in the church and being a porn addict at home. Many cannot bear it and so they are withdrawing from church activities because of guilty conscience.

Some people reading this piece will wonder why I am writing about pornography. Why should we not find the way out of this deadly trap of Satan, which nobody is ready to address. Secret sins are difficult to uproot, once they have taken root, but God will help any of you suffering this problem in Jesus name. Many have given their heart to Jesus, yet  this lustful habits refuse to go because it is a sin of the heart.

This is the terrible worldwide pandemic that has no vaccine, the world Health Organization, USAIDS etc are not even interested in handling it to help humanity. In fact, it could even be going on right in their offices around the world and destroying marriages, children and the women folk. Meanwhile, check out the social problems this pandemic is causing worldwide. 

Dangers of Pornography:

The pandemic called pornography is responsible for:

1. Rise in rape cases around the world.
2. Rise in cases of sexually transmitted diseases, rise in.
3. Rise in prostitution and all manner of illicit behaviour
4. Rise in child pornography
5. Rise in office romance
6. Rise in cases of infidelity which is ravaging homes.
7. Rise in separation and divorce cases in marriage

Feeling of Guilt:
As Christians, the danger of pornography is grave.  It is capable of making millions finish their race in hell fire. It is one of the traps of Satan to hinder spiritual growth and progress of a child of God. It makes their victim spiritually unstable as they continue to repent everyday of the same sin. over time, it becomes difficult for them  to pray to God and exercise spiritual authority over the devil as a child of God.

It brings the feeling of guilt on the child of God, who is born again and probably speaking in tongues, yet the problem persists. Let me assure people passing through this problem that there is solution in Christ Jesus.

Pornography cast aspersions on the kingdom services of a child of God. They are seen as being committed to the work of God, but in the realm of the spirit, their work is not accepted. Once our services are not accepted, our prayers would also not be accepted for the prayer of a sinner is an abomination before God. The brother or sister in question becomes vulnerable to attack and affliction from the pit of hell. Secret sins like masturbation, watching pornography, lusting for the opposite sex  are traps of the enemy to nullify the services of careless children of the kingdom. 

It is also used in putting such believers in bondage.  A story is told of a committed lady in the choir of a church who died in her sleep and when her room was broken into, it was found out that she was masturbating with a vibrator and the vibrating machine was still working, while she had passed on. The enemy wasted her service in the house of God through masturbation.

We are in the era of seduction mentioned in the bible. It will be so strong that even the very elect will struggle to escape, we are approaching that period. The elect and the church of Christ must stand up against act or behaviour that pollutes the environment and the church. All seductive appearance must be openly rebuked; compromising positions in and outside the church should be rebuked. All forms of naked appearances to please self and "belong" to the happening babes class should be rebuked openly in the church of God.


1. Seek Counsel - Talk to somebody

Acknowledge you have a problem and ask for God's help. 
Don't justify yourself, seek counsel and speak to someone who can help you.  This is one secret sin you cannot afford to hid - for the more you hid it, the worse the problem becomes.  Here the account of someone from California, USA

I was trapped by pornography for a long time. It was only with my parents’ support and my Pastor’s help that I finally broke free. Professional counselors can help, they will not judge you as they will open your eyes to the biblical tools which could help you also.

 2. Accept your self-will cannot deliver you - Go talk to your Pastor:

Some Pastors and Prophets have the grace to conduct instant deliverance to command the spirit to leave you at once and never return, prov ided you can live righteously from that time.
It’s hard to take that first step, but you have to talk to him to repent. He won’t make fun of you or be disgusted with you. He cares about you and wants only what’s best for you. Jesus Christ suffered for your sins so you can feel free again from the crushing guilt and sadness you’ve been feeling for so long. 

3. Never Give Up

Never give up the fight against pornography.  It is devil plan to keep you under his captivity, so that when you kneel down to pray, he comes to remind you of your secret sin and the reason why God will not answer your prayer.  It also means you should never be tired of fighting the urge and the motion to go and watch pornography especially when you are alone in the house or at night.  Hear the true life story of another person from Victoria, Australia.

Pornography ruined my life, but I have finally broken the addiction after much suffering. The repentance process will be long and hard, but pray sincerely every day for the Lord’s help during this trial. Never think that you are unworthy to repent, as the Atonement is for everyone. Also remember that each time you are tempted, Satan is trying to bring you down into sin. But it will always be your choice to either give in or ignore the temptation. Never give up on yourself or the Lord, as He will give you no trial that you cannot bear 

4. Confess your sin, repent, ask for forgiveness - From Victoria, Australia 

I’ve had this problem. It still haunts me. First of all, stop looking at pornography. Go to Heavenly Father. I felt Him forgive me when I didn’t think I could be forgiven. And then I thought I was fine. I didn’t want anyone to know about it; I was so ashamed. But it’s something you need to tell your Pastor. 

I tried not to. But over and over I heard the words, “If you have a problem with pornography, go to your Pastor.” One day, i made up my mind to open up to my Pastor and after his prayers and deliverance, the burden was lifted out of my life. 

Pray About it until you Overcome: 

The power of prayer is indescribable; it gives us the strength to withstand adversity and come off conqueror. If you seek God's help in prayer, He will give you the strength to free yourself from temptation. As you read the scriptures daily, you will be strengthened even more. If you trust in the Lord and not in your own strength, He will free you from the chains that bind you. 

5. Destroy every naked pictures and materials around you

6. Guide your eyes and your heart. 

Be sensitive of your thoughts and the kind of jokes you get into. Also be careful with the pictures and images you look at whether from newspapers or internet.  Any form of nakedness could trigger the interest to return to your secret ways.

Also, you should be sensitive of the ways the devil tempt you to go and watch pornography and avoid all his traps.  It could be through sexual stories and jokes, others it is seeing a scantily dress lady on the street or internet and for others it could be seeing a beautiful slim or fat lady.  Whatever is the devil's trap that arrests you, identify it and move away from such a trigger physically and spiritually.  

7. Never meditate on evil things, only meditate on good and pure things.  Bind and cast out every evil thought that comes into your mind. Know that such thoughts come to all men, so it is your duty to cast it out.
8. Avoid browsing the internet when you are alone or at night when all are sleeping
9. Take your eyes off the opposite sex except your own wife. Don't meditate on the beauty of any woman in your heart.

10. Take your mind and thought away from sex. Avoid corrupt jokes and worldly song. Pursue the Word of God, to study and meditate on it daily.

11. Get actively involved in church group activities to utilize your spare times/hours.
12. Pursue after righteousness and meditate on God's love and purpose for your life.


Please, do everything to avoid the temptation and motion.  And what you should do is to study the bible always, be in fellowship always, be productively engaged always and resist every thought in that direction.  The Lord will give you the grace to overcome the spirit of lust in Jesus Christ name.


  • Father I have sinned against you and my body by watching porn, I repent Lord, forgive me and wash away my sins.
  • I take power and authority in Jesus name (Luke 10:19) and rise against every satanic marriage with demons of lust and immorality in Jesus name
  • I break every satanic marriage in my life in Jesus name.
  • I bind every spirit of lust in controlling my body, soul and mind. I cast them away in Jesus name
  • Let your fire burn away any lust in my eyes o Lord, and in my sexual members in Jesus name
  • Father I ask you to close every doorway of lust and immorality in my life. Help me to pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace
  • Deliver me o Lord by your power and set me free.

Beloved, there are many spirits speaking to people today, asking them to do the wrong things - Suicide, divorce, kill and destroy.  But the Spirit of God guides you to the right choices and tells you things to come. That Spirit of God comes into your life when you give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?

Say this Prayer: 
Lord Jesus I come to you as a sinner.
I am sorry for my sins, forgive me.
I believe you died for my sins, and was raised for my justification. 
Come into my heart be my Lord and Saviour, 
Give me the grace to serve You in truth and spirit. 
Thank You for saving my soul - I am born again!

His grace be with you all. 


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