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The deepest craving of the human spirit is to find a sense of significance and relevance and the search for relevance is a life long search. Sometimes people feel they have found relevance and acceptance, only for them to discover that with time, their relevance fades away.

When that happens, you see the person trying to reinvent himself, or do some crazy new thing, or yet still do some bizarre thing, just to create a scene or cause a social commotion that will fuel their relevance again.

The question "Why you are born" is simply trying to awaken the search for the discovery of your destiny as a child of God. A believer in Christ Jesus has his life transformed from darkness to light on the day of their new birth. Your life was restored to its former position of dominion and power under the kingship of your Lord Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, you may have been struggling to become one person or another all your life. Your degree may have been influenced by your desire to become a Doctor, Scientist, Accountant, one role model or another, to fulfil one life ambition or another, ignorant of what God created you to be and your destiny assignment on earth.

Maybe I could share my experience in this regard... I started working early in life after secondary education. I was an Accounting department staff and I grew to love the accounting profession and started a professional program right then.  When it was time to go to university, I chose Economics and graduated with a degree in Economics. Over time, I completed the professional accounting program and qualified as a chartered accountant, followed by a professional banking certification - chartered banker. After qualifying as a Chartered Banker, I decided to become a stockbroker, getting to the final level of the Institute qualifying exams before I slowed down to find out what God really created me to do and His assignments.

All these efforts were done without asking God what He created me to be on earth and His assignment for me. It was personal ambition and the desire to succeed that motivated me. God was in the picture but the agenda was mine. What you will get at the end of the day is dissatisfaction, because after achieving your goals, you will still be unhappy.   

I had become a graduate of economics, a chartered accountant, chartered Banker, systems analyst and auditor, partly qualified stockbroker. I then established a financial advisory services company and still unsatisfied. As you would expect, my efforts did not result in the kind of breakthrough I expected. There were unexpected disappointments and things did not fall in place, the way I expected them. This is what happens when we focus on our ambition without aligning it to the plan and purpose of God for our lives.

Brethren, nothing could be more tragic than a life without a purpose, because purpose helps you to prioritize your life pursuit. there is something God created you to be on earth. The specific pursuit God created you for could be discovered through diligent search or easily from God, asking Him in prayer to show you who you are. Without discovering your purpose in life from God, you will be driven by 1)  Your Gifts in life; 2. Your Talents in life; 3. Wishes from your parents; 4. Your own desire and ambition and What your friends and peers are doing. 

If the purpose is not known, the right priorities cannot be established and nothing significant or worthwhile can be accomplished. To be specific, only worldly or personal priorities can be set, which will not lead to the fulfilment of your destiny.  You may achieve huge success outside God's will for your life and become successful before men, but before God, you actually went astray and the many destinies attached to you remain spiritually malnourished.

This topic is so real and so important to every living soul who is interested in seeing our Lord at the end of their lives. As long as you are alive, it is not too late to identify what God created you to achieve and focus on them, peradventure you can still nourish some souls attached to you by God. Recently, a brother was reminded that he is a promised child, whose mother had vowed before God like Hannah when she asked for him and God answered. 

This brother confirmed his parents told him, that he was a promised child dedicated to God, and yet at about 50 years old, he has made no effort to serve God. There is still hope for people having such problems, there is a lot they can still do to fulfil their destiny before God.  So diligence is required to ensure a person fulfils God's plan.

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Daddy G.O - Pastor Enoch Adeboye

What to Do
This is expected to be an introduction to the discovery of Destiny in Christ. This discovery starts on the day you give your heart to Jesus Christ in a "new birth" prayer. Immediately after your confession, you must realize that you are a new baby in the Lord. You should cry and hunger for the sincere milk from God - The Word of God.

You should realize the powers of God transferred unto you to succeed, which removes every fear of man and devil and enthrone Jesus above all things. You must also realize that all thongs have become yours and learn how to possess what has been packaged for in the kingdom of God. This is the knowledge that will make the difference in your life in the days ahead.

Acquainting yourself with your new Family

1. You are a child of God redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
2.  All things are now yours, as God owns and created all things
3. You have a Father in heaven and a Master and King over your life - Jesus Christ.
4. You are in a new family of Christ with different rules and certainly the highest standards of living.

5. In your new family, you have your Father in heaven, your Master Jesus Christ who redeemed you and seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for you before the Father and the Holy Spirit of God, your helper and guide on earth. You also have the host of angels with you to protect you etc.

6. In your new family, you have The WORD OF GOD - which explains who God is, who Jesus Christ is and who the Holy Spirit is. You are advised to study the Word every day, meditate on it, obey the word of instructions there and live by the word of God.

After knowing all these, you are then courageous to face your goals in life with God by your side. You ask Him in prayer to reveal who you were created to be. You ask Him to reveal the profession or business you were created to do. He will answer and reveal these three great secrets of life and Destiny to you. Then, you can plan your life and direct your efforts towards your destined profession or business and I can assure you, that the best is yet to come for you. There is no promise or assurance that the journey would be easy, but with God on your side, patience, and perseverance, victory is sure.

Rules to Succeed

God is happy with your success and He will help you to achieve every good thing as His own child. So, the most important thing is to be His child and remain God's son/daughter till the end of life.

Know the Lord and serve Him,

1. You love Jesus Christ and serve God with all your spirit, soul and body.
2. Fear and reverenced Him in all things
3. Have faith in God, believe Him, His Word and promises that cannot fail
4. Live a life of holiness - be consecrated unto God and His service.
5. Live a righteous life - Show God's love and kindness to others. Stand for the truth always. Be a good Samaritan always, honour your father and mother, lie not, deceive not; forgive all wrong done to you. Be willing to share what matters to you and love your neighbour as yourself.

6. Forbear always, show mercy and love mercy. Cleanse your heart of every filthiness, pray always to God in the name of Jesus Christ.  Say No to fornication, no adultery, no masturbation, no to watching of naked pictures and videos, don't take naked pictures of yourself and share with others, no watching of pornography or indulging it lustful thinking and activities.

7. Win souls daily by telling people about Jesus Christ and by your lifestyle and conducts.

Know God Intimately

God is the central figure in everything that is in existence. There could be nothing more central or important than God in life, so when you are looking at anything in existence, living or death, you will find God, the One who made all things.

Behind all previous matter, all life, all law, all space and all time, there is God. Whatever is significant on the earth and even in heaven, got its significance from God.  God gave man significance over all creatures, over animals of every size and strength, otherwise, man would not have dominion over animals to reason better and to create things new and old.  

If you take the concept of God out of the human mind, then there is no other reason for being among the living.  God told Isaiah saying: 

Thus says God the Lord, Who created the heavens and stretched them out, Who spread forth the earth and that which comes from it, Who gives breath to the people on it, And spirit to those who walk on it:

It is God that gave man relevance before anything happen to a child of God, the Lord will reveal it or show him a vision.  He says “I am the Lord, that is My name, And My glory I will not give to another, Nor My praise to carved images. Israel and Jerusalem are relevant in the world today because of the God factor.  They are surrounded by enemies, but cannot be conquered - Isa 42:5

What does God demand of you? 

In Isaiah 1:19-20, God gave His people the conditions for success.  He says "If you be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land, but if you refuse and rebel. ye shall be devoured with the sword, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.

God's simple demands in Isaiah 1:16-17 among many other demands, says:

The Lord says "Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean, put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes.  Cease to do evil, Learn to do good; Seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor, defend the fatherless and plead for the widow. 

You know that God cannot ignore sin and treat it as nothing because He is a holy God.  We receive the gift of righteousness when we are born again. God demands that His children be holy as He is Holy.

A holy man is one that diligently seeks and serves the Lord God according to God's will. Such a man is just and all believers are all expected to be holy - for God called us a holy nation.  In Ezekiel 18:5-9, God gave the conditions that will save a holy man (Believers like me and you).  

We are called to righteous living that brings glory to God.  The Lord God listed 16 righteous works of a just man. He says "But if a man is just and does what is lawful and right;  If he has not eaten on the mountains of idols, nor lifted up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel, nor defiled his neighbour's wife, nor approached a woman during her impurity. 

If he has not oppressed anyone but has restored to the debtor his pledge; Has robbed no one by violence, But has given his bread to the hungry And covered the naked with clothing.  If he has not exacted usury, nor taken any increase,
But has withdrawn his hand from iniquity and executed true judgment between man and man. 

If he has walked in My statutes and kept My judgments faithfully — He is just;
He shall surely live!" Says the Lord God.  He formed the light and created darkness.  

Unless we have the thoughts of God in our hearts, we will not be better than animals.   God is the source of all law and morality and all goodness.  One that you must believe in,  the One who is the Word and the One that enables us to speak.  It is important that we know this God. The God of the Bible, the one Apostle John wrote about and the One that created all things knows all things and can do all things.  

If you know God, you will have faith in Him and His word. Faith is confidence in the character and Word of God and if we don’t know God, we cannot have faith.  God is full of glory, full of wonders, full of mercy, full of power and full of Love.  God is ageless without beginning and without an end.  His kingdom is from everlasting to everlasting, full of beauty, full of colours - (Varieties  -  There is nothing that has no pair and family.  Everything created has species). 

God is never found accidentally, Seek Him

It will amaze you to find out that man cannot seek or pursue God, without the Lord putting the urge in him.  For a man to know God, he has to take the necessary steps to move closer to God. You cannot know God from afar, yet knowing God and His ways completes our redemption in Christ. You cannot know God afar off - NO!

God delivered us from the kingdom of darkness (From the world and sin) unto Himself, so we can serve Him.  Without knowing His ways, we cannot serve acceptably. So knowing God and serving Him is the reason for your salvation and the same is the only way to enter into His rest. 
The mortal man with a sinful heart cannot desire the things of God, without a work of enlightenment done on him. God must have first have sought the man.  He cannot seek after righteousness, except the Lord put the urge in his heart.

Jesus said, “No man can come to Me, except the Father which has sent Me to draw him”.  Here’s the thing – God gives us the impulse, but we have to work out the steps and be determined to pursue Him no matter the obstruction we encounter on the way.

Know for sure:

You can be a Doctor, Accountant, Lawyer, Scientist, Nurse etc. You can even be a politician, Governor or Senator. God want you to use your profession and office as a platform to win souls for Christ.  You can be an fruitful soul winner in your office, and to your business partners.

We have many Traditional Kings, who are born again Christians, and the few I have heard of, are doing very well.  They are serving the Lord in their palaces, by making sure the community is ruled according to the Word of God, not tradition or those evil cultures.


Giving your heart to Jesus Christ and serving Him should not be a limitation to your success, it is actually a plus to it as it opens you to the whole world of possibilities. Live your life guided by the word of God, adopt the teachings in the bible and make them your lifestyle and then go ahead to become whatever you desire to be.

1. Ask God:  O'Lord, Show me, who You created me to be.
2. Ask God to reveal your destiny yo you
3. Ask God to reveal the business or profession you are born to practice to you
4. Ask God to reveal and direct you to the destiny helpers He has packaged for your success.
5. Ask God to help you to succeed on earth
6. Ask God for grace to be humble. Honest and holy throughout your life
7. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you afresh daily


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