GO AND MAKE MONEY.............But First Learn the Rules

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Beloved, I congratulate you for taking the time to read this article on MAKING MONEY.  I pray you will find it helpful.
It may interest you to know that your university degree could help you get into an office, but it is your technical and soft skills that will help you keep the job. To meet your financial and other needs, requires more than having a first-class degree, it requires the full engagement of your knowledge and skills in one or multiple production processes.  Gone are the days, when a first-class degree guarantees you a good job in Nigeria.  Today, different factors come to play.

Many people have navigated through different businesses at different times in search of the key that will open their heaven of success.  A business that will unlock their financial "heaven" and enable them to create valuable product or services.  From the onset, if the purpose is to make money, such ventures hardly survive, because of the wrong motive.  The motive should be to produce a product that solves a problem, that will make life easy for its users.  A product or service that will add value to users.  When that need is met, the happy user will naturally recommend the product or service to others.

Even if you start Rice farming and milling, let your purpose be to have the best Made-in-Nigeria Rice in terms of quality.  It may sound like a tall ambition, but if you continue in that pursuit, involve all your staff and motivate them to share your vision, it is only a matter of time, and you will succeed in producing a quality Rice, made in Nigeria.

In wealth creation, you are interested in creating value and expanding the business to everyone that needs it.  You are also interested in the cash flow it generates and understands the factors influencing the cashflow.  The sales that the business can generate over a period of time matters, as well as the potentials for expansion.

How money is made

The single most important factor in life is God, to know Him, honour Him, obey His Word and instruction.  Other factors include Purpose, drive, creativity strength and wisdom.  People who exhibit these qualities continuously become rich and successful.

Some people receive inspiration to start a business, others start a business they have believe has some good prospects, while others learn a trade or business, and after many years, they start on their own.  No matter how small you started, you should be ready to persist in the business despite discouragements.  The discouragement may be low-sales in the beginning, it may be other things that hinder expectation, but you must strong and work harder, day and night to turn the situation around.

While you are working hard, you are also praying hard.  Understand that you don't pray for praying sake, you pray to receive.  So you must learn how to pray to receive, for every prayer is not the same, neither do every prayer result in answers. Jacob wrestled with the angel of the Lord and refuse to let him go, and he had his way, because he persisted.  You must persist in effective prayer and hard work.

Right from the start, you must focus on your goal.  You are to focus on what makes your product and services unique and to be the best of its kind.  To remain focused on your goal is to improve the product or service delivery at every stage in the way.  Whenever success is made, you have to recognize it and glorify the Lord for the success, or the miracle, and then be able to duplicate it in other places.  Recognize a milestone, document it and replicate it elsewhere.

What is Money?

Persistence is the way to success in anything you choose to do.  Understand the business, persist in the business when the challenges come.  Every who wants to succeed must learn how to make money in a godly way - through hard work, faithfulness and prayer.  Money is like water, it actually has no enemy, but unfortunately, only a few people know how to make money.  The act of making money can be thought and learned, though not in the university.  When a young trader meets a lady who knows how to make money, he becomes ecstatic and wants to get married to her immediately.
Money is a spirit, money has language and rules.  Everyone that wants to make and retain money must understand these basic rules of making money and continue to exploit them continually.  Whenever you understand these facts and apply them, then you will stop complaining.
Exploring Opportunities

I want to share with you one of the Rules for making money. 
"Be flexible to discern opportunities”, Take steps to investigate it and then launch out.  Read this story:
Mr. Adebanji - He got a masters degree from University of Lagos but without anything to show for his efforts through the walls of the prestigious university. Events took a dramatic turn for the University of Lagos graduate when he got a request to supply 2,000 crabs at the rate of N5 each from a young boy, who had just completed his Junior Secondary School education.
Narrating his story, Adediran said, ”I graduated from the University of Lagos with a Master‘s degree in Zoology, with specialization in Marine Biology, Oceanography, and Fisheries. When I completed my MSc program with about two international papers with my lecturers, but no kobo to show for it, a young boy, who had just completed his junior secondary education, informed me that he had an order from the United States to supply red-legged crab. He then asked me to supply him about 2,000 pieces every two weeks. I supplied the crabs at the rate of N5 each while he sold at $2 per crab.
”You can imagine the kind of money that he made from that business. Although I was more educated than him.  So, after that encounter, I made up my mind to venture into fishery business.”
He adds, ”I searched for books and magazines on the fishery, photocopied them and then settled down for about five years to simplify the volumes of the complex, technical information that I had gathered, so that I could convert them into a money-making venture. In 1996, I decided to start with an abandoned fish farm at Iyana Ipaja, Lagos.
”From then, things assumed a positive outlook for me. Currently, the company has grown to become one of the fastest-growing fishery and aquaculture consultancy firms in Nigeria.”
In Nigeria, the fishery sector accounts for about four percent of the Gross Domestic Product and 50 percent of the animal protein intake. The sector also provides employment for a large number of the nation‘s population, both in the rural and urban areas. It is also a principal source of livelihood for over three million people, according to experts.
”But today, we have people stocking 300 fishes per square meter and having them grow to 1.5kg each on the average in five months. That is why so many people are now showing interest in catfish.
Singapore, for instance, it is like a dot on our map. It is about the size of Bayelsa State in Nigeria with a population of about 3.5 million people. Yet, they are responsible for 30 percent of the world‘s tropical fish.” Imagine a tiny country contributing 30% of tropical fish to the entire world, that’s personal success multiplied and channelled to national success.

How Does God Bless

God will bless you, through the power that is at work in you, but you must discover where your talent lies, what business or service, you can do better than others and establish.  You should never be discouraged by the initial failure or suffering involved.  

You need the Holy Ghost to guide your way, from what to do, how to do it, etc. if you don't have the Holy Ghost, you have limited your Christian life as well as the kind and level of success you can achieve here on earth.  Any Christian who is waiting for God to rain manna from heaven for them will end up disappointed.  
We are expected to use the wisdom God gave us to create solutions that will bring the reward called wealth.  Riches and wealth come from the solution we provide to the needs of people.  Wealth comes from a well-defined work path, it is not a transfer.  A transfer cannot be sustained, but a well-defined process, business or trade will continue to bring financial inflow as long as you are doing the business.  That is sustainable. 

God will bless you through the Holy Spirit living and working in you, that means you must remain holy and righteous through the way.  Your spirit connected to the Living God, your soul longing to honour Him, to please Him and your body, pure and holy, the word you speak, being words of grace, from a humble heart. 

In other words, your success will not hinder your salvation and holy living.  Success, when it comes should not distract you from God. Instead, it should bring glory to God for making you a successful Christian.


One of the best ways to be sensitive to opportunity is to pray for some specific opportunity to come your way.  As you are praying, you are doing your research about the business and how to succeed in it.  Continue in
 your research study until you see the light of the opportunity you are looking for.  Be flexible and focused on your goals.


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