Polygamy is the act of marrying multiple wives.  When you hear polygamy, the first thing that comes to mind is a man having many wives, and all of them living together in the same house or compound.  Polygamy is a strange arrangement, contrary to what the bible recommended for Believers in the New Testament, though the old testament recorded many polygamous marriages.

Polygamous witchcraft refers to the practice of witchcraft by women in a polygamous marriage. It is a terrible thing to imagine, and not what a child of God will want to experience.  When there is polygamous witchcraft, the battle is in three directions as follows:

1. The women using their fetish powers to manipulate the man, their husband
2. The women fighting themselves with their powers.
3. The women fighting the children of the other women.  

If the man is a rich or wealthy man, the battle for inheritance is yet another battle the women cannot ignore. The spiritual battle in a polygamous home is real for both the man, his wives and the children.  |The reason why a man would want to marry four wives and keep them in the same house is still doubtful.  These are the powers that turn success to failure, that convert Prophets to parrots and convert Eagles to chickens, as these feuding women deploy every known satanic arrow to pull down bright children born into the marriage.

These wicked activities of witchcraft is the tragedy of a polygamous witchcraft family.  Children born to such marriage will hardly rise to the peak of their God-given potentials due to spiritual attacks and road blockages. The women involved in these show of power do all these in order to:
– overpower and manipulate other wives
– defend the interest of their children
– defend their own interest
– destroy the lives of other wives
– get the sizable portion of the husband’s wealth
– because they are afraid of the unknown

Polygamous Witchcraft
This can be described as witchcraft evil that happens in a polygamous household.  A household of say a husband and his four wives, living in the same compound, may have all the women, and the man is in witchcraft.  At other times, you have the man and two or three women being in witchcraft, leaving one of the women, who may be a Christian. 

The battle is for the control of the man and the entire family, and the strongest of the four wives become the First lady, irrespective of the time of her marriage.  The next level of the fight is for the education and training of the children.  Naturally, the children of the earlier wives get the upper hand because they were born earlier before the other children.

Depending on the number of children and the succession at which they were born, the man may not be able to put all the children in school at a point, when their number has grown above his means.  The children the man cannot send to school are trained by their mothers, otherwise, they will not go to school.  This is the beginning of family trouble and bitterness.

Because women are very strong by nature, they will almost all graduate from Secondary school, but only a few will see the walls of the university due to financial resources.  If the man has enough money to train all the children, that battle is postponed, till they graduate from the University.  

After graduation, the battle shifts to:
1. Who should be trained further 
2. Who should be established in a business
3. Who will join his father in his business
4. How will the father's inheritance be shared among the children
5. Who will be trained abroad and why

In Iboland, the age of the children will determine what they can get from their father, when he is alife and after his death.  The first son is the head of the family after the death of the man, and every other son will line up according to their age for inheritance.  With the scenario clearly defined, it is clear the children of the third and fourth wives would suffer in all things, both in training and inheritance.  

Therefore, it is always the last wives that battle to dispossess the first and second wives of their position and entitlements, and these are the genesis of the endless spiritual battles that go on in such families.

Internal War
It is a family arrangement where brothers are at war with their own brothers, and though they are from the same man, the women gather their children and indoctrinate them against their father and other half brothers.  The love for mothers is stronger than love for the father because of animosity and bitterness.  The women see the family from the point of view of how she has been received and treated in the family so far, so the children grow up determined to fight the enemies of their mother, in the same family.

The four wives, witches will then develop their spiritual capacity, in order to be able to control what happens to any or all the children in the spirit.  Whichever get strong in the spirit begins to boast to others, secretly and openly.  Their agenda is one, to stop the children of other women from advancing in life, more than their own children.  They will soon develop the ability to see the star of the children and know who the 'Stars' of the family are and do everything they can do in the spirit to stop such children from becoming who God ordained for them.  

The worst case of polygamous witchcraft is a case where one of the wives is a believer, or simply not a witch.  She does not want to join.  That woman and her children will suffer in the hands of all the witches and wizards in the family, for daring to be different.  Such women are the ones that will train their sons and daughters, as the husband will conspire with his other wives to punish her.  The woman and her children will suffer all kinds of afflictions until God sends help.  The good news is that God will always remember such women and their sons to help them.

In such a family, you will find that there will be envying and strife, there is confusion and every evil work.” (James 3:16).  There will be quarrel and strife, but hardly any open confrontation, at least till the man is dead.  Envy, rivalry and evil competition is the order of the day.

This is the genesis of the buried Star, the powers that turn success to failure, that turn Engineers to mechanics, Doctors to Herbalists.  A story was dramatized of a polygamous King, whose favourite daughter was getting married to a well-behaved boy from a respected family in the community.  

Unknown to the King, his second wife was not happy, so she decided to do the unthinkable. On the day of the Traditional marriage of the girl, when the girl's fiance and his family were in the King's Palace to pay her bride price.  All of a sudden, the princess disappeared, and could not be found for a long while.

To the amazement of her father and the guests, she was having good times with one of the Palace Gatemen.  An unthinkable behaviour on the day of her traditional marriage, and something she has never done before.  Of course the ceremony ended in disgrace and the marriage plans cancelled.  These are the kind of battle you see in a polygamous home.  

Polygamous witchcraft is an envious power that diverts the destinies of people, children in the family from their goal in life.  They are the powers behind failure at the edge of breakthroughs, and talk about untimely death, of both the man, some of his wives and and his children.  

That is why women who entered the marriage innocent of witchcraft and occultic practises, are forced to join them for the fear of affliction and death.  I pray that no young man will attempt it these modern days.  It bring envy, bitterness and strife into the house, to stay.

Household Wickedness

Polygamous witchcraft is household wickedness that nobody in a polygamous home can deny, that has destroyed many destinies, turned the lives of many people upside down.  These are powers that follow people from their villages to the town and around the world to frustrate every move they make to succeed.  

Many people suffering from the yoke of polygamous witchcraft, are the people running from pillar to post, from prophet A to prophet B, all in a bid to be released from the bondage they put them into.  The worst thing about polygamous witchcraft is that the wickedness is resident in your house, so even if you decide to go and live on top of the mountain, anytime you come home, they are still there waiting for you.

Polygamous witchcraft put people in bondage. The good news is that Jesus came to give us freedom from such bondage.  All we need to do is to surrender our lives to Him, and He will exempt us from polygamous family wickedness and make a way of escape for us.

How do they operate?

We should keep in mind the word of God in Mathew 10:36, which says "And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.  This statement was made by the Lord Jesus Himself, you that we should never be ignorant of the works of the devil.  The bible says you shall trample upon serpents and scorpions, and nothing shall by any means hurt us, but we have to know the operations of the devil before we can destroy it.

1. Failure at the edge of breakthrough - An example is someone who established a School in a popular road, equipped the school and did a lot of publicity for the School.  But not a single student came to the school throughout a term.  This happens, when a person's destiny has been caged spiritually.  All you need to do is never to give up.  Pray and continue to publish the school, soon the embargo of the enemy will expire.

2. Dreamers and Starters
These are people who can hardly finish any project they start.  Its either they meet a stumbling block at the initial stage or during the course of the Execution stage.  This disappointment will be so heavy to make the person abandon the project.  They face recurring hindrances, and will always be starting afresh.

3. They are the power behind profitless hard work.  Many people travel and work abroad for many years without anything to show for it.  After 15 years of living in Europe or America, a person cannot boast of house, wife or children. Why?  He is always changing job and running from one city to another city.

Their Weapons

Again, witchcraft is the exercise of the supernatural power of the devil by an agent of the devil.  Witches and wizards are in league with the devil for every evil purpose.  They employ every technique to attend their every night coven meetings.  The spirit of witchcraft is a demon, they invite to come and possess them, when it is time for their meeting, or when they have other evil plans to manipulate someone or a process.  

This spirit is behind every manipulation of men and process.  It is behind seduction, lust, prostitution, Yahoo boys and 419 scammers, all of the successful ones use charm and witchcraft powers. In the household, the instruments they use to cause a problem for the innocent men and women include:

1. Broom - Used to sweep women out of their homes and other purposes.

2. Bewitchment - Practically every known object can be bewitched.  These include Houses, machinery, shoes, clothes, work tools and implements.  To use instruments to work is to suffer a 'shipwreck'.  Your labour will produce nothing meaningful until the yoke is destroyed.

3. Evil Arrows -  It is sad, but true that the problem many people are contending with is today, maybe the outflow of polygamous attacks. Depending on the individual levels of the women, they can fire strange spirits in the children of the other wives to make those children misbehave, both at home and in the public.  Bright girls are fired with the spirit of lust, that will mislead them into fornication, drinking and smoking, the end result will be an unwanted pregnancy.  Others are fired arrows of affliction, mental illness and untimely death.

4. Hiding or Covering Virtues - Polygamous witchcraft like to cover the destiny of children born into the family with greatness.  If they succeed in covering such destiny, the man or woman involved is robbed of his earthly favour, help and blessing.  If there is no deliverance or divine intervention, such a person will hardly succeed in life.

How to deal with the Attacks
A man or woman from a polygamous home cannot deceive himself, thinking that all the wives of his father love him.  Such a man or woman is very ignorant and could set himself up for attacks.  There are two ways to handle this serious family trouble, and everyone from a polygamous home must adopt one of the two methods, otherwise, such a person will not live long.

1. You either repent and give your life to Jesus Christ or,
2. Join them in darkness - Which is a disaster on earth and hellfire in eternity.

Choosing the way of the Lord

The person must repent and receive Jesus Christ into their lives and quickly embrace holiness and righteous living.  Such a person must love the Word of God, study and obey it, and pray without season to destroy every work of darkness targeted at him.  

If you are experiencing this problem, know that you must continue to grow in faith and in the spirit and prayer till your spiritual fire overtakes the witchcraft power of your father's house.  This is the time when they will reduce their attacks on you, especially if you have greatness.

Prayer - Take note of these two scriptures and meditate on them: 

1. “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” (Exodus 22:18).

2. “Associate yourselves, O ye people, and ye shall be broken in pieces; and give ear, all ye of far countries: gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces; gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces.” (Isaiah 8:9).

Prayer Points

1. My virtues, capture by polygamous witchcraft, be released by fire, in the name of Jesus
2. Arrows of polygamous witchcraft, backfire, in the name of Jesus
3. Polygamous umbrella, covering my star, die in the name of Jesus
4. Every backwardness, programmed into my life by polygamous witchcraft, die in the name of Jesus
5. Curses, issued on me when I was in the womb, break in the name of Jesus

6. Every food, that I have eaten through polygamous witchcraft, catch fire, in the name of Jesus
7. Spiritual deafness, die in the name of Jesus
8. Polygamous witchcraft of my father’s house, you are a liar, die in the name of Jesus


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