Marrying a marine agent .........Will produce painful WILDERNESS experience!



I perceive that God has designed it that men and women who will serve Him should pass through different spiritual wilderness experiences. When we talk about Wilderness experience, I mean a difficult and tough situation that requires spiritual depth to resolve. 

It always unsettles the average Pastor when he has done all he is expected to do and nothing seem to be happening, rather things are moving in the opposite direction. Wilderness is a time situations force a man to amend his thoughts and ways, get closer to God and His word and then be strengthened in your inner man to contend with the powers of darkness attacking you.

So, the tough challenges of this 'School of adversity' is expected to draw the man or woman closer to God and cause him to learn how to pray fervently until victory is achieved.

The problem now is that the wilderness is full of enemies, the Amalekites, the Perizzites, The Jebusites, and the giants who have refused to let them go. One of such enemy confronting existing and upcoming ministers of God today is the error of marrying ladies sent to destroy them from the marine kingdom.

Since darkness and light cannot live together, either darkness overcomes the light, or the light overcomes darkness. In this write-up, we try to present the challenges Pastor and Ministers of God are facing in the area of marriage.  

Many a vibrant Pastor has been brought low by the wife, who is in darkness and not even willing to reject the devil.  Countless Pastors have lost their original calling in the alter of marriage, having only a fake copy of their original calling.  

The challenges of fulfilling destiny when a wrong woman has been married and brought home is herculean. There is serious trouble when Christian, a Pastor or an ordinary born again embraces the enemy of his/her destiny as a spouse. Let that brother or sister know that he/she has broken the hedge...and very soon the serpent will bike.

Whoever marries the daughter of Satan as a wife will be tormented by Satan! 

This topic may not interest some people, but it is a reality and many men of God, sons and daughters of God are struggling under the bondage of the marine agent they married as husband or wife.  The marine kingdom and other kingdoms are real.

So, the story is to encourage those suffering under this yoke that there there is the hope of their freedom and to the spinster and bachelors to be careful, who they marry.  The battle takes time because you can never imagine you are already in the belly of a fish, like Jonah experienced.  Then with time and prayers, you become aware and then the battle for your freedom begins.

The error is so grievous that when you marry the daughter of Satan, the devil has unfettered access to you. It becomes a tragedy that a man called by God to destroy the works of Satan, ends up marrying the daughter of Satan as his wife, such a Pastor will suffer long in the wilderness of life.

The choice of a life partner can be an icebreaker that could make or break the man. It can determine how far and successful the man will go in life. If you get it right, God applauds you with open heavens and blessings (Prov18:22), if otherwise,  the heaven closes over you and the consequences can be painful and frustrating.  

Marrying a Marine Agent

Let me start by advising young men who are in love with a sister they intend to marry to look beyond the beauty, but rather ask God to reveal the spiritual position of the lady and her parents to you before you propose her.

It is not enough for her to be intelligent, well educated and cultured. Beauty is not the first qualification for a woman of God, it is her love for God and her fear of the Lord.  When God reveals the family of the girl as lovers of God, then you add her beauty and other qualities as genuine. If this inquiry is not made or God simply decided not to answer you, then you don't have a bride yet.

To say that you love her so much as to ignore this simple spiritual inquiry is foolishness. If you become obsessed by her beauty and outward commitment to the things of God in your local church and ignore to inquire about her parents, don't be surprised if you discover later that your innocent-looking girl is the daughter of an occultic grandmaster, by which time, it is too late to make amends.

By the time you have married her, you know you have broken the hedge, get ready for battle, for the serpent will surely bite.  She will be a thorn on your flesh till God delivers you from their network.

The target of the devil

There are two categories of servants of God the enemy target with his daughters from the water. These are: 

1. People with oil of God on their head, who are not yet aware. 
2. The young and unmarried  Pastors, Ministers and Evangelist in churches who are getting ready to enter the ministry. 

Purpose and plan of Satan

The primary purpose of Satan and the agent sent on the assignment are:

1. The first plot is to hold the man down, divert his attention from the work of God into other areas of life and gradually kill his vision.

2. Take away his means of livelihood (Employment or business) and ensure money does not flow into his account from anywhere. When that happens, power has been wrestled from him at home.

3. Make sure his Ministry never see the light of day. If it does, do everything possible to close it down. 

4. lf he insists on ministry, manipulate him to a fake Prophet, who will initiate him into the marine kingdom and give him fake power.
5. When the above fails, then that Pastor is in for endless spiritual battles meant to punish him and if possible destroy him.

Marine Kingdom

It is a living spiritual kingdom established by Satan when he was driven down from heaven. The marine Kingdom initiates and supports every plan to turn man away from God in disobedience.

Because the spiritual controls the physical, they are more powerful than any natural man’s imaginations and thoughts.  They have spiritual beings - kings and queens presiding inside the water. On earth here, they have their agents everywhere, who gather every night to discuss the kingdom of Satan and how to make the people commit more sin and rebel against God to their destruction.

These agents live amongst us, attend churches, some even preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, but inwardly, they are agents doing the agenda of their master the devil. 

They have a spiritual eye that can see into the spirit realm at any time to know what will happen and with these secrets, its easy for them to steal or divert the blessings of people. 

In the world today, the marine kingdom is responsible for 70 – 80% of the troubles of man.  From divorce, pornography, bizarre nakedness, prostitution are caused by marine spirits. Today, marine spirit tell people to walk naked on the beach. They have devised new methods to initiate young people into prostitution through online registers. They tell people to sleep around, irrespective of what the word of God says. The aim is to ruin the youths and society in general. 

In the Western world, their members manufacture cosmetics, jewellery, bangles, cosmetics,  sex toys, artificial Virginia, cream for enlargement of the penis, sexually motivating drugs and so on. 

There are several marine spirits (demons) which could possess a man and use him/her to achieve the purposes of satan.  Some of these include:

1.Celibate marine 
2.Marine Jezebel
3.Marine witchcraft
4.Leviathan spirit

Let me discuss a little about some of these spirits.

Celibate marine spirit – These are the spirit that operates in the lives of marine agents who are consecrated to the work of Satan and to wickedness.  They have no interest in getting married, but if they get married, they do not want to have children. Their wives cannot enjoy the marriage and she will soon leave or get killed.   This spirit operates in the lives of most Territorial strongmen of Satan.

Marine Jezebel spirit – operate in both male and female. They are more active in their female members.  Such women are usually fashion-conscious, rebellious and aggressive. They seek to control and dominate their husband and will not stop until they achieve their purpose.

Leviathan Spirit – This is a brutal marine spirit responsible for mass killing.  People possessed by this spirit are usually filled with suicidal thoughts.  They walk alone when they are planning evil so that no one will get to know and then try to discourage them. When you read that a boy shot 15 of his classmates, Leviathan spirit had possessed him.  This is the spirit that posses a young man and causes him to kill an unfaithful lover, her mother and brother all at once for the offence of the girl. 

Marine Witchcraft spirit – This is the main spirit that operates in the agents sent from the water as wives.  They operate like mother witches. They are subtle, yet deadly. They have the power to leave their body into the water (spirit) at any time to do evil.

How does the Marine kingdom execute their plans:

The devil hates anyone who could be a threat to his kingdom. So, the plan to arrested an anointed servant of God, even before he enters the ministry is one of the strategic weapons of Satan against the Church.

The devil will present innocent-looking ladies from the water to a young man committed to serving God, or to a young unmarried Pastor.  These young ladies operate with a high level of secrecy, patience and deception.
They would normally have a good education, appear well cultured, obedient and humble. They pretend to be born again to win the heart of the man and prepare the ground for his down-fall.  Majority of them also have a wealthy family background. 

They come lovely at the beginning with the air of a spirit-filled born-again daughter of God who cannot hurt a fly. She would not be the flashy girl that wear trousers, or make-up excessively; No, she would present herself as that committed sister, a soul winner and a worthy labourer in the vineyard of the Lord, and the Pastor would, unfortunately, accept all these fake reports as true. 

So, she is seen as an ideal wife for a man of God. The marriage is quickly arranged and consummated.  From my experience, 90% of these delicate marriages are made when the men are not deep in God, though they are born-again, so an adequate spiritual investigation is not carried out.

The devil always plans it to be so and that's why it is important that you know your Purpose before marriage. If you know you are called to serve God, then you are very careful about the lady you take her hands in marriage. Purpose before marriage is very important and helpful.

Signs of strange wife bondage:

1. When you discover that shortly after your marriage, things began to fall apart for you. Things that were easy before that time are no longer easy.

2. When you lose your means of livelihood shortly after your wedding, say within two years after your marriage.

3. When your wife does not like to have any of your relation living with you or around you.

4. When your wife finds it easy to relate with men instead of women. She is comfortable with male friends in the office and in the compound as though there is nothing to worry about. You should be concerned.

5. When your wife joins you in every business endeavour you venture into, whether she understands the business or not, as though both of you are in competition

6. When your wife tells you she will not like to have more than  3(Three) children. She would normally have no reason for that decision, except to live a vibrant life.  Many of the Marine agents would stop at three, especially those called covenanted into the kingdom early in life and they are queens.

8. When there is barrenness in marriage for five or more years and it does not bother your wife and her family. 

9. When your effort to succeed in career or business is always doubted by your wife. She will join hands with you in the business, and within a few months, the business will begin to fluctuate and nose-dive without remedy.

10. When the businesses you do together with her fails always and then she will turn to blame you for the failure.  Also, when your wife is happy to be the "breadwinner".  When she believes or acts as though her income is sufficient for the family - then the man is in real trouble!

13. When your wife keeps asking whether your new ideas and efforts will yield any positive result.  They will always cast aspersion on your efforts subtly, even as they will decree in the spirit that none of your efforts should succeed.

14. When your wife suggests you should focus on business or career instead of ministry, especially when you have confirmed by the mouth of several men of God and Prophets that you have a call of God upon your life.

15. When in ministry and your wife is continually doubting your Calling just because the church has only a few members.

16. When you find it very difficult to obtain help from known and unknown sources. When favour is completely hard to come bye.  Usually, she will come in to support you financially and she is happy to do that. 

When you see such in your marriage, you are in trouble as the man of the house or the Pastor or Prophet. You are marrying a woman, who is stronger than you in the spirit.  You must arise and fight the spiritual battle of your life, else.....your destiny will be swallowed by the serpent in the house, God forbid it for you.

17. When you are in ministry and your wife continues in her old church.
Resist the devil
This is a serious problem facing Pastors and vibrant men of God today. It is capable of wasting the entire effort of the Pastor and send him to hell fire. These women are destiny hunters who SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE THEIR WAY. We should not allow agents of Satan have their way in our lives and families.

The battle usually takes years before victory begins to show forth.  You have to resist the conditions the devil will want to place you.  In real life, you the child of God will want to love your wife as the bible has instructed us, not knowing that you are marrying the enemy of your calling and destiny.

Good News - The Lord will deliver you

One of the things the Lord would always do for His servants is HELP.  When the battles become tough, when family and friends have deserted you, thinking you are a failure, the Lord will start taking the evil men fighting you AWAY, one after the other, so you can have peace.

When the Lord arrests the arrowhead of the satanic network fighting you, the battle will change. When the Pastor is about to be completely delivered, the battle becomes very brutal, the devil increases the powers of his agents to frighten you, but with God, you are a victor. 

Stay true to the Word
Thank God for our Saviour Jesus Christ who conquered Satan and handed victory to us.  Some people 'desert' will be their husbands, wife or even children, other people could be something entirely different.  The most important factor to freedom from the troubles of life is God and believing in His Word and applying it.

Patience in marriage

The Lord God Almighty will give you the keys to your freedom as you commit your whole life to Him, believe His Word obey and apply them.  You need patience in marriage when things are not going smooth, so the Lord will intervene and help you.  


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